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[Forum Event] Talk About Consumable Item

Consumables are essential items and the foundation on your way of being a great emperor. We have Elixirs which can improve your Heroes’ attributes, like Refine Elixirs and Advance Elixirs. And there are also Chests and Jars from which you can possibly obtain epic Gears and other wonderful items.

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ER US east servers

We are aware of the issue with US east servers stuck on the loading screen. The devs have been informed of the issue and are working to fix the issue.

We apologies for the loss of game time for US East players and hope to have the issue resolved ASAP

AMZ OPs Team

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New Rules of GM Recruitment
New Rules of GM Recruitment for Empire Revenant
  1. Must be a veteran player who has solid experience in-game and your character level must be within the top ranks.
  2. Must remain online for 2 -4 hours per day. ( 20 hours per week minimum required )
  3. Must be willing to help players
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[Forum Event] Array Your Heroes and Show

A Persian force of 10,000 men, comprising light infantry and cavalry, charged at the front of the Greek formation. The Greeks this time sallied forth from the wall to meet the Persians in the wider part of the pass. Both sides knew the importance of their formation and adjusted their phalanx in a

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[Empire Revenant Christmas Event] The em

My lord, the immemorial emperor is coming back—Genghis Khan in this week.


 Well, let us see how strong he is!

All best exclusive properties!
Skill: Dodge increases ATK (Stack Available)

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[ER Forum Event] Empire Revenant: Novemb

The last month sign-in event is finished, we found a lot of players really love it .Players have got the related rewards .

And we also prepared a super gift to the top 5 of Sign-in rank .

Here is the name who won the Top-Five Rewards :

Top 5 -- S1.Exx &nb

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[ER Forum Event] Empire Revenant: Novemb

The last mouth sign-in event is finished, we found a lot of players really love it, so the new mouth event is coming!When your total signs are more than 7 days, 14 days, you will get a biiiiiig gift in the games.

Also we have prepared a super gift to the top 5 of Sign-in rank

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[Forum Event] Jack-o'-lantern Hunt

History speaks of great warriors and heroes that faced down great armies with swords and shields. We may not be as great as them but when it comes to facing off against great armies of candy loving kids, we are armed with fear inducing pumpkins carved by skilled artisans and masters of the pumpki

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Still Waiting...
firstly  i know its not your fault..(GMs)  is DEVS/AMZ...But comeone plz....19 days since this  recharge award bug,  and still waiting....there  a cr ..ap load of bugs going on  and  seems nothing is done or very little....this standard is disgusting....STILL 1 weeks ago 58 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
Empire Revenant
Sort this game out, it's literally disgusting allowing such inconsistency to happen, the game in itself is just general  bad atm, I've logged on this game for 7 months every single day and lately it's just getting boring(and the past month)
My first point is simply:

Blessed Chest and the r

1 months ago 258 Views / 11 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
Can u stack titles...if so fine..if not then the single recharge awards  and the total recharge awards clash...julius 5k and 10 k also darius in 5k  single and 10 k total...and alex in both 5k and 10k also....nice f you can pointless if you cannot.. 3 weeks ago 87 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Anonymous27000542(3 weeks ago)
exchange again....
in exchange nearly every thing has a limit....useless..the items and the limits...any chance that something can be requested to change things plz....fine at the start of the game  last may or so..but nearly 1 yrs on..same..but i think maybe not and that it never will...LIKE BANGING YOUR HEAD ON 3 weeks ago 71 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Anonymous27483860(3 weeks ago)
wow  im spoilt for choice...this game keeps really busy.....NOT...whats happening[picture][picture] 4 weeks ago 117 Views / 5 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(3 weeks ago)
IS there anything wrong with cross server....i know it can be slow...but 1 matched once in nearly 40 minutes.....i must have tried at least 20 times if not more one after another,just would not match..thanks 1 months ago 27 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by GM Steve(1 months ago)
[Solved]is SERVER s15 down
i just keep getting server busy this server maintenance or  bug plz 1 months ago 82 Views / 6 Replies Last Post by Sylar(1 months ago)
Removed threads for exposing devs.
Welldone for deleting my thread that basically exposes you as awful developers, you must feel that I am right, you got nervous, then deleted it, bless. Oh, and thanks for removing my ability to post another thread.
Truly yours.

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Array help
Attachment 13328 Can Someone give me help here on my array setup? Most agree Sulla as tank but I am stuck. Need help. please give honest opin. Thank you[picture]... 7 months ago 565 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Anonymous25873118(1 months ago)
faction battle strategy

I always attack and bash in npc but still a\(player surpass  me) even i am the first in that game....... 

i would like to know how to play and the strategy of the game on faction battle only :D

pls help me make it easy to understand..... thanks

2 months ago 300 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Anonymous26980488(2 months ago)
Tarven recruit 10x


i justwant to ask if i recruit in tarven 10x with gold.........did it gurantee 10x emblem of the main hero of the tarven???

pls answer my question

2 months ago 268 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by GM Steve(2 months ago)
What determines how skills proc (fire/ac

I am a completely new player and I must say I really like this game a lot.  Good work.

So today I overheard a confusing conversation between another player and a GM.  The GM told him he would be better NOT slotting 2nd and 3rd skills when the heroes first skill was good (e.

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[Reported]Pyrrhus B.R.?


what is Pyrrhus B.R.? His description is too long, so I can not see his B.R., and I want to know it.

Can anyone help me?

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Skill strategies
There are two ways of approaching the use of skills in the game.... one is the overwhelm the opponent with as much fire power and BR as you can fit on your heroes.... the second is the surgeons approach

It can take 4-5 attempts to clear a area at times, this guide is how to use skills more effect...
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Starting on a budget ?
Starting off as a new player can be hard. Its easier to recharge for a lot of gold and spend it like a crazy person for some people but for others that are careful with their gaming budget, here is some tips that can help your game play in the game without breaking the budget

This guide is for pla...
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Think you have a good strategy to help t
If you think that you have ideas, plans or strategies that can help players to enjoy the game more or if you need suggestions on what troops to use, post in this forum......

Players that come up with good, helpful and informative threads may find that they are rewarded by AMZ with in game currency...
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How to CLEAR CACHE & use Private Mode on How to CLEAR CACHE & use Private Mode on Browsers

Sometimes you need to clear your browser's cache or force a refresh to update game content and check if things are working properly or not.

Below you will find some guides that will help you clearing your browser's cache or force a refresh ...
9 months ago 389 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous27285094(1 months ago)
FB invite system issues ??? Some players have experienced issues with the FB invite system

This is a quick and simple guide on how to do it and what the invited friend needs to do.

1) Click on the share icon at the top of the game screen and click on share. Check that the messages are sharing correctly on your FB page. W
6 months ago 478 Views / 4 Last Post by anonymous11113727(2 months ago)
Guardian Meditation Guide

To start the Guardian Meditation, click at Meditation button at upper menu


You will need Tokens to meditate (Check Guards Escort Guide for more info about acquiring Tokens)


Item A - Medit

4 months ago 294 Views / 2 Last Post by Kitwritten(4 months ago)
Duty Call - Using Lamps to Call Heroes Call Heroes to the fight! At Duty Call you will be able to use LAMPS to call heroes to be part of your team.

  • - It is an event with no fixed schedule. Keep an eye in the top menu to find it when it's available
  • - Different heroes can produce different Emblems, check the lis
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Guards Escort Guide

In the top menu select Guards Escort - The event runs from 12:00 up to 17:00 (server time)


It will open the Guards Escort Interface


Item A - How long the event will run

4 months ago 289 Views / 2 Last Post by Ducount(4 months ago)

Guild Battle

Join your guild mates to battle in Guild Battle's Campaigns and get rewards for you and guild!

- Click at Guild icon in bottom menu.


- At Guild interface click at Guild Battle button.


- Guild Battle screen will load.


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Expedition consists in achieving some quests daily, each quest concluded will give you some points and every time you achieve a milestone you get rewards (shards). 

You can check in the tab MALL how many shards of an item is needed to get it.

- To access the Expedtion clic

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Silver Farming/Grinding GUIDE FOR NEW PL Hiii Good Day reader!!! New to the game Empire Revenant?? well you have come to a right place!!


As you can see this guide mostly cover about silver farming/grinding this guide is dedicated mostly to free to play players and pay to play players can also benefit f
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server merges can u plz merge whatever servers you can so at least the few players that remain can play  on a mediocre server,instead of 3/4  dead servers with a few  players on...the general censors that i have got of people is that they r fed is there any chance plz b4 this game completel 1 weeks ago 14 Views / 1 Last Post by Anonymous27382252(9 hours ago)
a few suggestions :)

hi please could there be more more rare heroes/gaurdians in tavern and duty call and not restrict to lucky wheel also exchange does need revamping , maybe introduce arrays of different kinds. as you get to a higher level we desperatley need new elite challenges to help level up . also the amz coi

1 months ago 161 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous10133533(1 weeks ago)
inhance guards

i like to suggest to upgrade guards by there badges... it is helpfull you can (just add there attribute just allittle)

it can also upgrade just like heroes it upgrades by there emblems so???? why not to guards...  guards badgest is useless o its a big help if it can be use for upgradin

2 weeks ago 76 Views / 1 Last Post by Anonymous26980488(2 weeks ago)
Please don't let this game die.


Server 1, 4, 7, 14.

Please don't let our game die.

Those of is still here really love the game.

But it has grown stale the past few months..

Very stale.

This is the only game i have played where i spent anywhere close to the amount of money i have spent on

3 months ago 503 Views / 24 Last Post by Yashizen(2 weeks ago)
gold/red guards any chance of including MEDUSA/OUREA/CETO  gold guards plz at least, and maybe just if possible a red thrown in also..i know a 99% no no..but a few of the harder to get golds would be a nice change...thanks..and have a great day..ya all..!!! lol 4 weeks ago 109 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous25873118(4 weeks ago)
multi item in exchange.. can a new feature possible be added in exchange as people r gathering large amounts of feat,count ,score ,honour etc.Maybe something involving a combination ie,40k feat and 600 count gets you item, or another example 1200 count and 500 score for red gear or decent level gem or a basic att/def/army a 1 months ago 109 Views / 1 Last Post by GM Oscar(1 months ago)
exchange update plz can something be done to exchange....the restriction on Count for one,also most of the exchange is now redundant,i realise some things r usefull to new players ,but after just 1 month there is no point doing count and other things as the stuff is useless..feat/count /score /honour etc...what use 1 months ago 94 Views / 1 Last Post by GM Steve(1 months ago)
Awesome new event Hello ..
I want to suggest instead (or in addition) to the cross-server event , you could have another event that would make a new server that expires in 3-5 days but like x10 the (speed, resources), where every player from the main old servers can create a new toon(no new players would make a main...
1 months ago 110 Views / 7 Last Post by Anonymous27529144(1 months ago)
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froster delet from 20:00,20:30 why i cant play froster??? at night  2 days ago 45 Views / 12 Last Post by Anonymous26980488(10 hours ago)
[Reported] recharge event

i recharged 2k on S14. i got all the rewards, but when i opened the title chest, nothing happened.

I tried to upload screenshots, but when i trit says fakepath instead of the location on my computer. don't know how to fix that....

Anomander  rake


3 weeks ago 210 Views / 21 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 days ago)
[Reported]Titles Doctor Erebus
Server 9

I recharged this morning and obtained two chests with random titles. When I hit "use"---they simply disappeared. I cannot locate them at all now. Not sure what to do. Thanks.
3 weeks ago 81 Views / 5 Last Post by Kitwritten(2 days ago)
[resolved] hot event chest reward...

can i ask if when will the event comes back... i was getting worry 

i keep waiting of chest event iha ve alot of chest to open...can you 

set a date for it i thought after the precius gem event the chest event will

comes next but it goes back to nothing our dictator ge

1 weeks ago 42 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous26980488(4 days ago)
[S57] Hunk Crash (Us East) Connection Fa

Having issue connecting to Server

keeps Saying Connect Error Please Refresh and Refresh doesnt Work

4 days ago 20 Views / 1 Last Post by GM Steve(4 days ago)
guildbattle chest/reward BUg adv


i want to report a guild battle reward chest.....

it did not give me advance exilier A and other B,C,D

it give when you open it right...?

but when i open it didnt add to my stock advance exilier

and i review the reward theres no advance exilier every thi

1 weeks ago 54 Views / 5 Last Post by Anonymous27048132(5 days ago)
[checking] LOGIN IS THIS A BUG..ALL SERVERS DOWN..OR IS THE GAME ON SOME SORT OF MERGER OR WHAT....??? I DIDNT SEE ANT NOTIFICATION OF ANY THING THANKS[picture] 1 weeks ago 68 Views / 7 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
precius gem bug

i open 60 lvl5 gem chest this morning but i didnt get any reward for hot event when it says opne 50 lvl5 gem chest to get....i only stuck 15.....i really need help!!!!!1


Devil king

Roman Empire

2 weeks ago 52 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous26980488(1 weeks ago)
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