Event Description

At AMZ we have different types of events.

Consumption event: Consume x amount of diamonds / gold to receive X reward.

This means that you need to Spend the required amount of gold or diamonds to collect the reward

Some events may be restricted to recharged gold or diamond

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Battle Royale Guide All players level 60 and above will receive a free Battle Pet. But how can we make our new pets stronger? The new game mode “Battle Royale” has the answer!
Click Multiplayer and select Battle Royale to enter the event.

New Battle Royale Provides Pet Resources!
Players that have reach...
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Felspire 3.0 update patch notes

------------What’s New

1. Mount Gear Soul Gathering

- Available at [R]Lv 401.

- Mount Gear Soul tab has been added to the Soul Gathering interface. Use Sacred Stones to gather souls for your mount gear.

- Can boost ATK, DEF and HP of your mount g

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Clothing - Accessory System Through the Accessory system, players can craft their own Jewelry or Pendant and unlock powerful new passive skills to carry them to victory! - Unlocked at level 55

The Accessory System;

Accessories come in different qualities, the better the quality the greater the stat bonus they

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Guild Battle

Join your guild mates to battle in Guild Battle's Campaigns and get rewards for you and guild!

- Click at Guild icon in bottom menu.


- At Guild interface click at Guild Battle button.


- Guild Battle screen will load.


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Team Dungeon


Team dungeon unlock at level 32

Team dungeon made of Team Challenge and Team Defense .

Do Team Dungeon runs in Groups of 3 people to collect full rewards .

Each dungeon have a maximum of 3 free attempts/runs with r

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Guild Guide

Guild Guide

You can join guild at level 25 (hotkey G)

1) You can check all the guilds and their details in here.


You can only apply to a guild that has a space for you, if it's full y

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Guild Boss


Guild Boss is an event which you can only do if you are in a guild. [picture]

All guild members may participate. The objective it to kill as many bosses as possible in the time limit. There are 12 total bosses, so it is possible to vanquish them

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  1. Tartarus unlocks at lvl 22 with 5 boss at each stage, new stages will open at levels 37, 47, 57, 67, 77.

  2. Every boss consume 20 STA , if you lose or quit attempt won’t consume STA .

  3. Only 1 free a

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Siege [picture]

Event Time:

At 21:00-21:30 the fourth day and the sixth day after new server launched.

After 1 week the Siege settles on a permanent / regular schedule and will run every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Event Rules:

•  All

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LoA II Eternal war buildings



RED= Buildings, the T, K, F, V etc are short for the various types of buildings such as Keep, Town, Village

Blue= Faction Flags, there are 3 factions, Fire (Red)  Water (blue ) and Wind ( green)

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Eternal Wars FAQ


Eternal War FAQ

Q: What is the Eternal War?

A: The Eternal War is a new cross-server PvP conquest mode. Different servers are placed in a 3 Faction map with the ability to form Factions and go to battle for land and control of the map.

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Felspire instructor Applications

Dear Heroes,

Welcome to the Vet Program! Do you have a desire to improve the AMZ community by helping other players, providing useful answers, and working as a team? This program is designed to give players the opportunity to make a difference in the community they are playing in.


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Carnival plus second week of new server [picture][picture][picture] 3 months ago
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New Server 7 Day Event [picture][picture][picture] 3 months ago
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the recycle options Recycle Panel

Recycle System: Here you can recycle Heroes, Equipment, Relics, Rebirth Heroes, Relics,  Equips, Pets, etc.
Recycling a hero will give you Souls that are used in Hero Shop.

On first tab


 You can recycle heroes and yo...
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