CoE Triggering Arcane Skills

Arcane Skills


All Eidolons have an arcane skill, which is a special skill with an orange/gold border around it. The effects of those skills vary between Eidolons. The arcane skill system itself can be equated to playing a matching game: select the same energy type as

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CoE home.

The home icon can be found at the bottom of the screen at the right.

Items that are produced, are color coded, starting with white, green and blue, blue items are worth more than white items but do cost more in resources to make.

White are also primary items. IE you make leathe

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CoE Crystal Relay

Coe Crystal Relay event

The event is open every day at 12.30 - 15.30, 16.30-17.30 and 21.00 to 23.30 ( times may be wrong )

There is 2 ways to play the event, as a PVPer or a crystal farmer. You can do both if you want.

The crystal turrets are around

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CoE Introduction to the Mount Skills System

While the process of activating arcane skills is like a matching game, activating mount skills is like playing rock paper scissors. As such, it will require you to be able to read your opponent (or current energy of eidolons if up against AIs) successfully.

Unlocking the Mount Skill

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Functional "Character" in CoE

Functional "Character" in CoE

In window "Character" you can equip or remove armor. For open this functional, click to icon "Character" on the bottom panel.


When you're click to icon, you'll open next window:


Click two times to any item for re

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Stuck on 92% loading ?


If players have that error at loading. Click on the URL bar at the top of the browser screen.

Type in about:config and ignore the void warranty, there is no warranty for browsers.

In the search bar, type in IPC and click on enter


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CoE Eidolans

Eidolans are your summoned fighters. Your main hero does not fight, they are part of the storyline but not the combat.


You can gain them from events, summoning, the temple, VIP and recharging.

There is 1-5 star eidolans but not all are used in com

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CoE events system

CoE features a number of different types of events, most of them are listed in the top row of icons at the top of the screen


STAGE is the area for Guild Battle, Stadium, Skirmish, campaign and Gauntlet ( some names may be incorrect )


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CoE Mounts

CoE Mounts can be found by clicking on the Mount icon at the bottom of the game screen.


There are different types of mounts.

Some are unlocked by upgrading mounts, some are unlocked by the use of scrolls and some are unlocked as part of the election syst

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Cities and election

CoE has a city system where players belong to a city. The Election system can be found by clicking on the city icon at the bottom of the game screen, do not click on the secondary icon for the clan


A city can be leveled up to unlock technologies. The leaders h

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CoE fomations

The CoE formations are a 9 square layout that contains formations that are unlocked as you level up your character.


Begining with the basic formation. Players can choose the placement of their eidolans within the unlocked squares.


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CoE Arcane Combat System

CoE Combat system


The COE combat system  is very simple and straight forward if you are going to use the auto combat button, you just click and forget.



But for those that like more control over their combat. You have the 3 A

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Event Description

At AMZ we have different types of events.

Consumption event: Consume x amount of diamonds / gold to receive X reward.

This means that you need to Spend the required amount of gold or diamonds to collect the reward

Some events may be restricted to recharged gold or diamond

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Battle Royale Guide All players level 60 and above will receive a free Battle Pet. But how can we make our new pets stronger? The new game mode “Battle Royale” has the answer!
Click Multiplayer and select Battle Royale to enter the event.

New Battle Royale Provides Pet Resources!
Players that have reach...
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Felspire 3.0 update patch notes

------------What’s New

1. Mount Gear Soul Gathering

- Available at [R]Lv 401.

- Mount Gear Soul tab has been added to the Soul Gathering interface. Use Sacred Stones to gather souls for your mount gear.

- Can boost ATK, DEF and HP of your mount g

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Clothing - Accessory System Through the Accessory system, players can craft their own Jewelry or Pendant and unlock powerful new passive skills to carry them to victory! - Unlocked at level 55

The Accessory System;

Accessories come in different qualities, the better the quality the greater the stat bonus they

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