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Equipment enhancement panel can be found at the blacksmiths in town.

Go into the blacksmith and click on equipment enhancement then on stat upgrade

This is the stars, the stones can be collected from dungeons, chests and rewards or synthed in the bottom tab of the black smith.

the higher the level and quality, the higher the item can be upgraded.

In the upgrade panel, some items can be quality upgraded and gain extra bonuses.

gray has no bonuses

green has 1

blue has 2

purple has 3

gold has 4

Stones can be purchased from the shop, collected from dungeons, chests and rewards or synthed.

In the training panel, there is a list of magical properties that a item can have..... as the grey item has no properties I have included a gold item to show the way the stats work

Now this area is where you can enchant your item and give it a specific stat. You can only add one enchant per item

If you have the required item, the writing will light up otherwise it will remain gray.

Items to enchant can be collected from dungeons, rewards, chests, purchased from the shops, or synthed in the blacksmith.

Any enchantment will show on the item under enchanting

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