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EW is closed until the 28th of feb 2018,

Update just to hand.

EW is closed until the 28th of feb 2018,

We will be adding a new test Closed Beta server. There is no information on if there will be updates to the EW game, I will advise as I recieve new information

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Delays with player reports

Sorry for the delays in some issues being checked and questions being answered on FB and forums. The reason is that we have a higher than normal workload and are waiting for dev responses on some issues

We are working as fast as we can with resolving issues so our apologizes for the

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AMZ Game and forum rules

AMZ forum and game rules


    The forum rules are a basic guideline for players to follow. The rules also apply to the game.

    1. Please have respect for players and game staff this is our game community. AMZ Games would like every

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How to verify your Email for AMZGame.
Welcome to the AMZGame Email verification guide.

First you need to sign up to AMZGame at AMZ GAME

When players receive the email to verify their email account, it is the first of two emails.
To receive the second email / verification email, do the following:

Sign into the main AMZ site and...
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Announcement of Releasing New Server -

Dear all,

We are thrilled to announce that S60 Ninja Anna (Europe) will launch on Jan 11th 2017 at 10:00 AM (UTC+0). You should never miss this great opportunity to have fun and get bountiful rewards. We welcome all of you to join this fantastic world.


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Felspire Patch Notes in January

My champion,


Felspire will have its maintenance from 1:30am – 5:00am EST (6:30am – 10:00am UTC) on Jan.23th 2017 for a New Patch. The maintenance will last about 3.5 hours. Our sincere apology for the inconvenience caused! And thanks for your love and support to our game.

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League of Angels II Mythic Fox the Ambas

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching! As love fills the air, League of Angel II has been busy preparing its grand Valentine’s Day Party. A mysterious and adorable new guest has just arrived on Sapphire! She has traveled all over the world and legend says wherever she goes, love is sure to b

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Felspire Merge Notice in February

Dear Players,


After evaluating the server dates, we decide to merge S26 and S28 into one server from [3:00] to [05:00] EST on February 20, 2017. Servers will be shut down for 2 hours. Please go offline ahead of schedule and plan your playing time.



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Log-in in game


In this 8h i can't log-in in Game, server S66.

Maybe any maintenance ?

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This game is dead
money stolen from players and a closed game [picture] 6 days ago 50 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(3 days ago)
Boss Rush - prohibited for other players

I did try for 1 week to play and enjoy the LR game but all the time i try to get to the Boss Rush a hand of players dose not let anyone else to have a boss.

I think that is an game abuse and they should be banned for 1 month maybe that way the will consider to let others to get the stuffs d

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the game still alive

Whether the game is still to be developed - there is nothing new for a long long time
Or is this the beginning of the end

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Old Event Problem as well!!!!
FiX THE PROBLEM!!!!  even the Oldest event have problem no maintenance i suggest 5 maintenance per month
So that the game will not be bored[picture]
2 weeks ago 60 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Sturm Brightblade(1 weeks ago)
when the english server will be out please any news cant find everything translated in the other threads 1 weeks ago 51 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
got a main quest remove black turtle cant find them anywhere any help please 1 weeks ago 47 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
cs gvg
the matching system is not giving good matches , today my allies were no larger in cp than 4m total , myself at 45m was the largest on our side , yet the guys on the other team were HUGE compared to me , i could barely hurt them , this is more of a rant than anything , but to wait a week to play tha 1 weeks ago 43 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
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RoG, if at first you do not succeed.....

You are playing RoG and for some reason the monsters are too hard to beat in the crazy ( 3rd dungeons ) here is some ideas...

1) Run, bugger the drops... you can rerun the dungeon later, you just want to get to the end of the dungeon in time to get 3 stars.

2) Change ski

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a newbie first impressions

Hi guys,

In short:

 - I log in 4 days ago (but I'm an active player - lvl 32/ base lvl 10) and I want to share with u some blurs (& i'll appreciate some feedback), cons & pros,

- sorry for my English

1. Blurs :) - How pvp works (I atk a base o

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Eidolon Breakthrough

Hi bros it's me again Niko, today we will discuss about Eidolon Breakthrough

First is requirements

- Must have same kind of Eidolons. 

- Must evolve to Superior.

Now I will make an example Young Galahad

Same kind of Eidolons mean the same name and same stars

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Improving your gaming experience and con

Lag in games is one of the most annoying things that can happen.

The most common response from devs and gaming platform hosts, is that its connection lag.

The difference between server lag, connection lag and graphics lag is basic

Connection lag is caused by a play

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[Guide] Land of Defense Nightmare [SOLO]
I've been looking for this formation and share it with our AMZ players and I finally did it, with this you'll be able to Solo.

  • Please Follow every step very carefully!.

    • Every Turret position is extremely important, please take a Look at the pictures so you can see where you'll set the turrets, I u
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[Guide] Felspire Basic functions

These are guides made for our users, we offer you as much information as we could collect about these functions that you will be using daily in Felspire, more than detailed information we will offer you tips to make your in-game experience even more enjo
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Runes of LoA II

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[Guide] Auto-Combat
Attachment 4435

Felspire offers you a very useful function called Auto-Combat, this allows you to Kill monster, pick up and sell items, buy potions and many more things! while you are AFK [Away from keyboard], you can manage your Auto-Combat settings by pressing the letter A on your ch
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RoG runes.

This is a continuation of the ROG Skills thread.

The runes go in the top 2 slots in the skill panel which you can access by using the K key or clicking on the lightening bolt icon above the keyboard and mouse skills

This is the runes listed in the shop


3 weeks ago 292 Views / 7 Last Post by Kitwritten(5 days ago)
RoG Merc

The Merc is a secondary character with its own set of stat enhancing skills and items.

To access the merc panel click on the helm icon or hotkey (P)


Click on the status bottom to see the merc stats and to see the skills, click on the skill button ( right

2 weeks ago 118 Views / 3 Last Post by Kitwritten(6 days ago)
RoG basic panel and events.

The basic panel is to the right of the main screen.


I want to be strong ( top left ) will take you to the blacksmith.

I want to upgrade ( top right ) will take you to monster crusade and elter / crazy mode, this is running the 2nd and 3rd stages of dungeo

1 weeks ago 89 Views / 4 Last Post by Anonymous31414204(1 weeks ago)
RoG skills

This is a thread in progress as its a lot of work to log all the skills.


Now the skills are operated by the Q, W, E, R and left / right mouse key.

They can be quick accessed using the K key. or from the icons above the skills, click on the lighting bolt.

3 weeks ago 257 Views / 5 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
RoG talents english

The talents panel can be unlocked using the (Y) hotkey or the zigzag line


With a level 80 character, I had a total of 69 talent points and a cost of 35,000 diamonds to reset


Put 5 points into first 2 icons to unlock next 2 rings.

2 weeks ago 184 Views / 2 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
RoG character status quick guide

Some players have asked questions about the character stats.... so this is a quick guide to them

the character status is the red button on the character screen


Reply to life is HP regen

reply to magic is Mana regen

The higher the moving speed,

1 weeks ago 119 Views / 1 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
RoG rare item set guide

In the game, is rare item sets. It is possible to give them from a chest otherwise the other option is to buy them in the shop


The chest that contains the items, will give random items, the same as in the shop...


The list starts at

2 weeks ago 97 Views / 3 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
RoG enchant english text.

This is translated as best I can......

Go into the blacksmith, click on the anvil


This is the stars, the stones can be purchased from the shop, collected from dungeons, chests and rewards or synthed in the bottom tab of the black smith.


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A few things to contemplate before the u In my testing I have come across a few oddities I'd kindly request some extra consideration be taken into account.

To begin when I first started the option of manually controlling your movement and skill output for the arena allowed you to climb ranks, as well as the auto option. Around the

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обман [picture] 1 months ago 191 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous26582796(1 months ago)
Chaos vs would there be a possibility of grouping chaos vs by level rather than just all out every1 as at lower levels it is impossible to do anything with players at over 1 mil br that just hound spawn areas making it impossible to get out of spawn of even get a chance to fight 1 year ago 448 Views / 6 Last Post by Anonymous31388996(1 months ago)
Chaos VS Players Fleeing Some people are using the logout to flee from the Chaos VS combats so they wont lose. Is that fair? Can something be done about it, like keeping the charachter online AFK mode during the battle if the player leaves?

Thank you already. :)
5 months ago 329 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous27042112(1 months ago)
Falcon Say something to Falk character has sat in the palace and does not leave to do the missions... 11 months ago 514 Views / 9 Last Post by FALCON(1 months ago)
Number of Vials

Hi I'm Niko from server 21. I can only throw maximum 20 vials and it means only 20 clanmates can take it meanwhile my clan has 24 members, in future it will get upto higher than 24 and some of them can't take my vials.


And I know I can throw 5 times but when I throw again I

6 months ago 247 Views / 1 Last Post by Anonymous31369588(2 months ago)
Change Job / Change Class hi to all GMs and Devs...

I would like to suggest about changing jobs/classes at a certain level in the game to make it more exciting...
2 year ago 1089 Views / 9 Last Post by Anonymous31352654(3 months ago)
autorun to next quest

Please turn off the autorun to the next quest.... 

1. if u gain a level it doesnt mean your strong enough to beat the next level of quests...

2. after every quest on the quest board it automatically runs an jumps into that quest an its very annoying....

thank you for

5 months ago 265 Views / 1 Last Post by Kitwritten(3 months ago)
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help needed

Hi why can't I spend any money .keeps say got no money but in the bank I got over 3billion any help would be appreciated.

been going on for over four days now .


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s22.PASHA mercenary not deployed and set not open please refresh or reset ı bugged [picture]
1 weeks ago 49 Views / 1 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
SS Tycoon gone?

SS Tycoon disappeared and turned into CS Tycoon? I was in first place. FIX IT!!!!!!    or give me my diamonds back..... 

beast ud1

1 weeks ago 49 Views / 2 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
Events froze in Corridor Defense for day

Events not working for a week, or since time change on S65, once fixed in a week or two, can we get 2-3 weeks compensation.  Stuck on Corridor defense!

2 months ago 139 Views / 3 Last Post by TaraRoseHaven(1 weeks ago)
cannot log in cannot log in game for 2 days now. click on the game, and it shows blank screen, not even loading. 1 weeks ago 150 Views / 3 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)

S66 Pydna Clash of Avatars is no letting me into the game.

my name avatar is JESDARK

1 months ago 184 Views / 4 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
In game bugs 13th of july 2017


Today all players have some problems:

1.Some daily features dont reset: alchemy, prison, blacksmith (gold exchange blacksmiths)

2.Exploatation Event is in same stage when I finish last event

3.Expense Reward is Diamonds for Iron (I am lvl163 so corect is Diamonds for H

7 months ago 242 Views / 3 Last Post by anonymous10154059(1 weeks ago)
[Checking} Cant continue game after lvl Hi, after lv15 mission it want me to evolve young galahad, after i lvled it up i got dced /reloged and now i am stucked on this quest and cant click anywher else, it keep put me to evolve galahad screen and if i click evolve it just say evolution  requeires integrating all materials, cant close... 10 months ago 144 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous31413264(2 weeks ago)
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