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New Rules of GM Recruitment
New Rules of GM Recruitment for Empire Revenant
  1. Must be a veteran player who has solid experience in-game and your character level must be within the top ranks.
  2. Must remain online for 2 -4 hours per day. ( 20 hours per week minimum required )
  3. Must be willing to help players
4 months ago 802 Views / 13 Replies Last Post by Wahyudi(11 hours ago)
[ER Forum Event] Empire Revenant: Novemb

The last mouth sign-in event is finished, we found a lot of players really love it, so the new mouth event is coming!When your total signs are more than 7 days, 14 days, you will get a biiiiiig gift in the games.

Also we have prepared a super gift to the top 5 of Sign-in rank

1 months ago 4256 Views / 841 Replies Last Post by Anonymous26942134(3 days ago) forum promotion event forum promotion event

We are very much interested in seeing active, open discussion threads as part of promoting our forums
6 months ago 245 Views / 4 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(6 days ago)
Happy Sea and Lucky Tree: Enjoy the Rewa
Thank you all for your continuous support of League of Angels!  
From Nov.10th(server time), a series of rewarding events will be issued in game where you can get all kinds of hot items FOR FREE! Various EXP cards, vouchers, Nectars, flairs can all be yours! Veteran players will
3 weeks ago 186 Views / 5 Replies Last Post by Anonymous27283380(1 weeks ago)
[Forum Event] Jack-o'-lantern Hunt

History speaks of great warriors and heroes that faced down great armies with swords and shields. We may not be as great as them but when it comes to facing off against great armies of candy loving kids, we are armed with fear inducing pumpkins carved by skilled artisans and masters of the pumpki

1 months ago 715 Views / 34 Replies Last Post by Anonymous26942134(2 weeks ago)
[Forum Event] Halloween Surprise!

Halloween is coming to CoA and we do have some events planned as our way of saying thank you to the players support of CoA.

Each player may have a story to tell about what Halloween means to them or their family. So we want the players to share their pictures and images of Halloween and wha

1 months ago 1225 Views / 49 Replies Last Post by Diamar(2 weeks ago)
Tiny Mighty Server Merges 20th November

To improve your gaming experience, a server merging is scheduled on 20th November, some servers will have maintenance on 20th November for merging. Details are listed below. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks for your support.


US East:
S1 and S4&S8 will be merge

2 weeks ago 287 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Jay(2 weeks ago)
[TM Forum Event]Strategy Collecting!
If you are the royal player of Tiny Mighty, you should have own strategy that you summarize from your game experience. Don’t be stingy to share your strategy to us, you will get a participation reward and have a chance to get a lucky reward!

Participation rewards    Norma
2 weeks ago 286 Views / 7 Replies Last Post by Kilan(2 weeks ago)
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[reported]Ehternal Wars Raking rewards
Yesterday finished Ethernal Wars, after 6 day of hard work, i was in a good raking, but yersterday at night cant login for an emergency, now, i cant claim my raking rewards, just a i lost my dora shards and more? this rewards didnt sent by mail as other rewards., and now cant se raking panel in e
1 weeks ago 101 Views / 7 Replies Last Post by Ph0enixx(1 hours ago)
XMAS Items

heya all :) i'd like to ask what for are the 3 new Items?

Mint Star, Candy Bar and Hollipop

anyone knows?

thx in advance :)

22 hours ago 14 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by GM Steve(5 hours ago)
How to change Guild master
Our guild master in not active. he's already 2months offline. How to change? Thanks a lot :) 2 days ago 33 Views / 4 Replies Last Post by anonymous10949569(13 hours ago)
Lords Road - Big disadvantages in warrio


I do not know if I just have this impression, but of the two existing classes on Loards Road, the warrior is the one who has more disadvantages than advantages.

If both classes had the same B.R, with equal attributes and runes, the warrior would still have a major disadvantage in the g

3 days ago 5200 Views / 17 Replies Last Post by Ryntow(15 hours ago)
Ranked Matches not "ending"
sometimes after winning or losing a ranked match it doesn't go back to the regular screen and just freezes, causing me to refresh, ruining my win streak. I've seen it go back after a few minutes, usually 1 to 2, but usually when it happens it won't do anything after 5-10 min. Is there anyway to prev 5 months ago 139 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Anonymous25873118(17 hours ago)
Fehler + ACC

Hallo Amzgame Team

Wir haben mit der weile Tag 10 und meine 2 anderen ACC´s sind immer noch nicht da was ich mit der weile eine Frechheit finde . Dann kommt der Gilden Bug auch noch dazu der auch noch nicht mal in 10 Tagen behoben werden kann wir ( Rehe,Diamar & Jax11 Server 3 ) bekomme

20 hours ago 28 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by anonymous10857055(19 hours ago)
[Solved]Report player .
[picture]se64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAXUAAACuCAIAAABGEQrHAAAgAElEQVR4nLTdeWwbWZ4neM2iqns6s7K70pk+ZEmW5Us+0rdlS7IsH/JRdtpp5+UrrYOiKIpHMILBYDAYjAjGHfHixcmgKOqw05mdVV01dVjd6Dm2MTPYmkXvdu+gexfV6NmZWmBrsAss9o9dLAaLHczCSHj/eEGKdmbV9GZ3J34waDpEsSodH31/v/ceswusfFaBtQoMWCtgQMCAoNQqOqpayQoZK6RBQBkeZXiU7lKaTW... 5 days ago 126 Views / 6 Replies Last Post by anonymous11202203(21 hours ago)
X-server War


I lost 7 times to x-server war because they have always 70+ players and my lvl 65. I don''t know why but thats make me crazy. And i have no still WIN! I need really help. I can't take this anymore. And don't say me cliché answers. I need real answers and solution!

2 days ago 58 Views / 6 Replies Last Post by Cloud(1 days ago)
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How To Create A Mixed Kingdom Team

A lots of people have been seeing some strong players with mixed kingdom in game and wonder how they managed that. Below will just be my own in game experience and some guide that I personally think will help those players who are confused about this topic. Please do not leave mean comments below

1 weeks ago 68 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by anonymous10149216(1 weeks ago)
World/Guide Boss Guide for Max DMG

Here is just a fomation guide for everyone if they want to deal the most damage to world/guild boss.

(See image below) Let's talk about the boss's attacking order first. Most boss usually starts by attacking spot 4 (where Aishah is standing) then their next attack would land on spot

3 weeks ago 113 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Beauty(1 weeks ago)
Buying From The Guild/Honor Shops.

What would you guys recommend to buy in the guild/honor shops?

1 months ago 241 Views / 7 Replies Last Post by Anonymous27070088(3 weeks ago)
What determines how skills proc (fire/ac

I am a completely new player and I must say I really like this game a lot.  Good work.

So today I overheard a confusing conversation between another player and a GM.  The GM told him he would be better NOT slotting 2nd and 3rd skills when the heroes first skill was good (e.

1 months ago 223 Views / 5 Replies Last Post by anonymous10149216(1 months ago)
How to defeat Grout,Hunk,Red Fury Team?
anyone willing to share?
2 months ago 321 Views / 4 Replies Last Post by Anonymous25873118(1 months ago)
How to use the elemental runes - Lords R

Guys, we share here our experience and knowledge on the use of elemental runes.
Leave your comment for expanding our gameplay.

(Em portugues)

Pessoal, vamos compartilhar aqui nossa experiência e conhecimento sobre a utilização das runas elementais.
Deixem seu comentário para amp

1 months ago 277 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Sylar(1 months ago)
[Reported]Pyrrhus B.R.?


what is Pyrrhus B.R.? His description is too long, so I can not see his B.R., and I want to know it.

Can anyone help me?

1 months ago 231 Views / 7 Replies Last Post by Anonymous26991902(1 months ago)
The only strategy guide new players need
Pick Skycat, if you didn't, restart on another server.

Use LaCross (You can get him in the Fairyland Shop)

Use Grout (You can get him in the league shop) He will make it impossible to lose at higher levels

Use all your genes to get Jack and Yu Gone Lose (They are the only S class heroes that matt...
9 months ago 150 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Anonymous26992282(1 months ago)
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Pets Guide



You'll unlock pet fuction after you reach Level.27

In this game, are some creatures which can give you differente benefits like: Make you stronger giving you their stats, they give you bonus for more EXP, Gold and Crystal, also can make your MANA Regen faster, but one
1 year ago 127 Views / 1 Last Post by Anonymous27334790(10 hours ago)
Pillaging 101: How to get the most out o

Goblin Goldfield Mechanics
The point of Goblin Goldfield is to kill as many goblins as you can within 2 minutes. Each goblin has 5 HP has all damage reduced to 1s will instantly respawn somewhere on the map when they die and will not attack you. Every goblin you kill increases the amount of g

2 months ago 130 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous20305244(1 days ago)
Eternal War Is it possible to change your faction to join a different legion once it has selected one for you? 1 weeks ago 24 Views / 1 Last Post by Anonymous27325498(2 days ago)
Medals Guide Medals unlock at level 55 together with main quest. First you need to finish main quest or medals will be unavailable for you. To find Medals open your "HERO" window and on left side look for Medals window.

Activation requirement

Each Medal pieces can be found in different places...
11 months ago 276 Views / 4 Last Post by Pafuncio(3 days ago)
TM vet recruitment, 5k diamonds for 20 h Welcome to the Vet Program! Do you have a desire to improve the AMZ community by helping other players, providing useful answers, and working as a team? This program is designed to give players the opportunity to make a difference in the community they are playing in.

Vets are in-game helpers tha
1 months ago 420 Views / 9 Last Post by Anonymous26649868(4 days ago)
very unfair disadvantage s7 game Castle Keep, less than 6 months ago I began.,

game for red, and red strong have my doubts if they really are red.

but I see something I think is a much disadvantage, and can not be so much daily spectrum

the player oscar is the same person as liberty, the yellow strip more than 500 ...
3 months ago 122 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous20762750(5 days ago)
Paysafe card Hi,

my paysafecardcode doesn't work, even though the Code isn't used yet. I checked it on the paysafecard-site. I tried to recharge 300 Diamonds with the Card.


1 year ago 94 Views / 1 Last Post by Susanne(6 days ago)
AMZ LoA II Vet Applications


Dear Heroes,

Welcome to the Vet Program! Do you have a desire to improve the AMZ community by helping other players, providing useful answers, and working as a team? This program is designed to give players the opportunity to make a difference in the community they

1 months ago 461 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous20789824(6 days ago)
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Same old Heroes This is pertaining to Tavern. Same heroes are being put in Tavern. for example Trajan. Was an option for 10x recruit 2x for 3 days earlier this week. Then now again today?. Meanwhile other heroes like Pompey, Julius Ceasar, Joan of Arc. Are never options. All heroes should be rotated.. And the 1st o 12 hours ago 5 Views / 1 Last Post by GM Steve(4 hours ago)
Rainbow Gems The Rainbow gems should consist from/of 6 different colours' gems not 4, cuz in rainbow there are 6 basic colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet/purple), so could you please change the rainbow gems' system, please!!??!! 2 months ago 153 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous25873118(16 hours ago)
Lords and ladies, we need your feedback! Attachment 236
What do you think of the oufits of the Goddess in Lords Road?
Is the Goddess dress too minimal?
Please enjoy to express your thoughts and opinions. Thank you very much !
1 year ago 275 Views / 5 Last Post by Sylar(21 hours ago)
A few suggestions :) Hi [picture]
I have a few suggestions:

1) It would be great, if you could finally expand our bag. There are so many things, but not enough storage room. So please, make a bigger inventory.
2) You removed the mount skill books. Please make it possible to get them somewhere, in guild, honor shop or f...
7 months ago 69 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous27070088(1 days ago)
Stop Chaos being more like crazy chaos It needs splitting up in to level tiers, such as 50-59, 60-69, 70-79 etc how are we supposed to compete against level 80+ players with level 180+ goddess's when your only level 50+, i just want a fighting chance to work my way up the ranks, join the next tier and be chicken feed till i grow stronger 5 months ago 108 Views / 2 Last Post by Ryntow(1 days ago)
Not Paysafecard ? Hello,
I would like to charge diamonds!
Unfortunately, I had to realize that there is no Paysafecard to recharge diamonds. Because I pay with Paysafecard it would be nice of them if they would introduce the Paysafecard again so that all members can recharge diamonds!
Sorry for my english
3 days ago 47 Views / 4 Last Post by Van(1 days ago)
telstra pay by mobile can i aks can you add it to australia payment plz
2 days ago 23 Views / 2 Last Post by Van(1 days ago)
7day Login Chest Expiration I suggest to remove the expiration of all the 7day login chest so that if the players want to recharge and become a VIP anytime they can get all those rewards.... 6 days ago 48 Views / 1 Last Post by Anonymous27188648(3 days ago)
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C.S. Battlefield doesnt work! Felspire

C.S. Battlefield doesnt work! Felspire. After i push button enter - disconnect from server.


7 hours ago 13 Views / 1 Last Post by anonymous11108705(7 hours ago)
AMZ is not listening to player concerns! I have messaged AMZ with concerns of missing rewards that are not being acquired. I get either no response or pathetic messages about checking and re-checking certain features of the game to fix my game issues! I have checked and re-checked but the situation doesn't change! I still have th... 1 weeks ago 80 Views / 6 Last Post by Kitwritten(7 hours ago)
[reported] My Inscription disappear

i already post it here too

my inscription 18 disappear when i equipped it........

here are the inscriptions that i bought the 2 inscriptions 17 from the recharge event, synth it into inscription 18 and i don´t have it, gone when i click

4 days ago 78 Views / 7 Last Post by Mirane(1 days ago)
[resolved] erorr (signin ) i sign in  but he dont do any thing me in day 25 sig in frome 3  day  please  check it  in S5 MesterXX 1 days ago 22 Views / 1 Last Post by Sylar(1 days ago)
[checking] Mercenery Suddenly my mercenery dont get anymore xperience..its stopped on 999 points and i have been farming lv 450 mobs 2 days ago 36 Views / 4 Last Post by Anonymous26782590(2 days ago)
[reported ] 7 day rivalry no reward

i was expecting to get a mechano tyrannosaurus but it doesnt give me anything! i was in the mount rank, meet the criteria but what happen?


2 days ago 59 Views / 5 Last Post by Demi(2 days ago)
SCREENSHOTS, SERVER and CHARACTER MUST B Please, players, we have a large number of bug reports with missing information.

This is causing a lot of extra work for us and its causing a lot of delays with getting things reported. It also means that its causing delays with sorting out compensation.....

If we have too many delays because ...
1 year ago 179 Views / 5 Last Post by Kitwritten(3 days ago)
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