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Changing Login from FB and Google
Some players may be interested in changing from a FB or Gmail login, to a email and password login.

It is actually quite simple, you just need to be able to login into your account so you can change the login.

1) Login to AMZ and go to the left side of the screen to the icon under the ...
1 year ago 847 Views / 12 Replies Last Post by anonymous10415067(2 days ago)
Maintenance Announcement of Each Thursda
Maintenance Announcement of Each Thursday
May 25th, 2017 - 02:36 EST

Dear players


In order to keep CoE running smoothly and to add new events that will run during the week, we will be having a weekly maintenance on Thursdays of each week from 02:00 to 04:00

1 months ago 358 Views / 5 Replies Last Post by Anonymous20829362(5 days ago)
Felspire maintenance 2:30am – 6:00am EDT

My champion,


Felspire will have its maintenance from 2:30am – 6:00am EDT (7:30am – 11:00am UTC+1) on June 2nd 2017. The maintenance will last about 3.5 hours. The compensation will be sent you by in-game email after maintenance. Our sincere apology for the inconvenience c

1 months ago 367 Views / 7 Replies Last Post by Anonymous20494484(2 weeks ago)
CoE Forum guide event.

CoE Forum guide event.


As players are aware, there is some guides in the forums for CoE but we are looking for the best guides and strategy guides that players can create.

We are offering an incentive for players to share and help their fellow players to enjoy C

2 months ago 630 Views / 8 Replies Last Post by Anonymous29200070(3 weeks ago)
Clash of Avatars- Server Merge On June 9
Clash of Avatars- Server Merge On June 9, 2017

Dear players,

After collecting players' ideas on the server merge and evaluating the server dates, we decide to merge some servers on 9th June, 2017 03:00 AM EDT/08:00 AM UTC+1.

Server will be shut

1 months ago 592 Views / 19 Replies Last Post by Anonymous29206672(3 weeks ago)
League of AngelsⅡ-Maintenance Announceme
League of AngelsⅡ-Maintenance Announcement on May 15th,2017

Dear players ,

We are very sorry to inform you that all servers will have their maintenance on May 15th, 2017 from 02:00 AM to 04:00 AM (EST), 14:00 P.M. to 16:00 P.M. (HKT), 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. (GMT)

2 months ago 320 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Anonymous10073941(1 months ago)
S21 Emrys (US East) 16th June. 2017 at 9
Chronicles of Eidola S21 Emrys (US East) Coming Soon

Dear all,

We are thrilled to announce that the New Server – S21 Emrys (US East) will be launched on 16th June. 2017 at 9:00 AM (EST). You should never miss this great

1 months ago 351 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(1 months ago)
S20 Dinas bran (US East) 14th June. 2017
Chronicles of Eidola S20 Dinas bran (US East) Coming Soon

Dear all,

We are thrilled to announce that the New Server – S20 Dinas bran (US East) will be launched on 14th June. 2017 at 9:00 AM (EST). You should never miss t

1 months ago 268 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(1 months ago)
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We need an update B/C Lords Road is losing players more then they're gaining if u would put more mounts more wings and higher levels the you can get by playing and feathers and mount jewels im sure people would start playing the game more often and will gain players more then losing players.....

4 weeks ago 79 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(1 days ago)
No events
Third day now with no events, there should be a lucky day event now but there's nothing. 5 months ago 441 Views / 18 Replies Last Post by Anonymous27265512(1 days ago)
[checking] Problem

Hi guys,

There is a problem that happened this morning!

I set my generals in  the manor,and when I took them out the game is taking from my diamonds and 2 of them stayed trapped in the manor amd\I can not take them out!

What is this ,a new rule for the manor or what?

8 months ago 306 Views / 16 Replies Last Post by Anonymous27149306(4 days ago)
pour les francais de felspire

je crée  ce post pour  que vous puissiez  me faire remonter les bug les  problèmes   sur le jeu . je transmettrai au responsable pour que ce sois assez rapide  merci?

coordialement vetmichel

3 months ago 227 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Anonymous29213308(5 days ago)
Game over?
Game close, because since June 15, nothing has changed?
3 weeks ago 198 Views / 7 Replies Last Post by anonymous10225536(1 weeks ago)

Hi Kitwritten,

There is a problem in our server.In the time of the restart,Morning of European time,nothing of my things hasnt restarted.I mean,Alchemy ,Rush and Duel phants (they even dissapear from my screen),Gems,Antiques.

May be it is a BUG or the game changed the RULES!

1 weeks ago 98 Views / 6 Replies Last Post by Sevast(1 weeks ago)
Any sign of an update or is that it now

Is there going to be an update on Felspire, it's getting a bit cramped around lvls 600-650, nowhere else to go. 

Is this the finish point, lvl 650, no more coming?

2 weeks ago 131 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by anonymous10275579(2 weeks ago)
Multiple Characters


I would like to know the views of AMZ on the use of multiple characters.

I use Bek Bek on S79 as an example,he has multiple characters and is using them in things like kings bounty to enhance his main character. He does this by making sure his main character gets to kill the thiev

2 weeks ago 124 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Anonymous26577440(2 weeks ago)
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How to reclaim Young Galahad?
I need him to claim Temple...

Claim is greyed out, and there's a picture of a lv. 0 red manticore..

If the answer is "get that" then, how do I do that? :)

Don't tell me there's no way to do this! Please?

1 months ago 211 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Phyrefly(5 days ago)
Ultimate guide for power
Hi, here my guide at this time, will refresh it with your comment :)

Please vote for me to support &007&
Serveur 19 EU - EDEA



Lazy Marchant : Not same timer for all people. Have see only one per day for the moment.
Pop and stay 1hour.
Very Rare buy...
3 weeks ago 247 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Bubber(2 weeks ago)
Formation Level 30-35 (Begginer) / 36-85

Make an initial Formation to reach level 36 without spending many souls in vain is difficult for most players.

The Problem of spending souls without a purpose appears when the Player opens a hero stronger than the current hero in use and to increase the level of new character he sacrifices

1 months ago 285 Views / 5 Replies Last Post by Anonymous28837766(1 months ago)
Building a good formation

Now the trick to CoE is to learn about each eidolan

So lets start by looking at the formation system as thats the basis of combat.


5 slots per formation except for level 90 when you unlock all of the slots in a single formation

The formation

2 months ago 889 Views / 4 Replies Last Post by Anonymous28785772(2 months ago)
[Guide] Land of Defense Nightmare [SOLO]
I've been looking for this formation and share it with our AMZ players and I finally did it, with this you'll be able to Solo.

  • Please Follow every step very carefully!.

    • Every Turret position is extremely important, please take a Look at the pictures so you can see where you'll set the turrets, I u
1 year ago 3064 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Paalhonxs(2 months ago)
Get the most Diamonds for your $$$$$
I would like to share post here about recharging and events. Let's come together and help player's get the most for their $$$$.

1. Recharge when Diamond Event is active. 
    This event gives you extra diamonds for recharging.
    So it is the best time to recharge you

7 months ago 856 Views / 5 Replies Last Post by Anonymous27907042(3 months ago)
Mage Perks
This some preview about Mage perks. 1 year ago 1342 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Anonymous27340252(4 months ago)
Array help
Attachment 13328 Can Someone give me help here on my array setup? Most agree Sulla as tank but I am stuck. Need help. please give honest opin. Thank you[picture]... 11 months ago 1229 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Anonymous25873118(5 months ago)
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CoE Guide on House Pets

This guide will be about pets as a whole. Due to editing restrictions of the current forum, the guide itself will be posted in the subsequent post(s) since the guide is a work in progress and will have additional information added/corrected as I work through the other parts of the pets.

1 months ago 249 Views / 3 Last Post by Rosyna(1 months ago)
CoE home.

The home icon can be found at the bottom of the screen at the right.

Items that are produced, are color coded, starting with white, green and blue, blue items are worth more than white items but do cost more in resources to make.

White are also primary items. IE you make leathe

2 months ago 583 Views / 6 Last Post by Rosyna(1 months ago)
CoE Eidolans

Eidolans are your summoned fighters. Your main hero does not fight, they are part of the storyline but not the combat.


You can gain them from events, summoning, the temple, VIP and recharging.

There is 1-5 star eidolans but not all are used in com

3 months ago 525 Views / 5 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 months ago)
Functional "Character" in CoE

Functional "Character" in CoE

In window "Character" you can equip or remove armor. For open this functional, click to icon "Character" on the bottom panel.


When you're click to icon, you'll open next window:


Click two times to any item for re

2 months ago 475 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous29236376(1 months ago)
CoE Crystal Relay

Coe Crystal Relay event

The event is open every day at 12.30 - 15.30, 16.30-17.30 and 21.00 to 23.30 ( times may be wrong )

There is 2 ways to play the event, as a PVPer or a crystal farmer. You can do both if you want.

The crystal turrets are around

2 months ago 444 Views / 1 Last Post by Kitwritten(2 months ago)
CoE Introduction to the Mount Skills Sys

While the process of activating arcane skills is like a matching game, activating mount skills is like playing rock paper scissors. As such, it will require you to be able to read your opponent (or current energy of eidolons if up against AIs) successfully.

Unlocking the Mount Skill

2 months ago 498 Views / 1 Last Post by Kitwritten(2 months ago)
LordsRoad Vets Recruitment Dear Lords,

Welcome to the Vet Program! Do you have a desire to improve the AMZ community by helping other players, providing useful answers, and working as a team? This program is designed to give players the opportunity to make a difference in the community they are playing in.

Vets are in-
2 year ago 1772 Views / 40 Last Post by BekBekLV(2 months ago)
AMZ LoA II Vet Applications


Dear Heroes,

Welcome to the Vet Program! Do you have a desire to improve the AMZ community by helping other players, providing useful answers, and working as a team? This program is designed to give players the opportunity to make a difference in the community they

8 months ago 1583 Views / 7 Last Post by Anonymous20924422(2 months ago)
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inferno monster experience it would be nice to earn experience for monsters in inferno, Like we do in Erebus. 1 days ago 15 Views / 1 Last Post by sulunari(1 days ago)
maintenance I think it is time for some maintenance in the game.. getting real slow....  I was at the library playing, so I know it is not my computer ..    1 days ago 19 Views / 1 Last Post by Anonymous27512268(1 days ago)
The servers are running out of players b

My Nickname is Juggernaut.

I play on the server 16 Llanmerlin.

The server opened June 4 at 9 hours with some players as expected. The first day was great had many players to face in PvP To create friendships and create clans. But on the second day about 60 percent of the players migra

1 months ago 303 Views / 5 Last Post by Jay_BRgaming(1 days ago)
Change Job / Change Class hi to all GMs and Devs...

I would like to suggest about changing jobs/classes at a certain level in the game to make it more exciting...
1 year ago 611 Views / 6 Last Post by Demi(2 days ago)
Crystal Relay

Crystal Relay is the only way to get golden and red tickets.

You can get golden tickets with afk mode but not red ones, cause no auto battling mode there.

To keep running manual battling in CR is exhausting and lengthy, it would be nice if we got auto battling mode there.

4 weeks ago 156 Views / 6 Last Post by Kitwritten(6 days ago)

I have a suggestion!

When a player in SIEGELORD  catches another in prison ,the caught one gas to wait untill the one that caught him decides to reliese him!THIS IS TOTALLY STUPID!SENSELESS!

The player that caught in  prison the opther can not appear the next 24 or 48 hours

1 months ago 130 Views / 2 Last Post by anonymous10156976(1 weeks ago)
Server S18 to S65!!! merge Ohh. Hello there i have some question About why there are server not merge in the list you said the S18 to S65 will be merge but I didnt saw the S65 merge by..... what happen the S65 server having 3 online from now i thought there are feel harm and quited in the game.... pls merge that server as you... 2 weeks ago 96 Views / 1 Last Post by Kitwritten(2 weeks ago)
Shop I hope the items in the shop will change... this is only my suggestion,,, need new items...
2 weeks ago 90 Views / 1 Last Post by Kitwritten(2 weeks ago)
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Daily's didn't reset

Daily's didn't reset, its quite a loss / player Christy Jackson  on S1


1 weeks ago 46 Views / 3 Last Post by RuBear(19 hours ago)
20th july FB login issue, information re

As players know, we have a issue with the FB and FB game room login.

If you are affected, we need your character, server name and game that you play on. We also need your FB user ID number

We need t

3 days ago 267 Views / 30 Last Post by Anonymous29516720(1 days ago)
hero gone

i reloaded game and instead my lv44 Shaadana, a lv1 named avengar appeared.

please help to get my real back, after all even paid for the game

3 days ago 23 Views / 1 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 days ago)
bug de connection avec facebook sur fels

bonjour , j'ai voulu deco reco sur le jeu cette nui vers 2 H du mat  je n'ai pas pu me reco 

quand je passe par le site amz games et que je clique sur l'icone facebook pour conecter mon compte la page de conection facebook s'ouvre et un carré avec ce message s'ouvre par dessus :

3 days ago 17 Views / 1 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 days ago)
imposible login with facebook

hi all

Hello everyone
I am a member of the 75th Lords Road.
Since last night, many of my colleagues play, are unable to enter the same.
All of them with the game account linked to Facebook.
Are you aware of this?
It is impossible to practically enter to play,
a greeting

3 days ago 22 Views / 1 Last Post by Kitwritten(1 days ago)
Character Missing

I logged off my character earlier and when i went to login again its asking me to create a new character

Server S10

Character Dark Reign

Why is this happening

4 days ago 117 Views / 13 Last Post by Kitwritten(2 days ago)
S Divine Bow

Hi do you know anything about H'Archangel Bow? Its under fuse S'divine bow for archer say's I need one of these but I've never heard of it.? Is it a bug? I have asked everywhere and no answer from anyone. I have Divine flame and Ametrine and H Divine Bow, how do I make S Divine Bow?

2 days ago 23 Views / 1 Last Post by Anonymous20772696(2 days ago)
resolved] missing reward guys, because of slow recharge, i have lost some rewards, i was waiting to 03:40 on  12.06.2017,  i'm from Bulgaria, i have + 7 hours between time zones of server and my country, sooo i cant wait anymore and go to bed, now i saw i have my diamonds but cant take rewards anymore, a... 1 months ago 106 Views / 4 Last Post by Kitwritten(3 days ago)
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