RoG 23rd july 2018 change log


03:41 07/23/2018


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Ok we have been very very busy. We have had a lot of feedback from players, ideas and suggestions that deal with actually starting and playing the game which is an area that has needed revising and improving.

UPDATE: There was a change to the VIP and thrall system that was not included in the changelog notes as it was only noticed when the update was done.

1st thrall slot is unlocked for free.

2nd Thrall slot is unlocked at VIP3 or level 30.

3rd Thrall slot is unlocked at VIP 5 or Level 45.

So we have made many changes to the game.

1) We have buffed the damage and basic damage of weapons. This means that when players start the game, they have more damage and hit harder. This is more noticeable at the start of the game.

As existing players have leveled up and built characters around their skills, weapons and damage, they may have to revise their characters but this is normally part of the game anyway. So we have tried to rebalance without too much disruption.

2) We have added a new thrall level target feature, this will give players more thrall to try out and use which is of most benefit to new players, and by the time they are level 30, will have a few thrall to enjoy. This is the new icon on the left side of the screen and should not interfere with game play by clicking on it as it is only active when the level or requirement is unlocked.

3) We have buffed the thrall so they are even more powerful now and often can be more powerful than characters. This will benefit players that are running dungeons solo as we were considered about players that could not find players to help in dungeons so thrall are now more effective.

We have also improved the talent cards for thrall.

4) Protect the queen has had the rewards changed to gems. This means that players can gain gems quicker and this can help a lot with upgrading gems in the gem combine. We understand that as gems get to higher levels, players will need more gems to combine.

The ranking rewards will still give resources each day. The gems are gained in the resource instance

5) Basic feature change: upgrading items on the run, in dungeons and in the wild is now available. This allows players to access the blacksmith panel without heading into town. The advantage to this is that things like dismantle, equipment and skill enhancement, combining and so on, can be done by the player as they need to do it.

This can reduce the players need to head to town, can save transport stones and allow for in the field changes to improve players and thrall

6) we have done a number of bug fixes, game graphics improvements, over all game loading and performance tweaks

This update is about improving game play specially for our new players and existing players that have recently joined us on our newer servers.... and also with changes that can benefit older existing players..... some changes may cause players to throw up their arms and say, ok this is not fair, I need to revise and change my build..... but who amongst us has not been doing that as we have played and learned ways to become even stronger, just by changing an enhancement, refine, skill, rune or even our thrall.

Thank you to all the players that have shared their time, ideas, suggestions and feedback with the changes. We have so much to consider, address and discuss that we have enough to last us for the next 3 version updates, which will include the long awaited and much requested guilds update.

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Well, now we get lots of gems but lose out on getting enchantment mats now.  Also most gear over soldier does not have gem slots so you need sockets and you made those as rare as uncommon skill books.  So congrats on giving more gems to do nothing with and taking away enchantment mats.




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I have been testing this for over a week now.

Enchantment items can come from dismantling talent cards that are not needed. I have to sell off excessive enchantment items and I still have the talent cards I need to upgrade existing talent cards on 3 thrall

Most gear over soldier, does not have gem slots ? they do have gem slots and socketing rods can be gained from the black market for gold or diamonds. The refresh scrolls can be gained from doing arcane crusades and I gain a average of 20 per day. I tested the chances of getting socketing rods and it worked out I got 12 socketing rods using 140 refresh scrolls which for me, was enough to unlock 4 socketing slots on items, in some cases the second or third slot. I also used existing socketing rods that I had collected.

the amount of gems needed to upgrade gems to higher levels, exceeds the amount of enchantment items needed to enchant.

Now the changes were made based on players screenshots and feedback, showing that they have 1000s of enchantment items but were struggling to get gems for upgrading without buying them, which impacted adversely on the F2P players.

Green uncommon skill books are rare ? they can be gained from the black market for 50k gold or goddess siege for free. Having redone my skills 5 times on the same character I use for testing... or in simple term 2 green skills per skill and rune = 6 green skills... I was able to redo 4 skills plus runes over a week of testing.

Now I get what you are saying but we can not structure the game around each individual player because each player plays differently.. and that results in complaints that we did not stop to think how the changes affect players, yet the changes are based on the feedback of players and the issues they are facing in the game.

We have the option for players to contact us on FB, skype tickets, forums, Wechat and QQ chat programs which are mobile app programs, and give their feedback. So players are not always going to see the feedback from other players as yes the feedback is very limited so we use a mixture of dev, player, AMZ staff and GM testing and feedback to get a bigger picture.

Now if you would like to provide more details about your concerns so I can better understand things from your point of view or better set, give me your character and server so I can view your character, that would help me to see things better from your point of view.

currently we have requests to increase inventory and storage pages, the current max is 10 pages of each.... but the screenshots do not show a need for a increase other than to address player hoarding of items they will not use.

requests to increase the drop rate of socketing rods, gold, pots, thrall cards, boss thrall cards, mythic grade stones, mythic equipment, higher level equipment, equipment scrolls... and all thats happened in the past, is doing that has caused more issues than they bad builds create a lot of issues we can not fix by increasing drop rates.....




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I agree about the max storage and inventory not making an expansion but they should have not remove the storage and inventory bag from diamond its for new players. the life of the game is always comes from new players