RoG Pen is mightier than the sword festival


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Pen is mightier than the sword festival

Dear guardians.

It has been 7 days  since the gates to the realm of guardians opened and the most feared and skilled fighters entered, ready to test themselves against all manner of demons, monsters and entities.

7 days of fighting furiously and facing challenges that would cause mere mortals to run in sheer terror. The warriors now gather in town to share their tales  of meeting bosses with increased strength + steel skin + magic / spell resistance and increased dodge that awaited them in the dungeons. Come, hear their words and share in their experiences.

Tales of seeing reward chests that hinted at great riches, taken from their grasp by other warriors, swift as thieves in the night. To see the bosses waiting for them at the end of dungeons, victory so close and a final mighty blow leaves the warrior defeated or charging down a foe only to find they are not alone and you are badly outmatched….

Come share your tale of woe and falling in battle with us, those maddening moments where you want to break your weapon in frustration and curse the gods above and below. And they may honor you with gifts to swing the battle in your favor

Be creative and write as if you are using the words of warriors and earn the respect of your fellow fighters


Event time: 6th of june 2018- 13th of june 2018.

Event rules

1.       The ten 10 tales most praised / liked and spoken about / commented on, during the festival time, will receive a surprise package from the guardians that rule this realm. Please show respect for other fighters, however dishonorable they may be, and refrain from cursing them for it is best to confront them in battle and beat them in combat ( no swearing in posts )

2.       Share your tales of challenges and difficulties you have faced in the realm ( in the game ) But you must give your name and server for the guardians as nameless / serverless heroes can not be rewarded

3.       Rewards will be sent through the in game mail system when the festival ends and only one package per person, the guardians believe in fairness even when the battles are not fair.

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The Journey

I am Angel, Mage of these lands.

On one dark and rainy night, I was creeping through the land trying not to annoy the guardians with my companions a mighty crossbowman and a Fiery Elf.

We stumbled into a dungeon where we were set upon by hordes of lethal zombies and the undead corpses half goat half men aberrances called Goatram that looked more like the devil than anything id seen until then. fighting for our very lives we looked around and tho we had fear in our souls and with fast-beating hearts, we fought I was casting my spells my thrall crossbowman was shooting his arrows as fast as he can and the fiery elf was throwing fireballs the throng of the enemy seemed insurmountable as more and more came out from the very earth we were stood on, all the time their intention was to kill us, wiping the sweat from my brow I looked around hoping to see the boss, the one we had to kill to get out of this nightmarish place.

 Then through the sea of dead bodies, I saw him the master of the dungeon a great ugly demon-like creature with an axe of flame, my heart sank, I thought of the sacrifice of my party and was determined their deaths would not be in vain I would survive, get out of this hell hole I got all my spells together and prepared for the epic battle. me a mage against this monster I started casting spells any I knew the poison spells the fire and ice spells anything to bring death to this creature he was so strong I felt myself getting weaker I was on the point of passing out with one last desperate attempt I threw my final potion across the dungeon at him with a mighty roar the demon fell to the ground

 I had won... I saw a multitude of treasure chests but they seemed to be a treasure too low for the bitter journey and loss of my party.      S1 Angel 

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Hi im greg_quesne...a simple adventurer who like to hunt in dungeon with no party..i like being alone..cuz I don't like the conflict use to it being alone..T_T..then suddenly in the middle of my journey I saw a baby monster who is being cupture beside his dead monster parent...then I decided to rescue him..after I help him..i ask the baby monster if he want to go with me and he smile..then my journey has begon in a different way..many adventurer saw my companion..and I tell them the tale..that not all monster are bad...and then new world create where not only people can be together..that monster and adventurer can be partner..the partner we call it THRAll...the end..^^

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Tomp was walking through the fields on a bright summers day when he stumbled upon a cluster of rocks.What are these doing here he thought and decided to invesitigate.He moved the rocks one by one and found a hole going into the earth.i'm going in he said to himself..

On entering the hole he saw a huge tunnel open up before him,then a voice from the back of the tunnel growled who are you,you miserable little nobody,my army will eat you for breakfastfast.

On hearing this Tomps blood raged,who is this threatening me like that,he thought i will find out.

He started to waljk through the tunnels and was immediately attacked by swarms of ungodly like creatures,who wanted his blood. Tomp called upon his trusty helper and together they began to take out the swarms. Moving along the tunnels,cutting and thrusting their way through the swarms they came upon a hall,where stood a mighty unhuman figure.

You dare to come near me,i will shred you and use your bones for soup,and started to attack Tomp.

Tomp and his friend fought back and started to wear down the unhuman,and,as they did the unhuman stared to use dirty tricks to kill them but Tomp was ready and with one almighty stroke killed the unhuman.

After the killing Tomp saw their were great treasures to be gained and took them.

On leaving the tunnels,Tomp thought,that was great,if there was one lot of tunnels there must be more,i have to find them,and perhaps one day i will be great.




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With the sound of church bells ringing from a distance, I, the world known knight in shining armor, Sir ChcknCrry, am on my way to the arenas. The famous arenas where mighty men during all time has lost their battles, defeated by their own men and even having their thralls turn against them. Thus this will not happen today! Today will be the day I from this day on will call the day of victory! 

With my trusted thrall by my side, nothing can go wrong and with my head and sword held high, we approach the arena. Closer to where Sir Greg finally would meet his destiny for the challenge he called upon when met in the Marrow Highlands. The time has finally arisen, Greeting Sir Kit when entering the arena to fulfill what will be the last will of Sir Greg, a duel until death. Knowing my skills are high and runes in correct positions, the moonlight shine upon us, I was born for this moment. The crowd of people are cheering and  … and .. what is this .. flash player  omg …





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Shot, run, shot, run, shot, shot, run, run, shot…

One by one monster was falling. Adventure says that this dungeon is newbie killer. But for now, everything was okay. I am still alive.

Run, shot, run, shot, run, run, shot, shot, run…

Doki! Doki! Doki! (Sound of violent heart bits.)

The dungeon boss, it is way too strong. I am seeing nothing but the dead end for me.

Maybe I can’t do this….

Something likes this… I cannot defeat something like this…

No, what am I thinking, I am a guardian, I am a proud archer, I was blessed by goddesses. This is not my ending, or rather I cannot end it like this.

I look at my pouch; yes I have this thing… I have forgotten about those, there are 3 hp potions; I had gotten these as a reward for my bravery deed.

Drink, drink, drink…

I feel energy which is flowing through my entire body; I think I can do this… I have this unknown feeling I can do it now…

Shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, run, run, shot, shot, run…

It was an unbelievable victory for me, I become one of the heroes of the city yet weak, but they said I have potential to become like the great heroes who had left their name in legends. 

Rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang…

“Wha-what happened?”

I asked a town’s folk,

“What! newbie ya donno? It’s a notification of appearance of the boss of the demon, the world boss. This ring is sending the request to great warriors to defeat that evil being.”

Sending the request to great warriors? I cannot miss this. I also want to be a great warrior…

Gulp!!! This boss is a way too strong one hundred… no, one thousand times stronger than the boss of the dungeon I face, so that’s why it’s called world boss.

I was trembling with fear while backing down carefully, I don’t want to alert this boss, or I will be killed for sure.

Oh no! that boss noticed me and currently it is coming toward me furiously. What should I do, what should I do?!!!!!

On that panicking moment, someone pets my shoulder.

“What are you fearing for? You are not alone. This world is not for only you to be become a hero of legends, behind me everyone wanted to be the hero among heroes, take my hand and let’s fight side by side.”

I was reassured, yes, I am not alone, I cannot achieve alone anything but little glory. A hero cannot be born by defeating everything by himself/herself.

Yeah, let’s do this, let’s kill this world boss altogether. I raise my bow...

Thus my journey began.

Run, shot, run, shot, run, run, shot, shot, run…

Journey with the goddess, guarding the queen, participate in boss arena…

I look at the sky, it is far from down.

I heard there is a dungeon you get the rare treasures, I look at my thrall, a skeleton who is my pact monster,  I achieved it today. I am not alone this time. Let’s go, partner…

Shot, run, shot, run, shot, shot, run, run, shot…

by s1. Amaterasu




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sorry for the delay in getting this event paid out, I have been unavailable for a few days I will get it sorted out asap




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I'm so happy to be a part of this event. Learned a lot from the most influential people and brightest minds within the community as well as countless opportunities for networking, code sprints, and informal conversations.
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