Create RoG events by giving your feedback. ( open ended event )


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Create RoG events by giving your feedback. ( open ended event )

Great and honoured warriors. We need your attention, your ears and your wise words. We have listened to your musings about events and how you would like to see us structure them better for players. We are now in a position where we can do that better. The next step is to have a list of players feedback to use as a guide.


A simple guide to event types:

Recharge: A event where recharging as a single amount or accumulative amount can gain rewards.
Single may mean recharging 5000, 10,000, 15, 000 as separate recharges.  Accumulative means recharge 5,000 x3 will give you a total of 15,000

Consume: A event where diamonds are used in game for purchasing. This can include diamonds gained in game by players, as well as recharged diamonds.

While it can be easy to say give us more events or give us more Recharge / consume events. It is better to be more specific such as please give us a bi weekly event system where one week is recharge events and the following week is consume. This way we are gaining better benefits from events.

There is many types of events such as:

if X number of players become VIP then the whole server gets x rewards.

Server reaches X amount of recharging and whole server is rewarded

Wings events where players get to by the wings types they prefer and what to use.

Thrall and boss thrall events: This can be for specific thrall.

Specific Item events: Refine stones and refine locks for example

Buy X amount and get X amount as a rewards: IE buy 5 mythic gradestones get 2 free.

They are just examples to help players. We know that players have played many games and will have a lot of ideas about what events they enjoyed in other games, so use them as a guide and inspiration in RoG.

Be sure to list the items you would prefer to see in events and how you would best like to get them.

We can not say that we can provide the exact events that players want, but with more feedback we have more ideas and options to consider. So share your ideas for events and lets work together.




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I suggest adding upgrading events that will be introduced on server with 2 events at the time and then they rotate every week. This way players will have events to look forward to, while gathering materials for the events.

Star Event:

Upgrading your star quality can be very slow since the low percentage for succeed, therefore more starium should be available.

Upgrade your equipments star quality and receive the following rewards:

                             Upgrade equipment 25 times:                          10 x worn starium

                             Upgrade equipment x 50:                                   25 x worn starium, 10 x superiour starium

Upgrade equipment x 100:                                 25 x superior starium, 5 x master starium


Evolve equipment event:

Mythic gradestones can be very hard to find, evolving equipment to mythic should be highly rewarded.

Upgrade your equipments and receive the following rewards:

                             Evolve 1 equipment to mythic quailty:           1 x mythic gradestone

                             Evolve 3 equipments to mythic quality:         3 x mythic gradestones

                             Evolve 5 equipments to mythic quality:         10 mythic gradestones


Refine event:

Refine locks are very rare and this event could help players for more ways to achieve them.

Refine your equipment the following amount of times and receive exciting rewards:

                             Spend 25 refine stones:                                       10 x refine stones, 1 x refine lock

Spend 50 refine stones:                                       25 x refine stones, 5 x refine lock

                             Spend 100 refine stones:                                     50 x refine stones, 10 x refine lock

                             Spend 200 refine stones:                                     100 x refine stones, 25 x refine lock


Gem event: 

Socketing stones are very rare and we lack more options to get them in game.

Achieve the following gem events and receive the following rewards:

                             Combine 2 x lvl 2 gems:                                        1 x lvl 2 gem, 2 x socketing stones

Combine 3 x lvl 3 gems:                                        1 x lvl 3 gem, 3 x socketing stones

                             Combine 4 x lvl 4 gems:                                        1 x lvl 4 gem, 4 x socketing stones

                             Combine 5 x lvl 5 gems:                                        1 x lvl 5 gem, 5 x socketing stones

                             Combine 6 x lvl 6 gems:                                        1 x lvl 6 gem, 6 x socketing stones

Thrall talent card event:

Many players does not focus on thrall talent cards, it is time to focus what can be very helpful to them. 

Combine thrall talent cards to the following levels and receive exciting rewards:

                             Combine 1 x thrall talent to lvl 1:

                             Combine 1 x thrall talent to lvl 2:                          5 x water essence

                             Combine 1 x thrall talent to lvl 3:                          5 x water essence, 1 x dearth essence

                             Combine 1 x thrall talent to lvl 4:                          10 x water essence, 3 x death essence

                             Combine 1 x thrall talent to lvl 5:                          5 x death essence, 1 x flame essence

                             Combine 1 x thrall talent to lvl6:                           5 x death essence, 3 x flame essence

                             Combine 1 x thrall talent to lvl 7:                          3 x flame essence, 1 x earth essence


Thrall upgrade event:

Upgrading thralls star quality is a slow process and should be heavily rewarded.

Upgrade your thrall star quality and receive the following rewards:

                             Upgrade thrall to 1 star:                                       100 x weak thrall soul, 50 x basic thrall soul

                             Upgrade thrall to 2 star:                                       200 x weak thrall soul, 100 x basic thrall soul

                             Upgrade thrall to 3 star:                                       300 x weak thrall soul, 200 x basic thrall soul

                             Upgrade thrall to 4 star:                                       100 x basic thrall soul, 50 x normal thrall soul

                             Upgrade thrall to 5 star:                                       200 x basic thrall soul, 100 x normal thrall soul



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I can copy it and fix it in a word doc...

your post and feedback is what we hoped for... and its fantastic to see such detailed feedback...... I have the warm fuzzies now




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Rog events


Create a thrall event


Where we can make our own thrall to put into the game

Prize seeing our thrall in-game plus usual gold and the actual thrall


Killing bosses

Server event


Boss killed so many times i.e. 20 server receives a 20 diamonds

Boss killed 50 times receive 50 diamonds

Boss killed 100 times receive gems receive 100 diamonds

Boss killed 500 times diamonds i.e. 500 diamonds



Boss killing event player can claim once only. continuous event receive a number of diamonds


Kill the boss Cyclops         

Kill the boss Dark Knight

Kill the boss Sphinx

Kill the boss Fel Alfen

Kill the boss Black Dragon

Kill the boss Medusa

Kill the boss Gryphon

Kill the boss Chimera

Kill the boss Devil Lord

Kill the boss God of Death

Kill the boss Bone Dragon

Kill the boss Titan




A lottery event

 Players buy tickets to get prizes maybe a monthly event


Online time event


Stay hour get 10 worn starium

Stay 2 hours 20 worn starium

Stay 3 30 worn starium

Stay 4 hours 10 superior starium

Stay 5 hrs 20 superior starium

Stay 6 hrs 30 superior starium

Stay 7 hrs level 2 gem

stay 8 hrs level2 gem x2

stay 9hrs level 3 gemx1

stay 10 hrs level 3 gem x2


Double diamond event

Recharge Diamonds receive double back

By s6  Angelica

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how about lag event or a looooong time loading?




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Lag is often country and / or player device related

Players are not logging into a server in the US or europe and playing in that world, they are accessing data that is sent to their device and loading on their device, rendering on their screens

A high end gaming PC means nothing, other than the ability to run the game on the maximum specs, I own one....

I can run 5 open servers all at the same time without lag on a 14 mb connection, without graphics or rendering lag... but if the connection to the server is bad, I would still get lag.

We are aware of connection lag on RoG, very much aware of it and the fact its location based, india, asia and phillippines are common for reporting lag issues, even the GMs and AMZ staff have issues at times loading the game due to bad connections, thats how we are able to monitor lag so effectively.

Now if you check the 3 colored bars in the game and hold the mouse over them, it will give you the ping rate, which is the amount of time it is taking for a parcel of data to be sent from your device to the server and be received again by you..... when players say they have a ping of 240+, thats about average, lower than that is better, some GMs have a ping of 60 MS

Because the servers send out the data at the same rate for everybody, we can use the ping to work out what is happening...  now if it was actually the server itself crashing or failing then players would get a error screen, all players, not just a couple, more than one server would go down and we would have immediate alerts going off for the devs, server techs and also the GMs would be reporting it.

this is something we are not seeing happening.... but that happens when the server develops problems....... so no we are not ignoring the players issues, its that we can not fix players connections to the server, their devices or the browsers they use.....




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boss drop rate event where we can get x10 drop rate in a week im tired of killing bone dragon and get a trash 




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In RoG we miss daily activities! We need more missions or tasks that require us to actually play the game and be active. Since many materials are difficult to achieve I therefore suggest an event where you are rewarded for your activity with coins that can be exchanged for the exact item you wish for!

It is possible to participate in this event both solo or in a team with your friends. (Maybe add a team bonus?)

Suggestions for event: Feast of August:


Feast event is perfect for a monthly event that runs for 7 days. The event requires the players to be active in the resource dungeons in order to achieve Feast Coins (FC) which can be exchanged in the Feast Exchange Shop for amazing rewards. During the Feast event, Feast Coins (FC) should be available in the Mall.

Complete missions as below and be blessed with Feast Coins. Missions will reset daily. Any amount of unclaimed Feast Coins will reset at the time server reset/midnight.

Mission 1: Complete 1 unspecified resource dungeon daily                           =                          1 FC

Mission 2: Complete 3 unspecified resource dungeon daily                           =                          4 FC

Mission 3: Complete 5 unspecified resource dungeon daily                           =                          7 FC

Mission 4: Complete 1 of each resource dungeon daily       =                          5 FC

Mission 5: Complete 3 of each resource dungeon daily       =                          20 FC

Mission 6: Complete 5 of each resource dungeon daily       =                          35 FC

Save up your Feast Coins (FC) and exchange in the Feast Shop.

Example of Feast Shop could be like this:

Feast Exchange Shop

Green All purpose skill book  =    50 FC (0/20)

Green Starium      =     2 FC (0/100)

Blue All purpose skill book     =    500 FC (0/5)

Red Starium           =     5 FC (0/50)

Purple All purpose skill book  = 1000 FC (0/2)

Refine Lock             =   25 FC (0/50)

Socketing Stone                        =   100 FC (0/20)

Myth Grade stone = 250 FC (0/20)

Random level 3 Gem                =     50 FC (0/20)

1000 Coins              =     1 FC (0/100)

Green Starium               =     5 FC (0/100)

Earth Essence          = 100 FC (0/20)

Blue Starium                  =    50 FC (0/100)

Air Essence               = 250 FC (0/20)

Purple Starium              = 1000 FC (0/2)

Magic Shard x 10      =   2 FC (0/100)

Silver Ingot                    =    100 FC (0/20)

Magic Crystal x 10     =  2 FC (0/100)

Gold Ingot                     =    250 FC (0/20)

Arcane Powderx 10   =  2 FC (0/100)

Thrall Revival Pot         =      10 FC (100)

Arcane Core x 10        =  2 FC (0/100)

High Energy Core x10 = 2 FC (0/100)


The point with this exchange shop is that rare items become less rare if you are active daily on server.

 I suggest 6 or 8 of the above items being available in the exchange shop each event, this way the items can rotate for each event and always bring new exciting exchange rewards. Furthermore I suggest a maximum exchange option in order to avoid balance of server being ruined due to this event.

When sum up, then you can save up a max of 72 FC per day which is equal to 504 FC if the event runs for a week (7 days) I think the total score of FC compared to the item prices are somehow fair.

To me it is of high importance that at any time of the event, both super rare items and common items are present in the exchange shop. The exchange shop must take in consideration that it has to appeal to both new and old players on servers equally.

If add the option to buy the FC at the Mall during the event, I suggest the price to be aprox.50 diamonds per 1 FC.

I hope my suggestions will be taken into consideration.  I’m available for further information in case it’s needed, you can find me on S6 J



I hope word doesn't mess up again, it looks awful :/




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I forgot to add:

Any unused Feast Coins will expire at the end of the Feast event. It should not be possible to save up Feast Coins. 

Furthermore it is new resource dungeons I mean when saying "complete x amount of dungeons"

Still Molly 

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When Open S10?




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hey alguien me explica esta vaina '




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Con qué necesitas ayuda ?




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