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ER event suggestions 21th of april 2017

As promised, there would be action in ER before the end of april

Yes the issue with the title compensation is being sorted.

But what we need now, is the player feedback on what events they want to see run in ER

So we need from each player, the following


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Kitwritten 11 82 Anonymous25873118 04/23/2017 15:38
pour les francais de felspire

je crée  ce post pour  que vous puissiez  me faire remonter les bug les  problèmes   sur le jeu . je transmettrai au responsable pour que ce sois assez rapide  merci?

coordialement vetmichel

2 weeks ago
s36.michel 0 10
French instructor on S36

Michel is the french instructor on S36 FS only.

Some players have expressed concern over that so I will explain why it is being done this way.

FS is owned by, who are also the developers for AMZ FS. closed down their french servers ( amz has europe servers

1 months ago
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mobile payment hi AMZ! wanna ask if AMZGAME had any plan on using mobile payment as a means of recharging.. TY 1 hours ago
bhryn 0 0
insulting after the vet or GM leaves


Yes i could ignore it but i am so tired of hearing them whine and bully other players after the vets and Gms leave it really stupid and what not but the point has been made this continues to happen

4 days ago
anonymous11145394 0 10
Always insultingg right after the vet or GM leaves



seriously they start in when there is no vet or Gm yes i can ignore it but still want to make the point that this continues to be an issue on the server

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anonymous11145394 4 88 bhryn 04/24/2017 01:34
Cannot get the code i can't get a code!! 5 days ago Last Post by Demi(5 days ago)
Anonymous27834346 1 39 Demi 04/18/2017 20:55

Does upheaval perk work with lv 4 wings too, and if yes. Should i see that extra speed on my starts.

regards reck s. 36

1 weeks ago
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LVL 500 Rebirth question

ok since there are no guides for any class's or their rebirths.  I finally hit 500 and rebirthed.  Are there no stat points after this rebirth because I'm lvl 404 now and have not gotten any.... and is there anything else I should know about having rebirthed that I might not have notice

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Anonymous27483860 2 73 Rafferty 04/21/2017 02:25
Chaos Space

Open ALL spaces : 6days 18hours.

then why i have only twisted space open today?



1 weeks ago
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Where the Comp We waiting for that!!!!! S58 Will be die
Hello Every one!!!!! we are Nephilim Of US East We still online but some of are members are now tired to play coz TD is not working and we still waiting for the Copm Are VIP 6 member S62.Dhalian top 3 in rank are now not interested coz so many problem in server he want the  Comp a soon as po
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Anonymous27690320 2 90 Kitwritten 04/15/2017 09:45
unfair play with multi account (s27)

Hi from s27,

We have a situation in our server and I want you to know. There is a player with two strong chars. (Yes, i asked before insturactor about multi-chars and he said: “as far as I know it is allowed to have many accounts open at the same time”.) I can understand and accept l

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Anonymous27339250 5 120 anonymous11108705 04/13/2017 07:52
08:00 AM - 10:00 AM everyday, S35 kept freezeing

Hi Amz, 

i told it to vet everytimes, coz its not only me who experienced freezeing times, almost all player whose online.

and it just happened like the tittle said. please do something, we wasted a lot of things coz of that freeze.

Thanks u in return.

2 weeks ago
Paalhonxs 0 5
Rude and abusive language

again with the language and name calling I have reported this before and a warning was given yet you can see what the warning has done [picture]

Server 80 Jacks High

Player ADSI2

Hellsing guild as usual

2 weeks ago
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Abusive player/Troll on s58/61/62

This person has made many alts and applied with all to my guild. Today they became very abusive in world chat towards myself and another guild member. I have no idea how many characters this person has, but I believe it to be quite a few (many of which may still be hiding silently in my guild). O

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Anonymous26967028 3 75 Anonymous26967028 04/06/2017 07:10
Помогите ! Почему я не могу зайти на сайт игры ? Пишет , что либо временно не доступно , либо поменяли адрес .И это у многих людей , а кто-то заходит и играет . Прошу решить проблему быстро . 2 weeks ago
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