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S58 Garuda Wings Ive checked in all this month and Im wondering will I get Garuda wings at the end of the month or was the garuda wings given out only last month? Im on server 58. Thanks. 1 days ago Last Post by Demi(15 hours ago)
Davidrqgamer 4 39 Demi 02/23/2017 18:16
Hypnos Wings Price How much do hypnos wings cost when they in cash shop? Im trying to decide if I should save some diamonds for them or just buy vengeance wings. 1 days ago Last Post by Demi(15 hours ago)
Davidrqgamer 1 23 Demi 02/23/2017 18:12
Guild ownership I would like to change the guild - but How do I change the old guild Leadership.  so that I can go 1 days ago Last Post by Demi(16 hours ago)
Anonymous27673382 4 51 Demi 02/23/2017 18:01
I am bored so I am going to...

Keep it clean and funny.......  the aim of the game thread is to have fun, not abuse or insult people

poke you with a rusty spork until you go crying to a GM

1 days ago Last Post by Demi(11 hours ago)
Kitwritten 34 245 Demi 02/23/2017 22:32
GOOD EVENTS wow  im spoilt for choice...this game keeps really busy.....NOT...whats happening[picture][picture] 1 days ago Last Post by Kitwritten(5 hours ago)
Anonymous25873118 5 55 Kitwritten 02/24/2017 04:44

Hi everyone!Hi Oscar!

I am Sevast from amen1 Nords Alliance Faction!

Sorry about the misunderstanding ,but there is a player in our server called "'oscar'' or ''oscarliberty''from the yellow faction that plays with 8 generals and I thought it is you!

However.There ar

2 days ago
Sevast 0 21
devastate book OK I have  about $200 bucks in trying to get this talent book in the 8 or 9 months  and still no luck this book still in the random  draw  or is going to cost a $1000 bucks to get .I think this issue should be look into   I want that dam book  .. & 2 days ago Last Post by Sylar(1 days ago)
anonymous10167146 2 51 Sylar 02/22/2017 10:30
event reward

why I got only 60 pieces elf wings / but I recharged 2000 diamonds

will give the remaining 40? / that the event gave 100 pieces to 2000

3 days ago Last Post by Sylar(1 days ago)
Anonymous20489526 2 72 Sylar 02/22/2017 11:09
No balance between P attack & M attack

hello guys.

Amz scrued M attack teams.

I have M attack oriented team, i can do nothing with P attack teams.

My cube has 586 armor and it don't helps much.

Dooooooooo something.

3 days ago Last Post by Anonymous27714202(1 days ago)
Anonymous27714202 9 100 Anonymous27714202 02/23/2017 07:32
How Attack Works Does attack also increase the damage of rune skills or does it only increase basic attack damage? Thank you. Once again greatest game ever. Just needs updates and events ^__^ 3 days ago Last Post by Davidrqgamer(2 days ago)
Davidrqgamer 3 68 Davidrqgamer 02/21/2017 16:16
When are servers back up? servers have been down all day when will they be back up? 4 days ago Last Post by Anonymous20654374(2 days ago)
Anonymous27321170 20 130 Anonymous20654374 02/22/2017 05:34
Avatar Exchange So i was wondering my friend bought avatar jewels and did Avatar exchange event he said he unlocked a reborn Nezha avatar but on my event window I only see


and Yolanda

In my avatar exchange window so how do I get reborn Nezha and also why does one yolanda stack say 15 cards when the o

4 days ago Last Post by Demi(4 days ago)
Davidrqgamer 2 50 Demi 02/19/2017 20:23
Cs GvG


 got a question for CS GVG.

When will it work ? and why is it ingame if it dont work for us?.

kinda lame to have it in game when its not working.

hope to get a answer and cs gvg soon.

 S8.Judah eu server

5 days ago Last Post by Kitwritten(3 days ago)
anonymous11319171 1 35 Kitwritten 02/21/2017 02:23


plssss check the server event for [Kings Dawn(Oceanic)]. We cant enter in the event, after waiting for a long hours we cant participate in our event. To think that our time wasted waiting. Its so frustrating and we got bored playing because we cant hunt more spirit, gold, etc..

5 days ago Last Post by Demi(5 days ago)
Anonymous27532822 3 56 Demi 02/19/2017 02:10
CROSS SERVER IS there anything wrong with cross server....i know it can be slow...but 1 matched once in nearly 40 minutes.....i must have tried at least 20 times if not more one after another,just would not match..thanks 6 days ago Last Post by GM Steve(5 days ago)
Anonymous25873118 1 20 GM Steve 02/18/2017 17:40
[reported]Events rolled over again...


As you can see, the events have continued to roll over... 

6 days ago Last Post by Anonymous20091068(5 days ago)
Anonymous26984994 3 90 Anonymous20091068 02/19/2017 09:26