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RoG Update 1 AM US East server time. 1st of Sept.
RoG Update 1 AM US East server time. 1st of Sept.

Also S1-9 ( excluding S6 EU ) will be changed to cross server. This means that servers will share the same server platform but retain their server number and separate server ranking system

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RoG Version update 27th of august 2018.

Great fighters of RoG.

I bring you tidings from the Realm of Guardians

RoG:Evolution is a new version of ROG that will be on all servers.

Some changes are going to please players, some are not. Remember that we do have Forums, Facebook, Skype, Wechat and QQ

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Create RoG events by giving your feedback. ( open ended even

Create RoG events by giving your feedback. ( open ended event )

Great and honoured warriors. We need your attention, your ears and your wise words. We have listened to your musings about events and how you would like to see us structure them better for players. We are now in a position

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RoG 23rd july 2018 change log

Ok we have been very very busy. We have had a lot of feedback from players, ideas and suggestions that deal with actually starting and playing the game which is an area that has needed revising and improving.

UPDATE: There was a change to the VIP and thrall system that was not includ

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Rog 2nd of july change log

1: Rebalancing drop rate and item drops. ( Refine locks, color stone, color lock items, all purpose skill books, thrall starium are no longer drop items ).

This is also part of a future planned update to the game, this first step is laying the ground work for the big version update. We hope

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ROG S2 VIP daily pack claim issue

If you have this issue, please give your name here, on FB, via tickets or directly to a GM on the server

The devs will manually log into your character to fix the issue, as it has been fixed server side but may also need to be fixed via the player character.

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RoG Version 604 update 25th of july

Lol I know, another update ????

This is a hotfix update, fixing most known and reported bugs. We are working on addressing most known bugs but some may take longer to fix.

While there is not a detailed fix log, some of the bugs include goddess siege rewards can not be cl

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RoG game rebalancing update 19th of june.

We are progressing towards a change in the game and we do want player feedback about the intended changes.

1) Drops in dungeons: Players have mentioned how auto play and team running dungeons is not as smooth as it could be because of drops during dungeon runs, causing characters to

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RoG and COA loading issue UPDATED with link to work around Try IE or edge. The problem is with the version 30 flash player update not being compatible with the game engine of RoG.
This is not isolated to AMZ RoG, it is affecting non AMZ games that also use the same game engine. 
The frustration for us is that adobe did the same thing before and ignor...
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RoG Reharge rate.

We are changing the RoG recharge rates and events

What we want from players is information and feedback about how they would recharge

Currently its $5 us for 500 diamonds

It will be changed to $5 for 2500 diamonds.

But what is easier for players. $1 fo

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RoG offical player chat channels

We now have 4 different options for contacting ROG team

QQ: available as a PC ( just ask for the download link, we have a specific version for players to use as its a safe version, no adware or spamware ) and mobile ( can be downloaded for iphone or android.

That group is a 500

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RoG 29th of May game change log ( updated )

This was requested by players

Unfortunately because we are in the middle of last minute text review before launch, its not possible to discuss all changes with the devs and with 5-6 different versions of the game made, we are using the launch version of the game.... and changes may be made

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ROG 26th of May update.

This is the final update before launch on the 29th of may.

Guild system: That is coming in the first version update. The decision is that we are going to go with cross server guilds. This means that players from other servers can join guilds on other servers.

This decision was

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EW Dev Feedback request

We have a request on what players would like to see added or improved in EW

This is for ELYSIAN WAR, not for other AMZ games

We already have the blitz bug reported so we are looking for information about expanding, improving and updating the games please

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9th may 2018 rog update

Ok where are we with RoG ?

We are in the middle of changing the tutorial at the start of the game, concerns were raised over the time period it would take a player to create a character, start the game and get to about level 20, so we have automated the tutorial so players are able t

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RoG update 2nd may 2018

Ok time for a update

As players know, translation is done, We are in final QA ( quality assurance ) this has resulted in some more changes to the game and also the decision to redo the starting sequence so its more informative for players and explain the nature of the game better. Fo

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