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RoG progress update. 16th of march

Hi players..... yes we know you are waiting for updates on the progress of ROG english

Well I can tell you now that updating of the RoG english development server is happening tonight which means tonight we start on QA checking, which means we go through the game and check all the te

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Kitwritten 8 138 Kitwritten 03/20/2018 07:04
Closure of AMZ felspire

Any player or gamer that plays a game, wants to be told what is going on with their game and felspire players are no different.

Recently the players asked about the future of felspire at AMZ and were told by me that AMZ would continue to keep the game open as long as possible. That i

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Kitwritten 6 217 Kitwritten 03/19/2018 06:18
The general in red is not stolen from other games.


Some players may notice a similarity between one of the gods on the main loading screen and in the game. They may also notice a similar looking NPC in another game. Most images in gaming are created using real people as inspiration by graphics designers and artists.

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Kitwritten 2 333 Anonymous31234924 11/13/2017 21:57
pour les francais de felspire

je crée  ce post pour  que vous puissiez  me faire remonter les bug les  problèmes   sur le jeu . je transmettrai au responsable pour que ce sois assez rapide  merci?

coordialement vetmichel

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s36.michel 4 610 Anonymous31352654 11/21/2017 21:03
Gather Forces Mission I have a problem with this mission. The server (Open Beta S1) seems to be dead so no one answers in world chat. The mission asks me to gather troops from the barracks. When I click on barracks to collect troops, nothing happens. Is this mission related to something else in game where we have to gath 6 days ago Last Post by Kitwritten(2 days ago)
anonymous10153890 1 18 Kitwritten 03/18/2018 22:41
problem world map requires lv70+ to enter how the @#$^ am i suppose to play?
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Anonymous31438488 1 19 Kitwritten 03/18/2018 22:43
Hi Kitwritten, I have a problem for more than two months. Hi Kitwritten,

after a cross event. I can only play with 3 generals. having gold does not let me buy a general anymore. to this it adds up. I can not pay manor, ogre in the other factions, buy market, the saddest thing I can not buy iron. You can imagine how much I am hurt and look more than two ...
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morris 2 59 Kitwritten 03/13/2018 00:40
Missing events, daily recharge, monthly chest Are there any servers on Felspire, with the exception of s35, that are missing events, daily recharge and the monthly chest? 2 weeks ago
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Can't able to connect to my server I made new toon on server 65, but its says connect close after lvl 20 and got me disconnect.
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Anonymous20397572 6 98 Kitwritten 03/08/2018 07:11
Good or Bad truth

i just want to ask if the empire revenant has date to close or It will remain for many more years pls answer

as you promise '' kittwin''we have the   right to know thank you

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Anonymous26980488 2 84 Anonymous26980488 03/05/2018 06:37
ROG 2.0

For my own curiosity. To get it out of the way, since it hasn't been asked here. As well as hopefully preventing it from repeatedly being asked once answered; at least to some degree. While I fully understand if there was an exact; or close to exact, date for the next rendition to patched/launche

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Scraps 3 127 Kitwritten 02/25/2018 20:51
Recharge I also want to ask why can not recharge diamonds and why it will not preoccupy this game.Please be nice to do something with this Lords Road game that is a pity on us as we have invested in this game so far 3 weeks ago Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
Illuse! 4 139 Kitwritten 03/11/2018 20:22
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$ CASH $ Server Merge and Investment

Hi there

I joined the Game not long ago .

I want a clear statement here whats going on ...  because i dont have a problem to invest in Chronicles and build a Super Spa for all the remaining players on Server 19 BUT i have to say one thing and i really also send this

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Anonymous31403612 7 184 Kitwritten 02/26/2018 21:12
Chinese txt?

I just entered the ROG beta version, it's supposed to be chinese txt only?


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Mejse 1 94 Kitwritten 02/20/2018 21:26
This game is dead money stolen from players and a closed game [picture] 1 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(1 months ago)
Yumiko_ 2 119 Kitwritten 02/16/2018 20:55