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CoA Merges on the 24th of nov

Early xmas present for the CoA Players

1 months ago Last Post by Susanne(1 months ago)
Kitwritten 15 388 Susanne 12/06/2016 12:34
Drop Rates for S33 ok this is getting extremely annoying and I'm not the only one who is having problems with this.  New server or not the drop rates are laughable, 89% of this server can not get their lvl 3 wings because the phoenix spark never drops, I have quest already for lvl 4 and 5 wings and have not been 13 hours ago Last Post by Anonymous27483860(3 hours ago)
Anonymous27483860 3 18 Anonymous27483860 01/19/2017 02:03
Quest: Kill Boss In Nether Battlefield my level 370 and i have this quest to kill the boss , i never see the boss so plz whats the time for this boss or how to done this quest !!!!!! 21 hours ago
OmarOutlaw 0 0
3 Divine SKILLS Hi GM'S, Is there any chance that we can get these SKILLS in the HOT EVENTS???  1 days ago Last Post by Anonymous26704022(8 hours ago)
Anonymous26704022 2 21 Anonymous26704022 01/18/2017 21:28
Stat point reset Is there any way to do a hard reset on stat points? 1 days ago
Warley 0 1
Stop creating new server !!!

You guys keep creating new server but there tons of big issue to be re solved in this game

you guys cant even updates or put new patch you guys cant even solve a very simple problem with

DC or getting crash in the game i cant even play this game without getting DC or crash using

2 days ago
anonymous10180698 0 7
Unable to attach screenshots

I and several of our guild members are unable to attach a screenshot to a post.  Is there another way to report a player that is making verbal physical threats online to our guild members?  This player (Hackerpro) has been muted more times than I can count for making threats and sw

2 days ago Last Post by Kitwritten(2 days ago)
Lord Jones 2 26 Kitwritten 01/17/2017 02:38
[solved]what happen to empire revenant pls fix it cant enter any server i dont know why.... i cant connect to the game is there any problem from continent im from philipines is there any matter abo*t the co*ntry 4 days ago Last Post by Anonymous26980488(4 days ago)
Anonymous26980488 2 64 Anonymous26980488 01/14/2017 17:58
[Resolved] Request transfer of leader of guild

IGN : Ethereal

Server : s45

Guild : Shadows

Could you please transfer leadership of the guild to me as our guild leader Yuuki has been offline for 30 days?


4 days ago Last Post by Demi(4 days ago)
Anonymous26406158 3 43 Demi 01/14/2017 10:37
No fix on Bugs and No Compensation


Already the 2nd week of January are your devs still on vacation? When are the devs taking responsibility? When are the bugs going to be fixed? Will there really be a compensation? You guys keep focusing on releasing new servers when it's pointless when it's bugged. You should fix

5 days ago Last Post by Kitwritten(5 days ago)
Anonymous27391740 1 60 Kitwritten 01/14/2017 01:47
[Repsolved] Genghis Khan problem

I have all héroes that i need for claim it, but cant claim, button still is in gray.




6 days ago Last Post by Ph0enixx(1 days ago)
Ph0enixx 8 151 Ph0enixx 01/17/2017 13:41
[Resolved] No Diamonds after recharging

Recharged as normal, payment went through have receipt in member account section.

Order No.AMZ201701130124536320 13-01-2017 01:24:53

  • [picture]
  • 900 Diamonds
  • Felspire - [S33] Crossroads (US East)
  • $ 29.99
6 days ago Last Post by Demi(6 days ago)
Anonymous27483860 4 43 Demi 01/13/2017 01:50
the gorilla descriptions is cut

the gorilla descriptions is cut off where it looks like it will tell you where it get strength.

the rune say: gorilla´s strength is affected by... by what?

6 days ago
Anonymous27373942 0 17
13% ...again here we go with the game just loading to 13% again this has been an on going Problem when you guys going to fix it ? 1 weeks ago Last Post by Kitwritten(5 days ago)
Hard To Handle 4 93 Kitwritten 01/13/2017 18:29
Drop Rates?

What is the point of having multiple chances to do Land of Chaos, Soul Square or even Infernal Land when the drops required to make the entrance item is almost nil,  in 4 days since I've been high enough to do these instances I have gotten a total of 2 mirrors and 1 chaos stone, I've been af

1 weeks ago
Anonymous27483860 0 14
Enhance stone 'S." For 300 diamonds a pop, the enhance stone "S" should have a better success rate. What a rip off. 1 weeks ago Last Post by GM Steve(1 weeks ago)
anonymous10559180 4 58 GM Steve 01/11/2017 14:33