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The general in red is not stolen from other games.


Some players may notice a similarity between one of the gods on the main loading screen and in the game. They may also notice a similar looking NPC in another game. Most images in gaming are created using real people as inspiration by graphics designers and artists.

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Kitwritten 2 268 Anonymous31234924 11/13/2017 21:57
pour les francais de felspire

je crée  ce post pour  que vous puissiez  me faire remonter les bug les  problèmes   sur le jeu . je transmettrai au responsable pour que ce sois assez rapide  merci?

coordialement vetmichel

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s36.michel 4 529 Anonymous31352654 11/21/2017 21:03
Accidentally Too Much Synth Divine Blessing Stones

Greetings Moderators,

I mistakenly synthed the divine bless stones. I did not realize it was too much and i can't do anything with it because i already had all heroes max upgrade +36. I am unable to supply a screenshot showing the item synthed from the forge itself, but I can provid

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Adobe to Kill Flash Plugin by 2020

Adobe to Kill Flash Plugin by 2020

 the games are over - or are there any plans


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free attempts en capsule toy Me han desaparecido mas de 700 attempts de capsula toy , porque 4 days ago Last Post by Kitwritten(2 days ago)
joseph06 3 43 Kitwritten 01/14/2018 21:29
Real of Guardian

Will be realm of guardian the new game, kit?

Its all so chinese until now lol

It like a Diabolo clone. Well....

Hope its not the new announced game lol


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Sturm Brightblade 5 51 Kitwritten 01/12/2018 17:16

aguss you the most pathetic and funny player in this game!You are the worst strategic player and you CHEAT!

1 weeks ago
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ITS not n ormal


My friend,

Its not normal,this is a joke, a company that has a game ,that may be can bring some money jokes with its players

This is unbelievebleI don't see any reason playing anymore!If nothing happens in the next 2 months ,I will stop playing here!Its not a big deal

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Sevast 1 28 Kitwritten 01/11/2018 02:50


There is no idea how to ply ,what kind of strategy to make,how to negotiate and hoew to make thegame interesting!

I haven't seen so DUMD and STUPID and ofcourse cheating playeers ever!

1 weeks ago
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lords road is not working. game dont load..  2 weeks ago
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diamond problem

hi Why did you install the old backup and what will happen to the diamonds?

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FALCON 19 390 Anonymous29810648 01/12/2018 17:21
Open Beta any news for this? 1 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(3 weeks ago)
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HELP ME !!!!!! ADMINISTRATORS [picture] [picture][picture]How can I continue playing this game ?? help me because a player called s3.Daywalkers3 threatened me saying that every time I go online and go kill some boss he will kill before me for having CP much bigger this because I complained ddele for killing a boss I was alread 1 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(1 months ago)
Anonymous20100868 1 79 Kitwritten 12/14/2017 16:58
Titles Vip


Maybe is normal or maybe this is a bug or maybe y (amzgame) scammed me...

I'm vip 6 but Today I noticed that I haven't received the title of vip 1-2-3-4-5
- title knight
- title baronet
- title baron
- title viscount

- title earl

Help me pls. Ty

[I sent t

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Anonymous27033892 3 145 Anonymous27033892 11/25/2017 02:09
Silver kay during 1st day ! am not happy about! l can just get silver kay in 1st day ! l cant be online this day so am cant have ? this cant work like this ! make this silver kay to get 1 day more! 1 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(1 months ago)
anonymous10334707 1 121 Kitwritten 11/27/2017 04:17
Power Monger player is killing the Game PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - somebody rein in the cheater in RED faction.  This totally out of hand. One player playing multiple accounts keeping the entire map RED is unfair game play. 

Get someone somewhere to do something about it.

Merge the AMZ servers with 37 Game servers, give th

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