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pour les francais de felspire

je crée  ce post pour  que vous puissiez  me faire remonter les bug les  problèmes   sur le jeu . je transmettrai au responsable pour que ce sois assez rapide  merci?

coordialement vetmichel

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s36.michel 1 40 anonymous11347853 05/23/2017 01:11
French instructor on S36

Michel is the french instructor on S36 FS only.

Some players have expressed concern over that so I will explain why it is being done this way.

FS is owned by, who are also the developers for AMZ FS. closed down their french servers ( amz has europe servers

2 months ago
Kitwritten 0 93
-_- The server could not be contacted. Please try to clear your cache and check the DNS settings. If you still cannot connect, you can send the following error code to customer service.[SecurityErrorEvent type="securityError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2048"] 13 hours ago Last Post by Kitwritten(6 hours ago)
anonymous11347853 2 12 Kitwritten 05/23/2017 08:23
Crystal Relay Problem Players are able to sit where you spawn and kill you upon respawning. Kinda makes no sense to have this event if people are doing this you can't even play, block the spawn area some how so players are not able to do this :) 15 hours ago Last Post by DilBert(5 hours ago)
Krash 2 9 DilBert 05/23/2017 09:18
Change Mercenary How do i change the mercenary class? 1 days ago Last Post by Kitwritten(6 hours ago)
Daniel Geshev 1 10 Kitwritten 05/23/2017 08:27
Hello I have a question for Recharge Diamonds I do not understand what it takes to buy the diamonds disappear as I did not buy anything from them ???
Thank You for answers
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anonymous11330915 3 29 anonymous11330915 05/22/2017 01:25
order dont work

Need it today 4 angel found


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Anonymous27318162 1 28 Anonymous27318162 05/21/2017 06:21
Anyone else getting VPN error on US servers??

Logged on and did my daily dungeons, then when I received an SOS attempted to help and it went straight to a white screen that said VPN error.  Now I cannot log on at all.

I have limited time to play and now I won't be able to at all.  

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Redwolfe 1 31 Kitwritten 05/19/2017 23:40
I try Login To chrome s66 By:Hengky Chandra 6 days ago
Anonymous28758128 0 11
Why Can Not Login S66 By:Hengky Chandra 6 days ago Last Post by Anonymous28834022(7 hours ago)
Anonymous28758128 2 49 Anonymous28834022 05/23/2017 07:51
why can not login S66 By Priest 6 days ago Last Post by Anonymous27537936(6 days ago)
Anonymous27537936 2 52 Anonymous27537936 05/17/2017 10:41
Why can not i login? BY Priest S66 [picture]se64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAABaAAAAOECAIAAADYLwGFAAAgAElEQVR4nOy9d3RTV77467Xu+r373v3Nm99vcu+83Dvzm0luCEyYSUhCEiAGJoUWIBDAYMD0ZgzuvVfZVu+SZVWr92bLtnqzTTO4gY1tSgIhGQIJCYEkZGJm/P44knzUJTcZOHt9ltfR1m7n2JbP/vi794nLQMgz4YoshCITqchCKLIQiiykIhupzEIqMpGKbJQqG6XKQSlz0Ko8tCoXrcrHqvOx6gKcphCvLcJriwjNxa... 6 days ago Last Post by Anonymous27537936(6 days ago)
Anonymous27537936 2 66 Anonymous27537936 05/17/2017 09:37
Is any server working? Is any server working? Got kicked out of S1 and now S2 and S3 are not working either :( 6 days ago Last Post by @lfredith0(5 days ago)
Anonymous28791480 4 60 @lfredith0 05/17/2017 16:44
Who broke S1? Now it seems S1 is down. 6 days ago Last Post by @lfredith0(5 days ago)
DilBert 2 65 @lfredith0 05/17/2017 16:46
Recharge Payments   It was not made clear that recharges listed  as dollar payments are actually euros. Payment by US based credit cards involve a foreign currency fee.  So a  nominal $5 recharge became $6.50 when the fee was included in my case. 1 weeks ago
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Can not connect to S.35


it was been 1 hours more that i cant connect to S35.

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Paalhonxs 7 69 Anonymous27523388 05/19/2017 08:08