RoG Reharge rate.


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We are changing the RoG recharge rates and events

What we want from players is information and feedback about how they would recharge

Currently its $5 us for 500 diamonds

It will be changed to $5 for 2500 diamonds.

But what is easier for players. $1 for 500 diamonds. $2 for 1000 diamonds, or $5 for 2500 diamonds.

Currently the first recharge is 100 diamonds so would players perfer to recharge just $1 for the first recharge rewards or more.

Currently the first recharge is 100 diamonds so would players prefer to recharge just $1 for the first recharge rewards or more

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I think the more important question is will this rate increase then linearly hike purchase prices?(shop,wheel,event reward values,etc.) As if it does, then even as a generally moderate supporter, I wouldn't want to see it done at all. That is because if so it would be highly doubtful to then also see the currently obtainable daily diamonds; to include dungeon drops, reflect the same increase. Which not doing so would then create a pre-endgame strength wedge that I'm fairly certain was wanted to be avoided.

I do still think for a short term influx bringing back the multiple opening availability to the starred unlock chests would be a good idea. As that creates regular spending use on those that don't want to sit and boss race farm for specific drops an uncertain amount of times based on luck, while at the same time not creating a gap from those active enough and willing enough to do so. Especially since level ranking rewards were changed, and that extra saved points would essentially only be of use for that.

In regards to recharging, I believe it's always a good option to have at least a 1 time use of the lowest available amount for first recharge collection, as there is a subset of players that would jump to do so, even if it's just to be rid of the icon. As far as a continued option past that, I'm personally more in favor of the typical rounded numbers of 5-10-20 etc., unless there are events specifically made to reward the odder increments. On the other side of that, since you mentioned changing around the events, making sure they keep to even recharge amounts, or those encompassed within them is always appreciated. Especially given some institutions aren't exactly fond of seeing a multitude of charges go through at once, or within a short time frame. Also while I get the subconscious psychological component of sticking under full amounts; even if just by 1 integer, it would be appreciated if during the changes maybe all these damn 99, or the like, would be rounded. Admittedly that last part likely has few that really care, but one would figure it doesn't hurt to ask.




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we have made more changes than I can list, simply because of mondayitis brain lol

Shop prices are a hard one..... if we lower the shop prices and increase the recharge rate, we would end up with items that cost $1 ( ie the wings ). We have changed shop limited daily packs tho.

wings will be made more powerful with combat stats added.

we have made numerous changes to drop rates, including increasing the boss thrall drop rate ( thrall that give the second character skill ) and we are revamping vip....

the big wheel rewards will have the set items added ( the ones that give the aura when all 4 pieces are equipped.  and the same items can be gained from dungeon clearing chests.....

we are currently not changing vip rates, as the new recharge rate will make higher levels of vip more accessible to the casual casher

the aim is to make recharging more accessible to players and beneficial to them..... but its a dangerous path to walk, the game has to make money, and while we can balance that out by leasing out the game rights to other game hosts as well as leasing server space.... we do not want to turn the game into a pay game where players spend more time spending than actually playing and working on their characters......

first recharge items are beneficial to players so thats why we are trying to make first recharges more accessible.....

the bulk of the changes made, were player suggested.... and I will be open about the fact that we fought against some changes like the devs idea of having a 1:1000 recharge rate which would effectively make wings $5 a set. The reason for that is not to hurt the players, its to keep a reasonable balance to the game otherwise yes it will become a true pay to win game where a player can drop $100 in one hit and become so powerful by level 25 that they could take out level 45 free players that have put a months work into their builds....

its also because the guild shop system is designed to allow players to trade unused items for guild shop credits, which benefits free players.... but its going to benefit cashers even more as they can farm dungeons for items for trade, and grow at a faster rate.....

I will be honest right here and say yes cashers will hold the balance of power in the game.... and players that argue that its a P2W game  but the players want the cashing gives big advantages aspect to gaming. They want to be able to buy that advantage to get ahead faster and quicker......

I will always maintain that P2W is a player style, not a game style..... and there are players in RoG that are free players, long term players, who intend to become high level powerhouse players without spending a cent.....

RoG will back those players by making it possible to compete against cashers.... as we do know that cashers tend to have a shorter gaming life span than free players ..... and too right, we want to see free players excel, they are part of the gaming community .....

We are already seeing issues with top players hogging world bosses, something I have a issue with as to me, its power playing to get the biggest advantage in the game at the expense of lower level players..... pvp is available in the higher levels but players are seeing players with red names hitting cyclops and dark knight, and taking wb chests.

or in simple terms, a player that has got up to at least dungeon 25 (3rd map ) hitting first map WB for chests

to me that is play to win, at any cost, including the rights of lower level players to succeed in the game....and just like pay to win... its a player style....