Rog 2nd of july change log


04:29 07/02/2018


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1: Rebalancing drop rate and item drops. ( Refine locks, color stone, color lock items, all purpose skill books, thrall starium are no longer drop items ).

This is also part of a future planned update to the game, this first step is laying the ground work for the big version update. We hope that this will allay some players concerns over the drop changes.

Also the higher level materials drop rate has been rebalanced

2: Changes to the maill, we have removed some items and reduced the cost of other items.

3: Planned change to wings. We are making the wings overlay properties now just basic damage. For older players they will know this system, for newer players it means that you have more freedom in what wings you wear and choose to upgrade. This removes the limitation of needing to wear wings in order to benefit from the wear attribute. This allows us to add more wings.

Simply, it means basic damage will see a bigger increase, the more wings you have.

4: Players have asked about events for servers: yes there will be more exciting events, we just need to review them in order to provide more interesting events for players

We do wish to take this time to apologize to the players of S1 as they have had to deal with a lot of changes to the game that have disrupted their pattern of gaming and caused some to feel frustration with working on their builds. This is also true of some players in S2 and even in s3. We do understand the effect on players and are working on limiting future changes so they do not discrupt players build plans as much.

With the update with guilds coming, we do hope to see players able to form their own in game communities where they can talk with fellow players that may not always speak in english, and we will endeavour to assist and help players regardless of what language they speak.

Thank you for your support of RoG, your feedback and your suggestions, they are always welcome.

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