RoG update 2nd may 2018


08:06 05/02/2018


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Ok time for a update

As players know, translation is done, We are in final QA ( quality assurance ) this has resulted in some more changes to the game and also the decision to redo the starting sequence so its more informative for players and explain the nature of the game better. For players that have played the closed beta version, its the area that players first enter into the game before they get to the town area.

The planned changes may cover level 1-10 rather than the current level 1-3.

Also, we estimate 5 days to do and fully check the FB app system. This is due to some changes at FB and a unexpected delay.

We are continuing to focus on multiple server, shared server which means that there is basically one server with multiple access points which is better than multiple server, separate server which causes issues with low player numbers on a server.

Server load has been tested and is above average, this means that a large number of accounts and characters are loaded at the same time on the server to see how the server copes.

A good part of the first version update is completed. That means that with Open Beta launch, the first major update will follow within a few months.

Starting strategy guides are being worked on as a basic quide that will be for free and paying players.... as the game is designed for team work between players so the guides will be done to provide the best benefits to free and playing players in the same team and why......

Testing as a free and paying character has provided the basis for the guides.




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Is there any chance we can get a closing date for LR in the future so we ALL can move onto to RoG? LR is broken both gameplay wise and with the same server issues coming back making us lose weeks of VIP that we paid for with money. I'm asking because RoG seems to fix alot of the issues most players had with LR, so it's almost like a complete game upgrade.

Anyway keep up the good work, RoG looks really nice so far.




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There is no plans to close LR, we only close games in the event of major server issues or irresistible data corruption.

We know about LR issues, and we agree with you, the server issues are a pain in the ass but we can not update the server system, thats a dev fix and for the in game problems, again thats dev fixes..... and when the devs do not answer us, we can not do anything

 yes, feedback and complaints from LR, did form a big part of thinking with ROG and so did the dungeon team system.....and yes the refusal of the devs to change boss rush...... but that is also true of other AMZ games....and there is a lot of influence from outside of AMZ as well.....

To be honest, I have worked on a lot of games over the last 30+ years, ROG is one of the most adventurous projects I have been involved in.....the only other game was shaikan ( AMZ Game ) and that project was so full of custom coding that it ended up impossible to fix.... 2 years of work down the drain

RoG is AMZ commissioned and developed, giving AMZ a lot more control over the game.... thats the way gaming should be... because the voices of players need to be heard, they play the games and they know what keeps them playing the games....