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We now have 4 different options for contacting ROG team

QQ: available as a PC ( just ask for the download link, we have a specific version for players to use as its a safe version, no adware or spamware ) and mobile ( can be downloaded for iphone or android.

That group is a 500 member group called RoG Official Group

QQ can be downloaded from googleplay and apple store for mobile.

This is the english PC version. It is a safe, adware, spamware free version of QQ

Wechat: available as a PC or mobile download. We will be providing the group QR chat icon when the server opens. Wechat can be downloaded from googleplay and apple store for mobile.

Once players create a wechat account, please click on the + symbol and click on scan QR code.

This QR code will take you to the ROG chat channel

Skype: AMZgame.sevice can be used for contact with AMZ customer support, also sharing of ideas, feedback and suggestion. But we do perfer players use QQ or Wechat to contact us.


Now players have asked about using Discord. Yes players can use that as an unofficial player channel but for the AMZ staff in china, their networks and VPNs do not work very well with discord. Also the chats are designed for text chat as we do need a record of ideas, suggestions, feedback and images.

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