wb issues need to limit to main characters only, fight is over in three hits. 2 weeks ago
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i buy 2000 diamond but went to the wrong game

i need S68 West Vale (Europe) for FALCON

Order No.AMZ20180324014928640524-03-2018 01:49:28

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FALCON 3 109 FALCON 03/27/2018 01:36
Chinese new year event come back,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!??????


i would like to suggest to have an  even this year atleast chinese new year event. duty call??? chest event ,precious gems, lucky wheel........ its a year ago with no events players thought there recharges is like a scam because they recharge gold for nothing... so please its

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A few things to contemplate before the upcoming release. In my testing I have come across a few oddities I'd kindly request some extra consideration be taken into account.

To begin when I first started the option of manually controlling your movement and skill output for the arena allowed you to climb ranks, as well as the auto option. Around the

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Scraps 6 286 Anonymous31470670 04/24/2018 01:06
cs gvg matchging there needs to be a better matching system for cs gvg , today i was teamed with two little guilds , no more than 4m cp total , myself at 45m cp being the biggest on our side , yet the other side guys were all HUGE compared to me , how does this seem fair? more of a rant than anything but to wait onc 2 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(2 months ago)
Anonymous28370636 1 148 Kitwritten 02/20/2018 21:27
any news oin game updates?

any word yet on game update?

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GAME SO SLOW! SEVER SO SLOW! can you guys please improve your server? today its very hard to enter the game and i know its not my connection. >.< 2 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(2 months ago)
Jacko1988 1 176 Kitwritten 02/20/2018 21:38
Missing Wings.. Missing Pets, Missing Blades

The following items are not available in shop, and no events have happened since June 22, 2017 to obtain them:

Angel Wings, Demon Wings, Icarus Wings, Iron Wings, Chaos Wings, Saint Wings,  Fair wings, Intricate Wings,   Anubis, JudoKid,  Sleepy Bird, Rat Lee, Bunnery,

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AGUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 1444444444444444444444444 REDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD hi my friend!

Obviously you have some problems with your ego, and with some of your personal appearance!You have to go to a doctor!

You need a medical treatment!

If you bullie people in a GAME !You are a potent

3 months ago
Sevast 0 95

If the red gactioon  was clever they would never fight as they figfh now!But unfortunately the reds ,the cockroaches are DUMB!

So they fight and fight and fight and fight ,without knowing WHY!

Guys go to school,learn yopur lessons and don't behave like mentallky sick!

3 months ago
Sevast 0 82

Guys from the red fraction!You are so pathgetic and complaxed that you don't even emagine!yOU don't realase therules of the game!You are like cockroaches!Whe the CHEATER AGUSS is bpalyoing you are on

when he is not you are out

YOu are funny and pathgetic!Yopu don't know how to play th

3 months ago
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Block Option

s21 Niko

I don't know  why there is no option to block a player who are not on my friendlist, I tried to block after adding him but he still can go to my hot spa and rest there.

I cant kick since he are not on my friend list, hope this can be sorted out, thnx.


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Niko 1 231 Kitwritten 10/15/2017 22:54
any admin still concern for the felspire game?

please dont let the felspire game go to waste..

dont forget the felspire players

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HitYOUharD 1 208 Kitwritten 10/15/2017 22:54


Could you give VIP membership for closed beta server? 

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Cloud 1 210 Kitwritten 10/16/2017 07:25
autorun to next quest

Please turn off the autorun to the next quest.... 

1. if u gain a level it doesnt mean your strong enough to beat the next level of quests...

2. after every quest on the quest board it automatically runs an jumps into that quest an its very annoying....

thank you for

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Anonymous29180826 1 324 Kitwritten 11/17/2017 02:55