Game Observations, Critiques & Suggestions for RoG Dev Team

I thought it easier to write this out within a google doc given the length of said write up. As it's setup to be viewed only, please be sure to read through it's entirety prior to making any constructive criticism within this post. As stated within these are suggestions, observations and the like

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Some Suggestions

- cosmetics - adding some individuality would be nice

- mounts would be cool

- Thralls should be alive at the beginning of any and all pvp arena battles - this should not affect their non-pvp-arena status. As currently designed, someone with very weak or no thralls can beat a much str

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Comments regarding new Update 30/08/2018

I am generally happy with the content of the new update, however the thing I am having problems with is the change to vigor cap and vigor increase rate.

I am housebound and use this game as much of the day as I can, and dropping the vigor stats means I cannot play as long as normal,

5 months ago
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Whats up? Hello, I am Akyza from server 10.

I would like to make a suggestion / complaint about your game system ...

Nowadays, the player who is able to stay strong at the beginning of the game totally dominates the events, making it totally unmotivating for other players to continue playing. In this wa...
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Anonymous31617896 7 243 Anonymous31856545 02/01/2019 11:47
Remove the attack player option before the game dies....

1 player goes out of his way to attack and kill other players, He is trying to kill the server and the game. This was the 7th time he hit me in less than 5 minutes in thrall arena. How can I enjoy my gaming when i cant play? If this continues I will take my money to another game.....


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South East Asia Server Please make Server to South East Asia and Create Clan or Guild system thanks 6 months ago Last Post by Anonymous31856545(2 weeks ago)
Aldriiin07 5 301 Anonymous31856545 02/01/2019 11:48
Game interface Good day. A suggestion from me. i would like to suggest that you need to make an adjustment on the game interface its kinda huge. The tabs on the right side or the maps quest logs and more. they seem that they do not fit together mind if you could readjust it. When you're playing on Facebook it seem 7 months ago Last Post by Anonymous31856545(2 weeks ago)
Anonymous31611940 3 221 Anonymous31856545 02/01/2019 11:48
Rare material's and thrall shards suggestion

I'd like to suggest the possibility of further changing the structure for how we as players are able to acquire both rare materials such as epic and mythic grade stones as it stands you are as creators are pushing for more team player from the player base which for an rpg mmo isn't a bad thing bu

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Tiny Mighty : Heroes Unite mobile i liked ver much this game you closed . its ok but you can open again for mobile  ? 8 months ago Last Post by Anonymous26951326(1 weeks ago)
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Instance map suggestion

I had spoke to GM-S2.Pluto and they suggested I make a post here about the question I had asked them.

So at this time there are two map mechanics in-game, the first allows for auto-tracking movement simply by opening the world map then clicking an area within, once done your character autom

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Request Please add a "hide player" option to the cog settings. It would be nice to be able to see the npcs in town still; if nothing else. Even with remotely low overall player numbers, given the amount of thralls in play, the small area of the town is now becoming crowded at times. Yes, you can still click 8 months ago Last Post by Anonymous31856545(2 weeks ago)
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wb issues need to limit to main characters only, fight is over in three hits. 10 months ago
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