Hi Im S63. X3lvira.Im the only one now playing at that server and its so sad.Im enjoying this game. Is it possible that this server merge with others? Looking foward for that.


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Anonymous20707544 1 10 Demi 05/23/2017 05:30
Levels is there any plans to raise the levels in Lords Road after you reach Level 100 your pretty much done makes a very good game kinda boaring 3 days ago Last Post by Kitwritten(6 hours ago)
Hard To Handle 1 14 Kitwritten 05/23/2017 08:32
Auto revive Mercenary

Someone may have already asked for this, but...

Can you ask devs to implement an auto revive on Mercenary?

Thanks in advance!

5 days ago
Warley 0 11
New Tab on MailBox


my suggestion is simple.

We need a "Uncollected" tab on mailbox because we're wasting so much time looking for a uncollected mail in all those pages.

The Unread tab doesn't help because, sometimes we try to collect someting and our bag is full, and that mail c

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Warley 1 47 Warley 05/16/2017 10:40
About coa Tabs and Events Hi ..... im S58.Chronos and i will ask about why [Excalibur] and some event like [Zombie siege] doesnt complete???
i go in excalibur in click socket and it said stay tuned how many server should be release before it will be tuned up and in the main quest zombie siege lvl 40 + i complete the quest b...
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Chronos 1 53 Demi 05/17/2017 23:20
Enter events in advance I would like to see an option that I can enter for example World Boss (BEFORE actual start time) and leave my character there in auto afk mode so that I do not HAVE to be there at 10 exactly to be able to participate. This would help people who work or in different timezones be able to participate i 1 weeks ago Last Post by Kitwritten(6 hours ago)
DeeperThanU 1 23 Kitwritten 05/23/2017 08:30
Replacing clan leader Hi, I'm currently playing Chronicles of Eidola, S2 and our clan leader has gone afk for an extended period. The deputy leader is active and can do almost everything the leader can but it would still be better to have them both active. So please implement some kind of mechanism to replace a leader th 1 weeks ago Last Post by Kitwritten(6 hours ago)
anonymous10157006 1 27 Kitwritten 05/23/2017 08:32
I'm unssatidfied with the distribution of Mounts

Hey Team hey LR Players,

I'm Olyxus from s60 Kings Cross and I have a question about the Distribution of Mounts...

It's like the 3rd time in a row I could get Goblin Aircraft for weak special... Same for permanent recharge was Wovlerine for several times in a row... I wa

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Anonymous25789060 4 91 Anonymous25789060 05/17/2017 18:23
Game Suggestions

I am coming from Dragon Blood, a very much p2w game. I've seen them evolve and how/why they aren't what they used to be. Most of my gaming experience comes from actual PC MMOs dating back to before Ultima Online.

VIP Levels & Incentives

We all know you are a company

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anonymous10631983 6 153 Anonymous28354134 05/12/2017 08:49
Recharge Screen Should be a very simple fix... Can you add a back button on the recharge screen to return to the game? As it stands right now I have to reload CoE completely to get back to the game. Thanks!
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anonymous10631983 5 91 Kitwritten 05/14/2017 04:04
Gem Synth lvl.10 Gem 2 weeks ago Last Post by Rosyna(1 weeks ago)
Anonymous20305244 2 96 Rosyna 05/11/2017 14:55
translation In this game you could give players a puzzle for a diamond reward, for example, to translate the game in different languages for those who can not understand English and understand the game so it will not be detrimental to the other players !!!!! THANK YOU 3 weeks ago Last Post by Kitwritten(1 weeks ago)
zorro 1 61 Kitwritten 05/11/2017 03:37
Event Suggestion (Social media - discription included)

Retracting Suggestion

Due to being mislead by staff and lack of support Im deciding weather I will be leaving AMZGame's

Please feel free to delete this thread

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BigPappa 3 159 BigPappa 04/30/2017 20:54
Evolving and massive P2W This game is massivly made for whales.
Usually AMZ has quite good systems but the evolve system in this game is awfull.

The purpose of the game SHOULD be evolving your way up to gold.
If you have a 3 star Sigurd for example, you should be evolve him to +1 +2 purple and then he becomes white 4 s...
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Anonymous28368390 1 96 Kitwritten 05/11/2017 03:30

-Purchasing stamina is way to expensive

-make a rebuy function for eidolons

(many players used first eidolons for souls without knowing you need them for the tempel)

-More bonus for vip lvls

it takes about 900 dollars for vip 7 half way to vip 8, and the BR difference beet

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Anonymous28369168 7 227 Kitwritten 05/09/2017 07:17
Stamina Stamina gain is way to slow.
Can hardly do anything each day since everthing costs stamina to do.
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Anonymous28368390 4 187 Anonymous28368390 04/25/2017 18:47