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s21 Niko

I don't know  why there is no option to block a player who are not on my friendlist, I tried to block after adding him but he still can go to my hot spa and rest there.

I cant kick since he are not on my friend list, hope this can be sorted out, thnx.


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Niko 1 131 Kitwritten 10/15/2017 22:54
any admin still concern for the felspire game?

please dont let the felspire game go to waste..

dont forget the felspire players

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HitYOUharD 1 118 Kitwritten 10/15/2017 22:54


Could you give VIP membership for closed beta server? 

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Cloud 1 111 Kitwritten 10/16/2017 07:25
autorun to next quest

Please turn off the autorun to the next quest.... 

1. if u gain a level it doesnt mean your strong enough to beat the next level of quests...

2. after every quest on the quest board it automatically runs an jumps into that quest an its very annoying....

thank you for

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Anonymous29180826 1 109 Kitwritten 11/17/2017 02:55
Chaos VS Players Fleeing Some people are using the logout to flee from the Chaos VS combats so they wont lose. Is that fair? Can something be done about it, like keeping the charachter online AFK mode during the battle if the player leaves?

Thank you already. :)
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Anonymous27805034 1 137 Kitwritten 11/17/2017 02:56
closed beta server

Some quick thoughts.

Loving the completely customizable city map.

The game slows down considerably after playing a few campaigns in a row with Auto fight.

Would love an option where the game just simulates the outcome and rewards for campaigns you've complet

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anonymous10157006 1 233 Kitwritten 09/10/2017 06:25
Where's The event!!!!

As you can see we wait for 2 month without Event and u said from this onth it will be release but now where's the event why you not postig it in the forum hat the event of CoA will be release by September..we tired to wait we tired to play without events Think players are waiting . and you want 1

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Jay_BRgaming 12 477 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:45
When is the level cap being increased? My question is when will the level cap be increased.  I am looking for an answer like 1 month, 2 months, 3 months not it is in a update which is still being worked on.  Just looking for concrete  time table as to when the game is getting updated.   3 months ago Last Post by Anonymous31230084(4 weeks ago)
Anonymous28837392 2 367 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:45
Looking for events Hi devs I wonder where is events give bonus exp to mount, bolster, gem combine and enchant. 3 months ago Last Post by Anonymous31230084(4 weeks ago)
Niko 6 389 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:45
Inactives in spring/pool would it be possible to make a timelimit maybe 24h for being in a pool, seems the big pools getting filled with inactive players and when they arent online they cant be kicked out by owner, so a automatic cleanse from developers would be much appriciated
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Anonymous29522046 3 287 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:45



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===jayshan2014=== 1 210 Jay_BRgaming 08/16/2017 22:10
Useless Smelting event

Seriously?????     We have been complaining for 2 yrs about this useless event....  you only let us smelt things we need like Enchant Stones....   Why can't we get rid of the useless crap in our inventory like doubles crest for heroes and mounts that we already have or the pag

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Anonymous10085889 3 295 Kitwritten 09/18/2017 01:36
Change Class > Can set be able to transfer when doing change class ?  4 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(3 months ago)
Anonymous26390772 1 249 Kitwritten 09/05/2017 01:43
Guild Events!!!! :) and other not tuned things

im just thinking why the ( GODDESS Defense , Winner TAkes All , Guild Treasury ) is not opened yet after a whole year why that Events is not fix or being opened and the Excalibur Socket is not tuned too Did you ever think if you do thosed things the coa players will so some thing new !! i hope yo

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Jay_BRgaming 4 325 Sturm Brightblade 11/14/2017 14:38
Number of Vials

Hi I'm Niko from server 21. I can only throw maximum 20 vials and it means only 20 clanmates can take it meanwhile my clan has 24 members, in future it will get upto higher than 24 and some of them can't take my vials.


And I know I can throw 5 times but when I throw again I

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Niko 1 77 Anonymous31369588 12/12/2017 01:13
freezing on load screen The game has been freezing on the load screen today. I was able to get on around 12:00 pm EST for a bit---but when I tried again---no luck. Missed Faction Battle---but that's no biggie. I am hoping it is because maintenance is being done! If not that---I just wanted to let someone know. :)

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