Drop Booster / Boss / Event

Hello, it would be a good ideea to make available to buy from shop or bd shop  an item called Drop booster, that increases the chance to get a better drop from Boss, that chance might be in % , maybe you can make drop boosters with 20% more chance, 50%, 100%'s up to  devs how it

1 days ago
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For diamond and improvement

hi GM, i think in discount u guys should have Pegasus unicorn and some rare mount, elf wing and some rare wing also infinity Edge ad so rare fashion like that if u guys can do it so player ca buy with diamond that will make them buy more diamond for that stuff  and the game will get good mon

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Chris 4 111 anonymous10623600 01/16/2017 05:18
SS4.INDOLENSIA I have an idea. I wonder if you could have in the shop an option for players to buy vip cards with 1000 diamonds, without needing to recharge. 1 weeks ago Last Post by Demi(1 weeks ago)
Anonymous27328198 1 72 Demi 01/09/2017 23:05
Suggest for AMZ.

There's some point that I want to suggest you :

1. Do a Scheduled Maintenance on Every Server.

As a player i feel so annoyed about the bugs (Specially for the World Boss Reward and Daily Arena Reward).
Do something about the BUGS !!!

2. Delete the Inactive Player.

1 weeks ago
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Overriding Auto-Battle in Arena

Hi ,i would to suggest about Overriding the Auto Battle in Arena ,just like the other event we played and used auto battle like Chaos VS and Demmon Invasion ,we can play chaos in Auto-Battle mode but we can still press the skill we want to cast,

Can you please make it happen to Arena too ?

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Hi!,im``Rio 1 69 Sylar 01/09/2017 03:40
Boss Card An ideea, add in shop for bound diamonds a card or item that can spwn your own Boss 1 weeks ago
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Player Guild Chest/Bank Hello all, and to AMZ Games.  if yould be nice if in Lords Road you add a chest in Guild where member can exhange or deposit items they dont need for other that maybe they need. or an option to trade items in exchange for a fee of some amount of gold.    1 weeks ago Last Post by anonymous11420343(1 weeks ago)
anonymous11420343 2 82 anonymous11420343 01/09/2017 14:53


I noticed when joining the Coliseum event that ppl are quitting the room and entering their alt account so they can re-enter their main to switch teams.  I was wondering what is this all about, for ppl that don't use alt accounts.  is it beneficial to create an alternate accoun

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Ravn 2 133 Betty 01/07/2017 14:52
Help Since the reward merits has change i can't get anymore THREEFOLD CRYSTALS need to collect a few more how and where since the change ????? 3 weeks ago
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Flash sale hi sir.flash sale please.thanks [picture]
3 weeks ago
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3 weeks ago
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Please increase the chance of falling out Soul Stone Felspir Please increase the chance of falling out Soul Stone Felspire [s34] 4 weeks ago
anonymous11010377 0 34
Please increase the chance of falling out Soul Stone Please increase the chance of falling out Soul Stone :(  4 weeks ago
Anonymous27397172 0 39
adding more server why did management? adding more servers? can you give some reason? did you know so many servers in coa have a abandon places? yeah its have merge? but did you think it is enough? so many players playing int his game. but in later days all of you did open new server and other is try to go in new. thi... 1 months ago Last Post by Chris(3 days ago)
Anonymous26943544 5 110 Chris 01/15/2017 13:49
Ranked Match I will sit in Ranked Match for 30 min. or more, but no one seems to play anymore. 1 months ago Last Post by anonymous10848231(3 weeks ago)
anonymous10848231 3 155 anonymous10848231 12/28/2016 18:43
Suggesting a game in this website. Called "Yitien Chronicles" .. It's a chinese gameplay. r2game created the game long ago but now it's closed. I was hoping this website can create similar game with active GM Vets and Updating the game for avoiding deliberations. Hoping for kind response for a christmad gift as a hungry gamer. I keep 1 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(3 weeks ago)
Anonymous27391036 3 150 Kitwritten 12/22/2016 07:41