maintaining the game suggetions

hi guys,

lots of players come and quit....

lot of new players have quit at mid of level 90 i think its because they are lack of knowledge of the game...

so i suggest to have a GM or always a notification .... they dont know the best event so they quit like froster and faction ba

4 days ago
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core exchange I have core of stamina with lv 13 and core of obedience.. I want echange them to get S. Core of frost.. My question is.. The lv of core of stamina will be transfer to new core or not??? Tnks 1 weeks ago
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It will be good if there is an option to reassign our brave heart points, there is a time you make mistake by picking BH stat, give us the ability to correct that.

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topher.o25 2 94 Kitwritten 03/14/2017 23:26
server merges can u plz merge whatever servers you can so at least the few players that remain can play  on a mediocre server,instead of 3/4  dead servers with a few  players on...the general censors that i have got of people is that they r fed is there any chance plz b4 this game completel 1 weeks ago Last Post by Anonymous27382252(9 hours ago)
Anonymous25873118 1 14 Anonymous27382252 03/22/2017 21:00
Arena Honor Shop Overhaul

Arena honor shop is full of really expensive items even for the top 10 rankers could we possibly get some more items added to shop or lower prices of items in shop. Complete stones in honor shop would be nice id buy them ^__^ 

Please and thank you.

1 weeks ago
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Auto Fighting Move Away From Center Limit Me and my guildies constantly have the problem of auto fighting and going too far from our original auto fighting location.

I believe that adding an option to afk training that allows you to select how far from your original spot will you go to catch a monster then it would greatly help the playe...
2 weeks ago
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fresh ideas people are leaving by the van loads...s14 is now vertually empty..maybe 3 or 4 players and s15 is heading the same way unless somethings done...fresh events and some updates would help alot..i know the devs r snowed under with work and they r a separate company..etc..but soon there will be no empire 2 weeks ago
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exchange request plz can you forward request for update to exchange...i will post once a week in the hope that it eventually may happen...thanks 2 weeks ago
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3 Characters Per Server Same VIP Level I would prefer it if I could have one of each character on the same server and have my VIP level carry over too, many people probably agree thank you. 2 weeks ago
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Daily Quest Refresh Tokens It would be cool if we could get Daily Quest Refresh Tokens added to game. 2 weeks ago
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inhance guards

i like to suggest to upgrade guards by there badges... it is helpfull you can (just add there attribute just allittle)

it can also upgrade just like heroes it upgrades by there emblems so???? why not to guards...  guards badgest is useless o its a big help if it can be use for upgradin

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BUG Iron Rooster Spirit Eater Bugs If you have R cooldown reduced enough you will cast Iron Rooster before the buff is up it will cost the same amount of mana and the skill Iron Rooster should not be cast until the buff Iron Rooster goes away to save mana and potion cost..... 2 weeks ago
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Just a thought Let's be honest. The players who have actually beat all of the maps have very likely paid a LOT of money in to advance their heroes.

So why don't the developers create some new maps that the player has to use gold to access? Nearly all of the players who have played all of the maps have shown a ...
3 weeks ago
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Suggestions for treasure hunt Hey, i just think about treasure hunt,, is there any possible that who is VIP,, get better rewards. It is not nice to get any good rewards, just spend time run around and looking chest and then get just crap stuff. So can u guys put something good stuff for VIP player? Is this good idea or not?
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Anonymous20866724 1 86 BekBekLV 03/09/2017 07:12

Hi guys!

I posted some questions 2 days ago in the general discusion forum and noone answer!So now I will post it here hopinhg that they will be answered!

Hi everyone!Hi Oscar!

I am Sevast from amen1 Nords Alliance Faction!

Sorry about the misunderstanding ,b

3 weeks ago
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gold/red guards any chance of including MEDUSA/OUREA/CETO  gold guards plz at least, and maybe just if possible a red thrown in also..i know a 99% no no..but a few of the harder to get golds would be a nice change...thanks..and have a great day..ya all..!!! lol 4 weeks ago Last Post by Anonymous25873118(4 weeks ago)
Anonymous25873118 2 109 Anonymous25873118 02/22/2017 11:17