Game Observations, Critiques & Suggestions for RoG Dev Team

I thought it easier to write this out within a google doc given the length of said write up. As it's setup to be viewed only, please be sure to read through it's entirety prior to making any constructive criticism within this post. As stated within these are suggestions, observations and the like

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Samochody dostawcze Ogólnie rzecz biorąc, chcemy kupić samochody osobowe do naszego przedsiębiorstwa, doradzamy, gdzie najlepiej je kupić? 11 hours ago
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Recommend a marketplace Advise a good marketplace to buy construction equipment, thanks in advance guys! 12 hours ago
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Bulldozer Hi, where did you buy your bulldozer? 12 hours ago
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Tik Tok question for the pros, are there any quality plugins for tiktok? only proven ones, please 1 days ago Last Post by Anonymous31971705(1 days ago)
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