Game Observations, Critiques & Suggestions for RoG Dev Team


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I thought it easier to write this out within a google doc given the length of said write up. As it's setup to be viewed only, please be sure to read through it's entirety prior to making any constructive criticism within this post. As stated within these are suggestions, observations and the like from my own point of view and I did try to concisely explain my reasoning through out the writing process. Some of the information I am of course aware has been touched on elsewhere.

Edit: I made the link clickable for you, it opens in a seperate window.

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I've done some edits to the above mentioned doc to better help make some area's of views be more concise since first making this thread.




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I love my little pony
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no one cares about suggestion of a single or all players here bruh 




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Actually we do.... and we are disappointed that there is a lack of suggestions from players..... we had 27 individual complaints about events, we are running the events feedback on forums and FB, we have had 4 responses.

With one event we did run regarding game feedback, we had one response, yet on servers multiple reports that we are not listening to player feedback.

Most of the feedback and suggestions is coming from 5 players that have taken up the offer to directly contact the AMZ and dev team, something that is often requested in online games, so we included that with RoG.......

As for what the player posted, they did share the information, it was immediately shared with the games devs and did lead to some changes in the game, they were also invited to join the AMZ ROG player chat room and share their feedback directly.

So yes we are constantly asking for suggestions and feedback from players. Now its the players turn to provide it