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This is something that will be of value to players when they think they have a item that is no good such as a elite rare set item that is plain and the player wishes it was a gold item.

This quide is about how to change a item quality

I get a set item and I think how can it really be better than a gold item ? well its a elite rare set item and it can be quality changed... get 4 of them and you complete the set to unlock a battle aura which is very handy in the game

First you want to go to the blacksmith and click on equipment enhancement then equipment evolve

As you can see, it shows me the quality it will change to, the type of stone needed and that it will give me a random stat

click on the item and it will change to show the item has been changed to the next level quality. It now also shows that I need purple  stones

There is different sets in the game so some can only be upgraded one quality, others can be upgraded more qualities

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