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ROG English images are for reference only.   The server is in chinese, the screenshots are taken from the english test server which is not open to players as its still being recoded and translated into english

Right click on the images and click on view image to see them in full size

There is 5 basic weapon and armour qualities, Blank, blue, green, purple and gold, this is for all types of weapons and armour. However there is different sets in the game, they are very hard to find and collect, the easiest way is by getting a dungeon area chest that will allow players to respin for items at a increasing diamond cost.

When getting items and weapons, its important to pay attention to the stats as it is easy to discard a item simply by quality and not realising that the stats are what is more important

To show an example

Soldiers shoulder armour.

Level 28 has 36 armour and 71 spell blocking.

The magic attribute increases hit, fire damage, lightening damage and flame resistance, now its not a mage only amour part.

now lets compare that to this set of shoulder armour

Tavlin civilian leather shoulder

Its level 10 to equip, this is also a rare gold set armour, a player only needs to have ANY 4 items of the set to complete the set bonus,

The gold diamonds means that its been upgraded 10 times, its possible to get weapon and armour that is already upgraded to stage 10.

The stats like dodge etc, are randomly generated so each piece is different.

another way of looking at it is this way

both are starter armours, level 1, one is armour or physical armour, the other is a energy shield robe. the engery shield has been upgraded one level but as its a new character armour, that upgrade was done by the system not the player

Now to assist the player, I am using a level 22 character that was artificially leveled using the dev server GM tools, simply for reference purposes, hence why I have 16k diamonds. For the record this can not be done on the main CB servers or open beta servers.

as part of the level up and recharge ( spending diamonds ) the character got a gold chest called a first punch weapon spree chest

By opening that chest, I get the opportunity to get a gold weapon of my choice for my character.

upon opening the sword in the backpack, I gained this  while it is a civialian sword, its not a set item like the talvan civilian armour earlier in the thread so while it is upgraded 10 levels it does not have the green set item bonues.... tho it is a level 12 item in the game

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