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RoG wings is a system that allows players to equip wings that benefit the player with appearance, stats and benefits.

Players will gain their first set of wings for free. There is the option for other sets of wings that will also give stats that can benefit players,

As players collect feathers from dungeons, they will be able to use them to increase the stars of their feathers, once a player has filled the row of stars, they will have to acquire wings in order to unlock the next level.

RoG has been designed so that a player can have one or more sets of wings. The wing appearance is decided by the wings the player sets as using and that the stats are combined regardless of what wing are used by the player

UPDATE: a change to the wings, means that the overlay property stacks, so if you own 4 sets of wings, the overlay will stack but the wear attributes do not, they will only apply when you are wearing a specific set of wings. This was done to balance out the wings at higher levels.

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