RoG skills and basic damage


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This is a thread in progress as its a lot of work to log all the skills.

Now the skills are operated by the Q, W, E, R and left / right mouse key.

They can be quick accessed using the K key. or from the icons above the skills, click on the lighting bolt.

The skill panel looks like this

Now for a skill to work correctly, it needs to be set up like  Q or W with the damage rune at the top, the middle rune is the combat rune... as you can see from left and right mouse button, you can have the skill with or without runes.

In the event a rune is in the incorrect position like E where I have correctly placed a damage rune at the top and a damage rune in the middle, you see a red line, this means that the rune has no effect. so if I replace it with the combat rune from W, you see it changes from red to green and the skill gains 2 bonuses.

Now when players look at a skill book, they will see only the skill connected with that book but once the skill is put into the skill area, then players will see a big change in the skill as it will also list any other item attribute and enchant, such as damage or boosts and that is why the damage output showing in the game, is much higher than the possible damage of that skill alone.

240% basic damage converted to frost damage and I have 1391 basic damage so logically that would give me about 3,400 damage yet in my videos I am hitting for up to 44,000 damage.

That is possible because of crit damage which is calculated at a mind blowing 200% of damage. Which would mean that I could hit over 10k damage, so where is the rest coming from ?

It comes from the item attributes and boosts which a player can see if they hold the mouse over the skill icon in the skill area....

so I add 269 lightning, 97 fire and 2,684 frost damage to the existing 3,400, then there is the dual projectile damage, the freeze damage, and any damage caused by the penetration...... and you get major pain....

one of my favourite skills is frost hammer and well you can see why

As you can see, it does a massive 11k damage and because its part physical / part elemental, with a repeat first attack, it is a insanely powerful skill or in simple terms, against NPCS with low resistance and armour, they take serious damage, as its not only a single hit skill but does AOE type damage from the shards.

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