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The ROG blacksmith is located near the top of the main circle in the town center.

This is where you will do things like upgrading weapons and armour, runes, skills, making gems, socketing and even disassembling items

Skill enhancement is for your skills and runes. There is a small red and blue icon on the items equipped on you and your merc.

Only items not equipped on you or your thrall can be used to enhance items equipped, this prevents accidental using to enhance

Equipment upgrading.

Gem socketing 

Inlay allows a player to socket gems in sockets, only gems of the same same color of the socket, can be put in the socket

color is to change the socket color to a more suitable color

To socket a gem in a item with a socket, you need to click on socket to unlock the socket if it is still unlocked

Red is for Power : atk, base damage, armour and crit damage

Green is for agility: crit, hit, dodge, penetrate

Yellow is for constitution : maximum life and HP restore,

Blue is for intelligence : elemental resistance, energy shield, max mana and mana restore


And finally Combining




Thrall passive skills

General materials

Thrall summon cards

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