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The talents panel can be unlocked using the (Y) hotkey or the zigzag line

With a level 80 character, I had a total of 69 talent points and a cost of 35,000 diamonds to reset

Put 5 points into first 2 icons to unlock next 2 rings.

The starting stats are listed, they increase with each point put in, one talent point is used each time a player updates the talents. Players can reset their talents by spending diamonds to reset the talents area


Life Value: increase 21% maximum life. Extra points increase %

Energy Shield: Icrease 21% energy shild. extra points increase %

First ring. Clockwise starting with two ended axe icon.

Physical damage increased by 4%

Elemental damage increased by 2%

 Magic recovery increases mana regen

Casting speed increases by 4%

Attack speed increases by 4%

Resus l increases HP regen

Second ring

 Crit Increase crit damage 4%

 Cast Damage increased 2%

Melee damage increased 2%

 Accuracy increases 4% hit

 Dodge increased 4%

 Energy shield mastery increases energy shield 6%

 Amour proficient increases armour 4%

 Elemental resist increases 4%

 Crit increased 4%

 Ranged damage increased 2%

The final ring is mastery and proficiency

increase frost damage 2%

increase fire damage 2%

increase lightening damage 2%

increase poison damage 2%

boost curse effect by 2% ( this means any armour, defence, attack reducing skill or debuff )

Dual drain: boosts vampire type skills ( life and mana drain ) 4%

Melee double support, increases attack and magic blocking

2% damage to bows

increases 4% spell and attack block ONLY when holding a sheild

melee dual wielding damage increased by 2%... dual wielding means any two weapons

melee 2 handed weapon damage increased, including mage staff when used for melee

close combat one handed weapon damage increased 2%, works seperately to melee dual wielding....

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