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This is a continuation of the ROG Skills thread.

The runes go in the top 2 slots in the skill panel which you can access by using the K key or clicking on the lightening bolt icon above the keyboard and mouse skills

The green lines mean the rune is active, if you put in a rune and the line turns red, you can not use that rune with that skill.

Trigger runes are runes that trigger when a certain type of attack is used against a player, such as projectile hit and close hit runes will cast a skill to trigger.

Some runes are skill specific such as deep freeze rune only works with ice skills but touch of frost will work with most skills, the difference is touch of frost is a damage rune, while deep freeze is a effect rune.

Runes are one part of the game that does have specific restrictions, which players need to be aware of.

By looking at the trait listed on the rune, players can get a idea of what it is used for.

Thrown refers to a skill or weapon that uses projectile type attacks such as ice lance or poison arrow or spirit toss

This covers elemental, ranged and ranged combat with a sword ( you throw your sword like its thors hammer )

Attack refers to

Multi throw adds 2 projectiles per attack, so if you use ice lance to throw a single lance, it will throw 3 at the same time

Multi strike repeats a melee attack as a back to back attack

Multi cast repeats one cast so you will cast the skill and it will repeat that skill in a back to back casting

You can do a combination of multi throw and multi strike  or multi cast and multi throw

Penetrate runes do not penetrate block or defense, they give a 10% chance to pass through a opponent and hit a second opponent

CD reduction runes vs slow time runes : CD reduction runes work best with runes with a CD timer as they reduce the cooldown, while Slow time runes increase the duration of a timed skill

To use a example. I have immortal warsong which is a immunity to all damage skill, so I use slow time rune to increase the duration of that skill and CD reduction to reduce the CD so I can use it more

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Threads: 276

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