RoG equipment leveling 2nd july update


08:04 07/02/2018


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This was a player requested system. The ability to upgrade items that were off value to players but too low in level

We have added the advance system as we do recognize that players have set and other types of items that they would love to level up.... and now they can.

The scrolls are equipment scrolls, they can also be used for crafting specific items in the blacksmith combine area.

The item remnants can be gained from dismantling lower quality items such as white and green.

Essene comes from resource instances.

white quality do not require upgrade stones or scrolls

The scrolls are needed if a item is changing white and upgrade stones are required if quality is green or higher

Now it is important to note that upgrading item quality in equipment evolve will use upgrade stones as well. Players need to bear this in mind.

The decision is what do you do, craft a new item using scrolls or level up an existing one

Footnote: Set forge scrolls are event only items. They can be used to level up set items but are not easy to get

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