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Equipment base attributes


There is different groups for items in the game. The different titled items indicate a higher level and quality of equipment, meaning the stats can be better. But it is important to note that there is different base attributes with each items.

They are not character specific and that is important as often players will encounter NPCs and players using skills that do both physical and elemental damage so a mix of elemental shield and armour is important.

Use the refine and enchant at the black smith to further customise the attributes and stats of your character, as well as gem socketing.


Armour= Helm, Plate mail, Shoulder armour,

Critical resist= gloves. greaves

Energy shield= Hat, Robes, Bracers, boots

Elemental resistance= Crown, Leather Armour, leather shoulders

Pierce=Gloves and shoes

Rings = basic damage

Necklaces = Max HP




Pavise ( shield ) Armour + attack block

Magic shield= energy shield + attack block

Buckler = Elemental resist + attack block


Daggers= Basic damage + 1.10 attack speed

Swords=Basic damage + Physical HP drain

Hammers= Basic damage + 8% chance of stun

2H Staff= Basic damage + 1.20 cast speed

2H swords = Basic damage + 7% critical

Bows= Basic damage + 1.20 attack speed

Equipment quality.

There is 5 basic weapon and armour qualities, White, Blue, Green, Purple and Gold, this is for all types of weapons and armour. You want to go to the blacksmith and click on equipment enhancement then equipment evolve



A full set of royal equipment will look different to a full set of noble equipment








Rookie example

Emperor example


There is also set items which is why you may see something like Tarwen Soldier or Tarwen Noble

Tarwen set. When an equipped set reaches the required number, players gain extra bonuses, when 4/4 is equip then the player or thrall, gains an aura. It is possible to equip a thrall with the same items or different items so more than one aura is in play. When a player or thrall dies, then the aura stops until the player or thrall is revived

Now it is possible to mix and match, such as having 4 items of Tarwen and 2 of forrozib for example so the wearer has the aura which will affect both player and thrall, as also the 15% immune to elemental damage which will apply to the wearer only.




2/4 0.10% attack speed increase

3/4  30% equipment attributes added to thrall/s

4/4 Haste Aura ( + 15% attack/cast speed )



2/4 Monster kill exp increases 50%

3/4 HP restore used as energy shield

4/4 Aura of vitality ( restore max 1% HP per second )



2/4 Immune to 15% physical damage

3/4 Thrall obtains pot effect

4/4 Aura of will ( 20% armour increase )



2/4 Immune to 15% elemental damage

3/4 poison damage immunity

4/4 Aura of elements ( 20% elemental resistance boost )



2/4 +500% aggro ( means that NPC opponent will target NPC/ char doing most damage )

3/4 1.70% Damage HP drain ( means that damage also drains HP )

4/4 Aura of elegance ( 20% Dodge increase )



2/4 0.10/s cast speed

3/4 MP absorb 50% damage

4/4 Aura of serenity ( restore 1% max MP per second )



2/4 5% critical increase

3/4 HP drain restores energy shield

4/4 Aura of discipline ( 20% energy shield increase )



2/4 Monster kill coin increase 100%

3/4 Can not be snared

4/4 Swift aura ( 15% movement speed increase )



2/4 15% basic damage

3/4 Damage +100% on rare or higher monsters

4/4 Offense aura ( + 15% basic damage increase )

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