Duty Call - Using Lamps to Call Heroes


20:43 06/14/2016

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Call Heroes to the fight! At Duty Call you will be able to use LAMPS to call heroes to be part of your team.

  • - It is an event with no fixed schedule. Keep an eye in the top menu to find it when it's available
  • - Different heroes can produce different Emblems, check the list
  • - To be able to call a hero you need to collect the required Emblems for that hero
  • - When you Rub lamps you have a chance to get the Hero Emblem (It's not 100% guaranteed!)
  • - You can Rub lamps if you have the required hero(es)
  • - You can Rub with gold instead of lamps
  • - Duty Call Ultimate has multiple heroes requirement, you need to own all the heroes to rub the lamp

Check in the top menu for the Duty Call icon (it is an event with no fixed schedule, so this icon it will be available exclusively when the event is running)

Duty Call - Hero

1 - Check which emblem your hero can summon
2 - Lamps you own
3 - Selected Hero
4 - Emblem your hero can produce
5 - Owned Emblems
6 - Lamp Cost to rub

Duty Call - Ultimate

1 - Emblem that can be summoned
2 - How many heroes it requires (Heroes are showed beside the central Emblem, minimum 2 heroes requirement and maximum 4 heroes requirement)
3 - Lamps you own
4 - Emblem your heroes can produce
5 - Owned Emblems
6 - Lamp Cost to rub
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ok i put it here so i got to GET one of the orange guys or red guys in the list to even use the lamps man i w8ed so long to hit 65 to use them and now i find out i cant even use them 




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You can get heroes from the tavern but it can take a while to get the cards