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hi please could there be more more rare heroes/gaurdians in tavern and duty call and not restrict to lucky wheel also exchange does need revamping , maybe introduce arrays of different kinds. as you get to a higher level we desperatley need new elite challenges to help level up . also the amz coin exchange packs are restricted to one can this be altered would be great i think if we could atleast have these changes it would bring empire revenent to a better stage for new players and old to continue and not have to wait for new servers doin the same thing all over again.

thanks for reading my suggestions 


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for got an important one ...in forge could we have a way to actually create the gear we need by using the ones we dont need, eg red for red say so 5  items would equal 1 piece and collect 10 pieces to complete the new item  this can be from purple up to red items but need to be same colour it would be a useful option alongside smelt for enchant points . also there could be a duty call or option in duty call for guardians also but restrict it to every 3rd duty call using lamps as normal.


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wow very well mr.dl3 but the new elite battle is imposible becausethe leveling have limitations only lvl160 if the devs upgade it into no limit that must be great but for now elite will not be change

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true but 1 more wouldnt hurt gives an extrat thing to do in the game and helps get to level 160 a lil faster ;)




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ok I can answer this for you. The original plan was to have more heroes added to tour of duty and the tavern. As you can see, that did not end up happening.

The AMZ coin packs may be updated in the future.

As for the forge item break down and resynth ? that would require a developer update, same as the increased level cap and adding guardians to the tour of duty