What happened to the game?


02:17 09/11/2018


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So, I'm curious, whatever happened to Empire: Revenant? I was in S1 and CB(east), and it seems it no longer in service in both servers.




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Can it be that the release of this game was just stopped? Have you tried any other game maybe? I recently started playing slot games and I like them. Some of them are real imitation of real life movies, books or situations. But I want to learn something new. Let's say, it can be a roulette or poker. Or anything else that needs intellectual input. What would you recommend?




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got it.tnx




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I guess the best idea would be to ask the developer himself about the game, why jump to conclusions? And since you were asking about slot or roulette games I recommend you to have a peek at this article http://roulette77australia.com/how-to-play. This is the online casino, but they also teach how to play roulette well. I think you should start from that. And poker is too early for you imho.




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Guys, why are there so many ads here?




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