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The issue is that some of the events caused the servers to crash so we had to pull all of the events and unforunately the devs have no idea what events are causing it.




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so thats it KIT over  because no one can fix i said no events for months then few dayys of events then exactky same as b4 ..none...then u say that is bug on events and no one can fix it...well sorry but nope..r u telling me tat no one has any ides about how this happened and is still u all just fold and stop work..because its been that long that it looks that way,...




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ahhh no...... amz keeps the games going because players are attracted to games and want to check them out, so we have a vested interest in keeping the games going as long as we can.

What I said was the events were not working and a cause was not found, we do know it stopped the servers working so its regarded as a serious bug and that does limit options for testing as we can not keep crashing the servers, making events just so we can alert the developers to the cause.... it needs to be done on test server by the developers to find the cause if possible.

We are a host company, not a development company so we rely on the games developers for things like new updates, content and game / event fixes. Its no different to local pc shops servicing pcs, but being seen as part of microsoft and therefore responsible for lack of windows updates and versions......

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