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There are two ways of approaching the use of skills in the game.... one is the overwhelm the opponent with as much fire power and BR as you can fit on your heroes.... the second is the surgeons approach

It can take 4-5 attempts to clear a area at times, this guide is how to use skills more effectively when players are stuck in a area they can not beat

in either case, the systems are the same

Click on the hero icon and then in the window with the 6 gear windows. there is the Skill Train and detail tabs at the bottom.

Click on the Skill tab and you will see the 3 skill windows, they are your skills that are randomly used in battle for that extra * omg that hurt * factor when you attack ( you can have 3 skills per hero but its often not possible to have 3 skills and build up the skill levels without running short of skills to use to upgrade the others....

If you click on the skill button under the 3 skill windows you will be taken to the skill area in the forge panel.

On the left is your skills ( target ) that you have on characters, the right side is the spare skills ( source )

You want to pay attention to the Effects of the skill as that is something that is very very important, and you can see that by selecting the skill and in the center panel, hold the mouse over the skill

There are 4 main types of atk skill.

target all

Single is going to hit a single target, its normally the first target in front of your hero.
Row is going to target a row, like the front row of troops directly facing you
Line is going to target the line from front to back facing you
Target all is going to hit all of the opposing heroes.

Now there is two ways of doing this... the overwhelm the opponents, in which case, you just load everybody up with Target all and you have red heroes and smash the opponents into the ground

The surgeons approach is a more complex way of doing it, its for players that can think out their fight and they know where they need to move heroes around and what skills need to go where. its called the surgeons approach because you are looking to remove certain heroes from the opposing team in order to get at least one star in the fight.....

If i am facing a opposing team that has a hero on the left side of their formation in the middle position that is hard to beat, then I am going to want to have skills on my heroes that are going to attack that line, so I am going to consider having one side of my heroes with line skills, and on my middle heroes, I will put target all so they are slamming the the front row middle troops and when they clear that, they are hitting the middle of the formation

It is not a good idea to have target all skills on heroes that are not in the middle of your formation ( front to back ) as the skill will still work but using a 9 square map, if its center of impact is at the edge, then you are only damaging 6 squares, not 9 ....

Trebuchet Red heroes are a good example of middle formation placement as you can use them with other heroes so that you can do a layered hit spread......otherwise you can get the same effect with heroes using target all skills. Its a good system for taking out heavy troops mixed with light troops and where you need to hit the heavy troops with most of your own army......

It can be done with just one hero in each area having target all and the rest using line, row or single target attack....

first line hits the left and middle lines
Middle line hits all of the troops
last line hits right and middle lines

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