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To start the Guardian Meditation, click at Meditation button at upper menu

You will need Tokens to meditate (Check Guards Escort Guide for more info about acquiring Tokens)

Item A - Meditation attempts left (you can buy with gold attempts at Increase button)

Item B - Exchange Shop where you can use Tokens to buy the material tools

Item C - Meditation tools owned

Item D -  Current Token

Item E - Meditation place, each one give a different Guardian EXP and requires a specific meditation tools

Level Requirements

Frozen Valley - Level 105
Hellfire Plain - Level 95
Wasteland - Level 85
Rainforest - level 75

Click at Exchange button to access the Token Shop and buy a meditation tool

Select the meditation place, and choose a Guardian. Click Meditate button to start meditation.

The Guardian you selected will start meditating, a timer will start a countdown to finish it. You can try to get extra Guardian EXP choosing a branch of meditation.

Item A - Guardian meditating

Item B - Countdown timer

Item C - Branch of Meditation, it will require extra Tokens or Gold to activate. You can buy more attempts using gold

Item D - Exp and items that will be obtained after meditating completes

Item F - Guardian details

Selecting a branch of meditation

Check the current requirements and decide to go forward or cancel it

After using a branch of meditation the result will be showed at the Earn EXP section

When Meditation finishes you click in CLAIM button to claim the Guardians EXP and rewards


Meditation Place can be occupied by one guardian, but you can meditate different guardians in different places at the same time.

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You can get them from guard escort or from devour RED HERO EMBLEMS