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17:52 11/09/2016

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In the top menu select Guards Escort - The event runs from 12:00 up to 17:00 (server time)

It will open the Guards Escort Interface

Item A - How long the event will run

Item B - Escort attempts left(click Add button to buy more)

Item C - Plunter attempt left (click Add button to buy more)

Item D - Choose a guardian to escort

Item E - Check the battle log

Item F - Refresh the screen

Click Escort icon to select the current guardian

If you want to change the rarity try the Free Refresh (once) or buy more refresh using Gold.. Red Guardian requires Vip 9.

To start the escort click in the Guards Escort

Click in your chariot to check info

You can be Plundered up to 2 times (and you can’t plunder yourself)

You can check the remaining time for the current escort in the bottom of screen. You will receive your rewards when the timer reaches 0. You have an option to end the timer using gold, clicking at >> beside the timer.

If other players have deployed Escorts you can try to plunder them. The higher the rarity of the guardians target the better rewards.

Select a target. You can check how many times the player can be attacked at the Times parameter. If there is sufficient “Times” click at Plunder button. You will fight with the enemy and get the rewards if you win the battle (Tokens will be taken from the defeated escort).

If a target is Plundered 2 times it can’t be attacked anymore (during the current escort)

In the Battlelog icon you can check the log of your battles

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basically the same as dragonbone dynasty.  easy to understand =)




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don't plunder green escorts, you get nothing and lose attempts