Patch V2.5.0-Cross Server Tournament Arrival


02:29 08/31/2016


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We will be performing update maintenance beginning on Thursday, Sep 1, at 02:00 AM EST (07:00 Europe) and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 06:00 AM EST. A new version (Patch 2.5.0) will come, this maintenance will last approximately 4 hours. During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Maintenance time:

Sep 1 02:00-06:00 AM (US East Servers)
Sep 1 07:00-11:00 AM (Europe Servers)

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Hi, guys, I know a lot of players are so expecting the cross server pvp andring the number of active players and serve new playing method, but conside rs capacity, we had to delay the released day of the cross server function. But now it's time.
In this new patch, you can find two new icons at the front bar as below:

Attachment 13634

Cross-Server &Hero Title

Cross-Server allows players from different servers to fight against each other. Players can get Win Points from every victory and exchange Hero Titles which can sharply increase the Hero?s force.
Cross-Server becomes Tournament Trail at special time. Top 64 players will get the Tournament Admissions.
Attachment 13635
Attachment 13636


Tournament is composed of Laurel Tournament and Warrior Tournament, whichis held every half month. Candidates selecting from Tournament Trail will fight fiercely for the Champions.
Attachment 13637

Well, I just reveal some of information about the two new gameplays.
More details, find in the game by yourself, as well as our forum, the new forum event also comes with the new patch, you will not miss them. By the way, pay more attention to the notice in games chat channel, you will find more useful news and events.
At the least, enjoy the game with us.

Thank you for your love!

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