freezing on load screen The game has been freezing on the load screen today. I was able to get on around 12:00 pm EST for a bit---but when I tried again---no luck. Missed Faction Battle---but that's no biggie. I am hoping it is because maintenance is being done! If not that---I just wanted to let someone know. :)

2 months ago
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Empire Revenant Please sort out the issues with this game. It's incredibly frustrating that NOTHING has been corrected. We have had DUTY CALL once in 2017. ONE TIME. The week that we had it was also the only week there were any offers.

1) Since January---there is no possible way to get red elixir needed to ...
2 months ago
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The Doctor
Server 9

When the bugs get fixed---rather than attempting to keep the top players satisfied---is there any way to assist newer players in an effort to keep them? And doing things that will make the players who are almost in the upper ranks to make them more competitive would be

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duty call

please could you run duty call for a while as the other events are all bugged i understand the problems you are facing and have understanding reading the forum that duty call is manually activated  could this be done as a show of faith to give gamers atleast a chance to gain some heroes and

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Anonymous10133533 6 315 Anonymous10133533 04/17/2017 06:39
new ideas for the better game!!!


some event are not being participated because of the different time zones(guard escort,,froster defence)

so the solution is...................

making a whole day event.......

but with a limitations 15 attemts everyday would be ok for every event i mention in the t

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Anonymous26980488 1 146 Anonymous10133533 04/06/2017 15:37
maintaining the game suggetions

hi guys,

lots of players come and quit....

lot of new players have quit at mid of level 90 i think its because they are lack of knowledge of the game...

so i suggest to have a GM or always a notification .... they dont know the best event so they quit like froster and faction ba

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server merges can u plz merge whatever servers you can so at least the few players that remain can play  on a mediocre server,instead of 3/4  dead servers with a few  players on...the general censors that i have got of people is that they r fed is there any chance plz b4 this game completel 7 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(7 months ago)
Anonymous25873118 2 181 Kitwritten 03/24/2017 03:48
fresh ideas people are leaving by the van loads...s14 is now vertually empty..maybe 3 or 4 players and s15 is heading the same way unless somethings done...fresh events and some updates would help alot..i know the devs r snowed under with work and they r a separate company..etc..but soon there will be no empire 7 months ago Last Post by Anonymous26980488(6 months ago)
Anonymous25873118 2 178 Anonymous26980488 04/02/2017 21:19
exchange request plz can you forward request for update to exchange...i will post once a week in the hope that it eventually may happen...thanks 7 months ago
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inhance guards

i like to suggest to upgrade guards by there badges... it is helpfull you can (just add there attribute just allittle)

it can also upgrade just like heroes it upgrades by there emblems so???? why not to guards...  guards badgest is useless o its a big help if it can be use for upgradin

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Anonymous26980488 1 191 Anonymous26980488 03/04/2017 19:57
Just a thought Let's be honest. The players who have actually beat all of the maps have very likely paid a LOT of money in to advance their heroes.

So why don't the developers create some new maps that the player has to use gold to access? Nearly all of the players who have played all of the maps have shown a ...
7 months ago
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gold/red guards any chance of including MEDUSA/OUREA/CETO  gold guards plz at least, and maybe just if possible a red thrown in also..i know a 99% no no..but a few of the harder to get golds would be a nice change...thanks..and have a great day..ya all..!!! lol 8 months ago Last Post by Anonymous25873118(8 months ago)
Anonymous25873118 2 206 Anonymous25873118 02/22/2017 11:17
multi item in exchange.. can a new feature possible be added in exchange as people r gathering large amounts of feat,count ,score ,honour etc.Maybe something involving a combination ie,40k feat and 600 count gets you item, or another example 1200 count and 500 score for red gear or decent level gem or a basic att/def/army a 8 months ago Last Post by GM Oscar(8 months ago)
Anonymous25873118 1 200 GM Oscar 02/20/2017 07:02
a few suggestions :)

hi please could there be more more rare heroes/gaurdians in tavern and duty call and not restrict to lucky wheel also exchange does need revamping , maybe introduce arrays of different kinds. as you get to a higher level we desperatley need new elite challenges to help level up . also the amz coi

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Anonymous10133533 3 277 Anonymous10133533 03/09/2017 09:28
exchange update plz can something be done to exchange....the restriction on Count for one,also most of the exchange is now redundant,i realise some things r usefull to new players ,but after just 1 month there is no point doing count and other things as the stuff is useless..feat/count /score /honour etc...what use 8 months ago Last Post by GM Steve(8 months ago)
Anonymous25873118 1 192 GM Steve 02/16/2017 07:50
Awesome new event Hello ..
I want to suggest instead (or in addition) to the cross-server event , you could have another event that would make a new server that expires in 3-5 days but like x10 the (speed, resources), where every player from the main old servers can create a new toon(no new players would make a main...
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