Chinese new year event come back,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!??????


00:40 02/18/2018


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i would like to suggest to have an  even this year atleast chinese new year event. duty call??? chest event ,precious gems, lucky wheel........ its a year ago with no events players thought there recharges is like a scam because they recharge gold for nothing... so please its too impossible the problem is still unfix because it already a year from that problem and i cant believe still unfix if you cannot fix that particular problem then create new event that is similar to old one's it would be easier than fixing a bug.... pls reply my thread. thank you very much





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We do not create events or fix them, that is the developers job.

We did try running events and unfortunately it caused the servers to crash, this was reported to the games developers and the person working on the game, was not able to resolve the problems so we can not run events, create new ones or fix the current events.

we understand how players feel about the situation but there is little we can do as we do not hold the development rights over games and we can not hire new developers