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04:29 03/09/2017


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people are leaving by the van loads...s14 is now vertually empty..maybe 3 or 4 players and s15 is heading the same way unless somethings done...fresh events and some updates would help alot..i know the devs r snowed under with work and they r a separate company..etc..but soon there will be no empire revenant will become a redundant game if people keep leaving..its a good game..but it seems once  a game is up and running they seem to open as many servers as possible..let them die out...merge whats left and then close ..all this without any updates,no matter how many things /ideas r suggested ,nothing is ever done leaving me with the impression that its a absolute waste of time posting or asking for anything.The bugs r becoming more common,and the time it takes to fix them is increasing,this situation is nothing to do with GMs,all they can do is forward req and bugs etc...but whats the point when u know that nothing is going to be done...thanks for  the rant..
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