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05:32 03/19/2017


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hi guys,

lots of players come and quit....

lot of new players have quit at mid of level 90 i think its because they are lack of knowledge of the game...

so i suggest to have a GM or always a notification .... they dont know the best event so they quit like froster and faction battle that was quite fun so they should know and the event time is really bad east server should be the east time enterval the west server should be there own its the main problem of lots of player try to put the special event in morning 9am in east west time and 9am in west time not in the same time because lots of players cant join because of the time .....

and wait a minute the froster defence is missing i cant play it any more.. is it bug or you move it 

pls put it back i dont like it lots of players cant play it any more i need silver and factionbattle gets so early it move 1 hour earlier 

                     thanks pls fix it





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GMs are players that are also game staff. so Its a volunteer basis, thats why there is very few GMs on the game

The US east and US west servers are on the same system thats why the events run that way.

event times are always problematic. They run during the day when a lot of players are working or at school, that is why players tend to account share or play on different time zone servers