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When the bugs get fixed---rather than attempting to keep the top players satisfied---is there any way to assist newer players in an effort to keep them? And doing things that will make the players who are almost in the upper ranks to make them more competitive would be ideal I think. 

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If you can tell us as well which game your playing that will be helpful for us to address your concern. We would really like to assist newer players to familiarize and know the strategies to move up in the game.

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Sorry Demi. The game I am referring to is Empire Revenant. I don't know how I messed that part up when choosing the game icon it was in reference to.

In reference to the initial post---I have seen several of the older players requesting things that simply aren't good for the overall game. Things that are good for the players already at the top aren't necessarily good for the game itself. Frankly---we don't NEED all of the things many of us are requesting/demanding. And if we were to be given these things---it could essentially push us so far ahead that we cannot be beaten by anyone. And that is boring. Right now---as it stands---there is only a single player that regularly logs in who can sometimes defeat my account. We go back and forth. With the rest of the regulars---there is not even a close battle for him or me. Instead of doing things to make him and me even harder to compete with---I would personally rather see some of those just on the cusp being given the opportunity to catch up to us.

I've managed to get really lucky with developing my character. I would just like to see some other players get the same chance. A lot of the things that allowed me to advance are simply not available to current players due to all of the bugs. These bugs are being worked on by the in house devs. Due to circumstances beyond amz's control---the process is slow going. There are lots of suggestions being presented by some of the more advanced players---but they're all requests that really only affect the more advanced players. I would rather see some of those (not as advanced) given a chance to catch up. I don't have any expectations regarding the time frame for the bugs to be sorted. It could be a long process. I simply wanted to suggest that maybe attempting to keep the top players happy is not the best course to take. :)




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I've moved it to the ER forum ^_^


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I get what you are saying and thats not uncommon in gaming...

I have a list of changes that I would like to see in the game that would change the game dynamics... without impeding game play.....

The changes are basically from the start of the game with new heroes in the market etc, more of a range in duty call, a change to the heroes in VIP....

I found for me, the biggest issue was getting a couple of purple heroes, that impacted on my own game play greatly.... the lack of titles and the cost of the enhanced heroes, to me, had a big impact on the game..... also some of the super skills were nice but did not give as much of a benefit to the game as it did to some players who spend to get them and clear the final campaigns......

Like most games, I think a hard core mode is needed ( diablo 2 had one, you die and its game over ).....but the opposition to that comes from the developers, most gamers are opposed to that situation where they could lose because of a lost connection or random server down issue.