Forum Event: Get to the Top of Challenge Tower!


03:53 08/31/2016


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Challenge Tower is a tower of honor which is guarded by several players selected from our Empire. You will have a chance to challenge yourself here! Except for the great honor and challenge tower rewards, we have prepared pleasant gifts for you.

Defeat the tower guards and reach the top floor in Challenge Tower. You can change the percentage of opponents B.R. to assure success.

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In addition, we will randomly select one from all participants who will be gifted a Super Rare Skill - Cross Shield!

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Write down your character name in the chat bar (without sending it) before you take a screenshot.

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  1. Give usscreenshots with legible information including Character Name in the chat bar and your rank. Any screenshot without the character info is invalid!
  2. Each winner who meets the requirements can only get one of the two types of rewards. Go for the best one!
  3. All rewards will be sent to players in-game mailbox in 5 days after event ends.
  4. Event Deadline: September 3rd, 2016

Example Answer:
Server: S0
Name: TEST
Rank: 3
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