Guild Battle

Join your guild mates to battle in Guild Battle's Campaigns and get rewards for you and guild!

- Click at Guild icon in bottom menu.


- At Guild interface click at Guild Battle button.


- Guild Battle screen will load.


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Guardian Meditation Guide

To start the Guardian Meditation, click at Meditation button at upper menu


You will need Tokens to meditate (Check Guards Escort Guide for more info about acquiring Tokens)


Item A - Medit

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Guards Escort Guide

In the top menu select Guards Escort - The event runs from 12:00 up to 17:00 (server time)


It will open the Guards Escort Interface


Item A - How long the event will run

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Expedition consists in achieving some quests daily, each quest concluded will give you some points and every time you achieve a milestone you get rewards (shards). 

You can check in the tab MALL how many shards of an item is needed to get it.

- To access the Expedtion clic

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FB invite system issues ??? Some players have experienced issues with the FB invite system

This is a quick and simple guide on how to do it and what the invited friend needs to do.

1) Click on the share icon at the top of the game screen and click on share. Check that the messages are sharing correctly on your FB page. W
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Silver Farming/Grinding GUIDE FOR NEW PLAYER!! Hiii Good Day reader!!! New to the game Empire Revenant?? well you have come to a right place!!


As you can see this guide mostly cover about silver farming/grinding this guide is dedicated mostly to free to play players and pay to play players can also benefit f
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Heroes duel guide Heroes duel opens at level 55

Heroes duel allows a player to use elixir to update their heroes advance skill

Players have 5 attempts per day, a loss does not use an attempt.
The first refresh is free and each refresh after that, consumes gold.

When the player opens the hero duel screen, th
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Challenge tower guide Challenge tower is a 5 level / 5 battle pet level challenge that pits players against the top 25 players in the arena

The goal is to beat each player on the 100% setting, it is possible to test yourself against players with as little as a 5% setting ( using the manual slide option on the battle s
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Er fame and status guide Status can be checked in the Town hall by clicking on the status button.

Rewards are given daily at 5 AM

Be mindful of the daily fame cost for KING status levels

Title Stars Fame Req Bonus A
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ER Invite system A issue arose over the weekend in regards to how the invite system works.

A player can only use the invite system once per account. It is a FB system not an AMZ system so FB set the parameters for that.

IF a account has been created by a player as a alt account and played in other AMZ games, t
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Pitched Battle - Defeat your rivals!! Fight other empires and get stronger!

  • - Defeat rivals to get Points, Fame, Repute and Rewards
  • - You will get better rewards by defeating higher rank rivals
  • - Every fight will active a cooldown timer, when the timer get red you need to wait it to full cooldown
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Praire - Tame Mounts! Praire is the only place you can tame mounts!

  • - You have a chance to tame a mount
  • - You have a chance to increase or lose a Fodder
  • - Each Fodder gives you a better chance to tame rarer mount (Fescue>Bluegrass>Timothy>Alfafa>Clover)
  • - Each
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Elite battle Guide to elite battle

Elite battle is a set of 5 battles designed to test armies against 5 leaders so players can get a idea of array places for an areas battles.

Elite Battle can be accessed from two locations.
1) Event hall: Required 25 to enter
2) Right quest menu: Win the campaign of ca
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ER Rankings system The ER Rankings system can be found at the right side of the screen. It is a crown icon to the left of the battle Rating.


Players can click on my rank button to find their own ranking or search by name in the input text box

Level: Players are ranking from highest level descending.
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Gems and mine guide The mine unlocks at level 90 and can be found at the top of the main game screen

The gems a player has collected, can be found in the players inventory. Click on the hero icon and look to the right for the gem tab, click on that to see your gems.


When a player goes to the mine a
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Institute guide The institute can be accessed from two locations

1) The yellow star icon on the left side of the go button on the game tool bar


2) clicking on the building on the main game screen


Tactic scrolls can be gained as rewards from the followin...
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