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16:13 12/19/2016

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Join your guild mates to battle in Guild Battle's Campaigns and get rewards for you and guild!

- Click at Guild icon in bottom menu.

- At Guild interface click at Guild Battle button.

- Guild Battle screen will load.

- In the Info section we can check many information.

1 - Shows the current campaign 

2 - Shows your current Credit

3 - Fighting attempts left, it resets daily.

4 - Campaign Reset attempts left.

5 - button to reset Campaign, it costs Gold to be used.

6 - Guild Battle auto-reset cool-down.

7 - Check members who joined the battle and their score.

8 - You can claim some Silver daily by liking a member battle score.

- Your daily fight's score and daily rewards can be claimed at Rewards section. The Personal Credit to claim rewards reset daily.

- While the campaign isn't automatically reseted all guild members fighting score will accumulate. Each milestone will give all members a Reward Chest.

- You will find the available targets to start the fighting. 

1 - The arrow shows the current enemy available to be defeated. You can't fight another until he is defeated.

2 - Available enemy.

3 - The tomb represent a defeated enemy.

- After each fight your score will be added to the rank.

- If you the do the killing hit you will get a Mysterious Wheel to draw one personal reward (goes to your bag) and a guild reward (goes to Guild  Depot)

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