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Expedition consists in achieving some quests daily, each quest concluded will give you some points and every time you achieve a milestone you get rewards (shards). 

You can check in the tab MALL how many shards of an item is needed to get it.

- To access the Expedtion click at the icon EVENT HALL, in top menu.

- Select the item EXPEDITION then click the GO button in the right side.

´- In Expedition you start in the tab QUEST, where you can check each one and the rewards of the day.

item A - What you need to complete

item B - Requirement to fulfill that quest

item C - You can select GO to access the function to complete the quest, you can select Complete to pay GOLD for completion. When completed a CLAIM button will appear. You must click  the CLAIM to get reward and to fill the quest bar in the bottom

item D - Quest bar, each milestone will give you shard as reward.

- In the quest bar, you can check what is the reward by pointing the mouse to the treasure chest

- You can check the items that are rewarded from Expedition. Each one has a required quantity of shards to get a full item. You can buy shards once a day to complete a gear of your interest. It will use your exclusive gear.

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