Silver Farming/Grinding GUIDE FOR NEW PLAYER!!


06:03 08/09/2016


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Hiii Good Day reader!!! New to the game Empire Revenant?? well you have come to a right place!!


As you can see this guide mostly cover about silver farming/grinding this guide is dedicated mostly to free to play players and pay to play players can also benefit from this!! Just take note you have to be level 30. UP! to access this.

Lets proceed first things first this process may take time but its fun because it well involve you to some in game quest! Yeah you read it right its a game quest/event! that happens twice a day!!!


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The First Event is Faction Battle, Faction Battle as we all know before we create our character we will have to choose what civilization we would like to choose right?. Well if you're a dedicated Free to Play player you will have to choose the Random because it will provide you with 200 gold!!

Okay lets continue Faction Battle will be divided among 3 nations Greek,Roman and Persian you will have to battle it out among the 3 nation the Higher Point you accumulate the better the Silver Rewards will be!! You will accumulate points by defeating and attacking other nations/faction! Every Kill will give you gold!! hmmmm sounds good right?? But there is more!! aside from gold the silver you will get if your factions reaches for example: 100000 points! you will be rewarded with 100k silver so on.. Dont worry about dying you will just respawn with a timer cooldown.

NOTE: Faction Battle opens up around 20:00 SERVER TIME! if your in ASIA like me I'm from the Philippines its about 3:00 am in the morning the time schedule varies due to different countries. And standard times.

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NOTE: FRONTIER DEFENSE IS EASY!!! HAHAHA YEAH YOU READ IT RIGHT!! you just need to reach level 30!

NOTE: FRONTIER DEFENSE opens twice a day.
SERVER TIME ARE 12:00 - 12:30 (ASIA IS 7 PM) / 20:00 - 20:30 SERVER TIME ( PHILIPPINES 3:00 am - 3:30am) as always time varies depending on which country you are just do the math!!

The Second Event Frontier Defense!. It is by far the most easiest way to grind silver imo and also the higher level told me this is the easiest way to earn silver if your a Free to Play Player. The mechanics is this you will battle 6 waves of crazyyyy pirate dudes! yeah PIRATES!!. You will have to endure damage and constant death no worries death has a cooldown in this 2 events so dont worry if you got splattered around by Pirates!

The silver accumulation will vary to your point of damage yesss! the better gear hero etc.. you have the better silver you will receive and if you're lucky enough and kill a pirate you will receive a gem which will be handy in the later parts of the game!! You can accumulate more than 100k gold if you're very patient and go after death after death! As I have stated above you will die and yes its okay!

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And there you have it!! the most easiest way to farm/grind silver unless there is a new EVENT that will give silver!!

NOTE:And I suggest not to use gold if its not really necessary just save it and try to buy heroes in the tavern so you could acquire good heroes later!!

And if you're wondering who am I? will my In game name is STOMPPER lvl 70 S5 EU server CHAKRAM and also im new to the game and I like this game that is why I made a guide for us new players!! All the pictures above are from EMPIRE REVENANT I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE GAMES CONTENT!!! Im here to help!!! CIAOOO! HAVE A NICE DAY GODBLESS!! HAPPY GAMING!!!!