Starting on a budget ?


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Starting off as a new player can be hard. Its easier to recharge for a lot of gold and spend it like a crazy person for some people but for others that are careful with their gaming budget, here is some tips that can help your game play in the game without breaking the budget

This guide is for players that may be able to spend $20 a month as a average player.
Vip in ER is accumulative, it means that as you spend, you gain vip points and levels, they do not expire and you do not have to pay a monthly VIP Subscription. Vip does not expire, once you have the points, they are permenent

Empire Benefits is a weekly, monthly and annual ( year long ) rebate program. Its at the top of the screen in the empire benefits icon

Weekly Benefits
will cost you 990 and give you 2100 gold over 7 days
Monthly Benefits will cost you 1990 and give you 9000 gold over 30 days
Annual benefits will cost you 7990 gold and give you 109,500 gold over 365 days

Players can purchase one or more of the plans, IE if you purchase the weekly and monthly plan, that will give you 600 gold per day for 7 days and then 300 gold for the next 23 days.

The advantage of the benefits, is that each plan, also gives you a hero buff growth with every level of your character. This can be very handy to new players that need that extra little boost to their heroes.

FB like, share and invite events: Players can get lamps here, lamps are very handy later on in the game for use in the duty calls event. It can be possible to rub the lamps and gain gold and red heroes for free.

You can spend silver and gold here to get higher grade mounts or you can click tame and let the CD timer count down for a free change to get a good mount. It is possible to get a red mount for free after a couple of days

has 3 areas
Twilight Tavern 5 free turns per day with a 10 minute cooldown or 20 gold
Midnight tavern 2 free turns per day with 1 hour cooldown or 100 gold
Enigma Tavern 1 free turn per day with 24 hour cd or 350 gold ( it also has the x10 recruit, that will cost you 2800 gold per time and is not recommended for players on a budget

Daily check
also gives free rewards and can give you free heroes on 8 day login

Final stand event can reward players with free gold

Senate has the master and vassal system that can be a source of gold each day as well