Tarven recruit 10x


i justwant to ask if i recruit in tarven 10x with gold.........did it gurantee 10x emblem of the main hero of the tarven???

pls answer my question

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faction battle strategy

I always attack and bash in npc but still a\(player surpass  me) even i am the first in that game....... 

i would like to know how to play and the strategy of the game on faction battle only :D

pls help me make it easy to understand..... thanks

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What determines how skills proc (fire/activate) when multipl

I am a completely new player and I must say I really like this game a lot.  Good work.

So today I overheard a confusing conversation between another player and a GM.  The GM told him he would be better NOT slotting 2nd and 3rd skills when the heroes first skill was good (e.

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[Reported]Pyrrhus B.R.?


what is Pyrrhus B.R.? His description is too long, so I can not see his B.R., and I want to know it.

Can anyone help me?

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Array help Attachment 13328 Can Someone give me help here on my array setup? Most agree Sulla as tank but I am stuck. Need help. please give honest opin. Thank you[picture]... 7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous25873118(6 year ago)
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Skill strategies There are two ways of approaching the use of skills in the game.... one is the overwhelm the opponent with as much fire power and BR as you can fit on your heroes.... the second is the surgeons approach

It can take 4-5 attempts to clear a area at times, this guide is how to use skills more effect...
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Starting on a budget ? Starting off as a new player can be hard. Its easier to recharge for a lot of gold and spend it like a crazy person for some people but for others that are careful with their gaming budget, here is some tips that can help your game play in the game without breaking the budget

This guide is for pla...
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Think you have a good strategy to help the players If you think that you have ideas, plans or strategies that can help players to enjoy the game more or if you need suggestions on what troops to use, post in this forum......

Players that come up with good, helpful and informative threads may find that they are rewarded by AMZ with in game currency...
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