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Maintenance of All Europe Servers for St

Dear Lord,

To improve your gaming experience, all Europe servers of Lords Road will adjust Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time on Otc.30, 2016.

All Europe servers will have maintenance at 00:30 am (UTC+1) on Otc.30. It will take approximately 4 hours. And all the

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Lords Road Server Merges Feb. 17th

A server merging is scheduled on Feb. 17th. Several servers will have maintenance on February 17th, 2017 from 03:00 to 06:00 EST (08:00-11:00 UTC) for merging. Maintenance is expected to take approximately 3 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!


The servers (main server)

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Announcement of Releasing New Server S80

Dear Lords


We are pleased to announce that S80 Jacks High (US East) will be launched on Feb.21 2017 at 10:00 AM EST.


It is not just AMZs game, it is our game. We do appreciate for your suggestions and advices. It is your love that makes Lords Road better

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Routine Maintenance Feb.27

Dear Lords,


To improve your gaming experience and update the database of our game, all servers of Lords Road will have routine maintenance on February 27th, 2017 from 02:00 to 05:00 EST / 07:00-10:00 UTC (Feb. 26 23:00 – Feb.27 02:00 PST).


During Lords Road

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Lords road maintenance Feb 27th 2017

All servers of Lords Road will have routine maintenance on February 27th, 2017 from 02:00 to 05:00 EST / 07:00-10:00 UTC (Feb. 26 23:00 – Feb.27 02:00 PST).

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[Forum Event] Over Here! Luxury Gifts fo

"Pets are human's best friends" is not just a saying. Going through every battle alongside you and witnessing your growth, your pets have been your most loyalty partners. We appear to have an excess of pet skill books, upgrade potions and turnips so we are having a clean out of those items an

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Europe Servers Maintenance for Daylight

Dear Lord,


To improve your gaming experience, Europe servers of Lords Road will adjust Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time on Mar. 26, 2017. All Europe Servers will be under maintenance for about 2 hours, from 00:30am UTC to 03:30am UTC+1.


When local s

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Maintenance of All US Servers for Standa

Dear Lord,


To improve your gaming experience, all US servers (US East & US West) of Lords Road will adjust Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time on Nov.6th, 2016.


All US servers will have maintenance at server time 00:30 am (EDT/PDT) on Nov.6th.

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Questions about Pet Ratking& Wabbit
Hi. I would like the GMs/Admins to ask the Devs about the following:

1) what is the max cap of MP increments can we have with Pet Ratking

2) what is the max cap of MP regeneration can we have with Pet Wabbit

Unlike the rest, there's no detail information about these two....
7 year ago 1344 Views / 54 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31936641(3 weeks ago)
download ?
Hi guys i just found this game but i cant find a download or whatever to play this game

Thanks in advance [picture]
7 year ago 1540 Views / 54 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31936917(2 months ago)
Halloween recharge [considered]
Why the Event hall was inactive many days in Halloween event?
Now people can get additional bonuses for recharges in diamond invest (PLUS ~20% OF DIAMONDS!).
So now a lot of players who supported the game with their money in the first days of the event are in loss!
I consider...
6 year ago 1531 Views / 193 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31936579(2 months ago)
   IGN: LiVe$FuN  s7                                                                             5 year ago 467 Views / 6 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31932625(2 months ago)
How to lvl up my MP?
I'm losing mana during the fight very quickly. How to improve it?[picture] 6 year ago 944 Views / 15 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31935357(2 months ago)
Crit value
Hi guys
id like to know how exactly work the crit value [picture] lets say im lvl 45 with 15k crit ( yeah very insane ) should i get almost every hit as crit? and if im lvl 80 with 15K crit do i have same chance to crit as i was lvl 45 or this value chance time by time ? would be nice if the crit ...
7 year ago 625 Views / 31 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31929861(3 months ago)
Killed in Cursed Palace
Why am I being killed by another player in Cursed Palace? Is it not a solo dungeon? 7 year ago 529 Views / 8 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31929307(3 months ago)
Infinity Tower's Gems drop rate
Hi. As I don't get any def gems from 1-20f, i would like to know about at which floor will we get gems and which floor drop what gems. Will really appreciate it if the GMs/Admins can provide more detail information about it. 7 year ago 889 Views / 9 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31929307(4 months ago)
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Get the most Diamonds for your $$$$$
I would like to share post here about recharging and events. Let's come together and help player's get the most for their $$$$.

1. Recharge when Diamond Event is active. 
    This event gives you extra diamonds for recharging.
    So it is the best time to recharge you

5 year ago 2838 Views / 12 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31903103(1 year ago)
Team Defense Tips for WARRIOR

Hi everyone, I'm s79.Niko coming here to give you guys the tips for warrior in team defense (beat alone or with friends). I'll hand you the most info as I can - base on my understandings. If I have any mistake in showing the ways, please forgive me, I'm just a normal person who might be wrong...s

5 year ago 1348 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31844919(3 year ago)
New Player Guide (Good for non-cashers)

Leveling up quickly

  • Inferno space gives you easy 800k, 1200k, 1600k and with 100% XP pets (devkong)

  • 1600k, 2400k, and 3200k respectively.

  • Daily Quests are a good way to increase your

5 year ago 1399 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31624668(3 year ago)
Buying From The Guild/Honor Shops.

What would you guys recommend to buy in the guild/honor shops?

5 year ago 2085 Views / 9 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31470670(4 year ago)
How to use the elemental runes - Lords R

Guys, we share here our experience and knowledge on the use of elemental runes.
Leave your comment for expanding our gameplay.

(Em portugues)

Pessoal, vamos compartilhar aqui nossa experiência e conhecimento sobre a utilização das runas elementais.
Deixem seu comentário para amp

5 year ago 1520 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Sylar(5 year ago)
Mount Skills
Is it better to have a variety of mount skills or from one specific genre? Seeing as the mount skills are not stackable (i.e., Master Strength * 5 = 150000 HP, but rather the trigger amount for it is higher with all 5 Master strength), or is better to have multiple skills of different genres like "M... 5 year ago 1068 Views / 0 Replies
eu ganhei rank 1 e outra que pego caixa 1 eu nao porque ? 5 year ago 1060 Views / 0 Replies
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Players using VET in their names. We have recently had reports of players using VET in their name. This is strictly against the rules and will result in a immediate ban

NO VET or GM will request your login information on servers and we have absolutely no reason to request your password or login details on the servers.

Vets and
6 year ago 2438 Views / 90 Last Post by Anonymous31935683(2 months ago)
Blacksmith guide Lords Road Blacksmith Guide

Hello and welcome to the Blacksmith's Guide for players of all levels. [picture]


This is the Enhance tab, where you can improve your equipment level. In order to enhance your equipment to the next level, there is a requirement on a certain amount of gol
6 year ago 3795 Views / 14 Last Post by Anonymous31929047(6 months ago)

Siege [picture]

Event Time:

At 21:00-21:30 the fourth day and the sixth day after new server launched.

After 1 week the Siege settles on a permanent / regular schedule and will run every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Event Rules:

•  All

5 year ago 1107 Views / 12 Last Post by Anonymous31911231(10 months ago)


  1. Tartarus unlocks at lvl 22 with 5 boss at each stage, new stages will open at levels 37, 47, 57, 67, 77.

  2. Every boss consume 20 STA , if you lose or quit attempt won’t consume STA .

  3. Only 1 free a

5 year ago 1694 Views / 14 Last Post by Anonymous31911231(10 months ago)
Guild Boss


Guild Boss is an event which you can only do if you are in a guild. [picture]

All guild members may participate. The objective it to kill as many bosses as possible in the time limit. There are 12 total bosses, so it is possible to vanquish them

5 year ago 799 Views / 12 Last Post by Anonymous31911231(10 months ago)
Guild Guide

Guild Guide

You can join guild at level 25 (hotkey G)

1) You can check all the guilds and their details in here.


You can only apply to a guild that has a space for you, if it's full y

5 year ago 1759 Views / 18 Last Post by Anonymous31911231(10 months ago)
Team Dungeon


Team dungeon unlock at level 32

Team dungeon made of Team Challenge and Team Defense .

Do Team Dungeon runs in Groups of 3 people to collect full rewards .

Each dungeon have a maximum of 3 free attempts/runs with r

5 year ago 824 Views / 12 Last Post by Anonymous31911231(10 months ago)
Lords Road Hotkeys Hotkeys:

1 - Skill #1
2 - Skill #2
3 - Skill #3
4 - Skill #4
5 - Skill #5
Q - Hp Potion (Select the one of your preference)
W - Hp Potion #2 (Select the one of your preference)
E - Ultima Skill
R - Mount Panel
O - Infinity Tower
P - Pet Panel
A - Selects your nearest target and use Bas
6 year ago 1057 Views / 1 Last Post by Anonymous31882429(2 year ago)
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Add more levels to Infinity Tower I'm sure many of the other characters on other servers feel the same way who have reached level 100 and have to wait weeks on end just to make ONE new jewels of whatever they get first from Infinity Tower. I personally am the only character on s44 to reach level 100 and currently need to make level ... 6 year ago 667 Views / 6 Last Post by Anonymous31939091(1 months ago)
Lords and ladies, we need your feedback! Attachment 236
What do you think of the oufits of the Goddess in Lords Road?
Is the Goddess dress too minimal?
Please enjoy to express your thoughts and opinions. Thank you very much !
7 year ago 1649 Views / 10 Last Post by Anonymous31926153(7 months ago)
Got a good idea for a forum and FB event We have noticed that the forums are generally quiet. There is not much of a reason to really visit the forums. So we are interested in players ideas for events that would be good for the forums and FB.

We are interested in forum and FB events that are going to get players interested in participa...
6 year ago 529 Views / 1 Last Post by Leda Weber(9 months ago)
Mount Skill Books

I feel that mount skill books should drop from Boss Rush, but only the hard bosses. Furthermore, they should have a low chance of dropping, say, 2%. Moreover, they should only be basic skill books, so F2P players can obtain them, but paying players can also feel like they aren't getting ripped of

5 year ago 426 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous31913683(10 months ago)
Siege battle [suggested] During siege battle, If a guild leader grabs the flag then leaves the arena, they should lose the flag. If the others guilds leader is not there to grab flag, then they win by default, and that is winning without honor. Another suggestion might be to make the Guild deputies able to grab the flag als... 6 year ago 421 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous31914745(1 year ago)
Improvements on the urgent Lords Road Wanted to know when you will take action and put new things in the game because the game only has the same things the same events the same maps what it costs to put a 90 items raise the level to the 110 or 120 or do an Ex gems event : Make a gem level 6 and gain another level 6 because you have to h 5 year ago 619 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous31909517(1 year ago)
Tallent books [considered] How about we get a event where u can exchange like 5 or 10 of the same book in tallent to one we want

for im getting tried to get the books i dont need

already used 15 books to get skill atp and the 9 tallents that i have unlocked

and this is what i got right now
6 year ago 478 Views / 1 Last Post by Anonymous31896781(1 year ago)
no puedo abla chat [considered] a ps porque no puedo ablar en chat del juego porfabor activenlo de nuevo porfabor 6 year ago 570 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous31893975(2 year ago)
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lord road hello i have a problem with the server had s28 mammoth earldom (europe) lord road you my scrinshot could you help me thank you[picture][picture][picture] 3 year ago 650 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous31930683(2 months ago)
How to add a screenshot to forums The screenshot will need to be added to a image or file hosting site then a link to the screenshot will need to be added to the forum.

A screenshot needs to be clear enough for the staff to check and read.

How to ad...
7 year ago 2742 Views / 100 Last Post by Anonymous31934153(3 months ago)
Lords Road bug and problem report from s 1. No rewards from Chaos VS - thread
2. No events

3. Team Dungeon => Team Challenge/Team Defense

3 player limit not always working




4. Problems with Daily tasks

*) hatched 10 pets 

*) you done daily task:

4 year ago 1475 Views / 8 Last Post by Anonymous31921173(9 months ago)
[Solved]Got bug in Pet hatch IGN: LiVe4FuN server 7 Lordsroad      I was viewing my pet and suddenly an auto pet hatch was noted. I never click anything . It cost me 400 diamonds . There was no confirmation if i want to hatch pet using 400 dia. Pls return back my 400 dia and u can take away s pet which i got as s 5 year ago 1058 Views / 13 Last Post by Anonymous31896457(2 year ago)
server down?

I'm trying to log in but get a message saying- took too long to respond.

IGN: FLARE777, server 21.

Just me or is anybody else getting this?

4 year ago 1195 Views / 5 Last Post by Anonymous31884747(2 year ago)
Refused to connect

What happen ? no matter what I try i get the same refused to connect.


5 year ago 1086 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous31605950(3 year ago)
[reported]Event issue

Event issue on S70.

(Images aren't working so I'll put URLs)

Values from yesterday have rolled over into today.

This is best show from the link below. I have only used the daily free hatch.

Also lo

5 year ago 1241 Views / 9 Last Post by Anonymous31849027(3 year ago)
Cannot log in Lords Road server 80

Hi, Today I have been unable to log in to Lords Road server 80. The loading bar stops at Total Progress 13%, as if the server were offline. I log in to Lords Road through Kongregate. I don't know if the problem is just for me, s80.Honey-Mia, or all s80 players.  Maybe one of t

4 year ago 1924 Views / 52 Last Post by Anonymous31849027(3 year ago)
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