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US Servers Maintenance to Fix Christmas

Dear Lords,


All US servers (US East & US West) of Lords Road will have an urgent maintenance on Dec 28, 2016 from 03:30 to 04:30 EST (0:30-01:30 PST).


Because of the glitches that happened before the end of Christmas Events in US Servers (US East

3 weeks ago 213 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Sylar(2 weeks ago)
Maintenance Extension

Dear Lord,

The maintenance for all European servers is extended for a few hours.The exact time will be informed separetely.

Our sincere apology for the inconvenience and the extension! And thanks for your love and support to our game. If you encounter

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[ Lords Road ] Announcement of Releasing
We are pleased to announce the opening of S73 Miracle Land (US East), the 73th server will be launched on Oct.24th 2016 at 10:00 AM EDT.

It is not just AMZs game, it is our game. We do appreciate for your suggestions and advices. It is your love that makes Lords Road better and be

... 2 months ago 189 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Anonymous27033820(2 months ago)
New Mount Carnival in Forum Event
The New Mount already updated in new patch of Lords Road. Which one is your favorite? Tell us the answer and the reason, you will have chance to get our new mount shards in this event.


Rule: Post you answer in the floor, and we will randomly select three lucky participants

... 3 months ago 1035 Views / 57 Replies Last Post by anonymous10606865(2 months ago)
Announcement of Releasing New Server: S7
We are pleased to announce the opening of S72 Strange Merchent (Europe), the 72th server will be launched on Oct.17th 2016 at 10:00 AM.

It is not just AMZs game, it is our game. We do appreciate for your suggestions and advices. It is your love that makes Lords Road better and be

3 months ago 140 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by King 12345(3 months ago)
Announcement of Releasing New Server: S7

Dear Lords,

We are pleased to announce the opening of S71 Immortal Song (US Eest), the 71th server will be launched on Oct.10th 2016 at 10:00 AM EDT.

It is not just AMZs game, it is our game. We do appreciate for your suggestions and advices. It is your love that ma

3 months ago 206 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Sylar(3 months ago)
Update New Mount for all servers (28th S

To improve your gaming experience, all servers of Lords Road will have maintenance on Sep. 28th, 2016 from 03:00 to 06:00 EDT/8:00-11:00 UTC to update 10 New Mount. Maintenance is expected to take approximately 3 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!



3 months ago 742 Views / 17 Replies Last Post by Sylar(3 months ago)
Christmas Events Overview

You won't find snow-covered scene in LR, but there are still plenty of Christmas events to get you in the festive mood. Here are the Christmas Events during the period from Dec 21 to Dec 27, 2016.

> Wishing Tree

Duration: 12/21/2016 00:00:00 - 12/27/2016 23

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Hacker Swearing on line

I am getting tired of myself or one of my guild members having to report Hacker for swearing in the game.  We report him, he gets muted or banned for a week, and then comes back and does it again.  This is a family gaming site or so I thought so.  When are you going to ban him perm

1 months ago 166 Views / 10 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(10 hours ago)
Unable to attach screenshots

I and several of our guild members are unable to attach a screenshot to a post.  Is there another way to report a player that is making verbal physical threats online to our guild members?  This player (Hackerpro) has been muted more times than I can count for making threats and sw

2 days ago 26 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(2 days ago)
Harassment on our server.

There is a player on our server, harassing my guild. They keep asking for our characters knowing fully well its illegal. Maybe they trying to entrap us, i dunno. I am reporting this so the GMs can get to the bottom of this. 


This is just one of the instan

1 months ago 448 Views / 20 Replies Last Post by Chris(4 days ago)
Siege cheating problem
I know others have posted about issues with siege. Here is another. The two top guilds on our server (the only ones that even go into siege) have an issue. Well one has the problem mainly. The opposing guild leader, knowing that our guild leader is not on, goes into siege, takes statue and then leav... 9 months ago 77 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Chris(5 days ago)
13% ...again
here we go with the game just loading to 13% again this has been an on going Problem when you guys going to fix it ? 1 weeks ago 93 Views / 4 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(5 days ago)
Lords Road - Big disadvantages in warrio


I do not know if I just have this impression, but of the two existing classes on Loards Road, the warrior is the one who has more disadvantages than advantages.

If both classes had the same B.R, with equal attributes and runes, the warrior would still have a major disadvantage in the g

1 months ago 114306 Views / 31 Replies Last Post by Hard To Handle(1 weeks ago)

Hi GM, I thank for the support and help, I hope in this  year of 2017 u will make much better progress and Upgrade on this year of 2()!7 

Thank And Happy New Year


Thank Lords Road And The Player

2 weeks ago 99 Views / 5 Replies Last Post by Sylar(1 weeks ago)
[resolved]Christmas event bonus
Hi , since the christmas event is over all from our server did not receive any rewards on the ranking list for talent chest. I was not able to do ss because  the entire list disappear 30 mins before reset. But regarding the fake santa of no of killings and credit rank we do received the rewards... 3 weeks ago 653 Views / 37 Replies Last Post by Sylar(1 weeks ago)
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Buying From The Guild/Honor Shops.

What would you guys recommend to buy in the guild/honor shops?

3 months ago 445 Views / 8 Replies Last Post by Hi!,im``Rio(1 weeks ago)
How to use the elemental runes - Lords R

Guys, we share here our experience and knowledge on the use of elemental runes.
Leave your comment for expanding our gameplay.

(Em portugues)

Pessoal, vamos compartilhar aqui nossa experiência e conhecimento sobre a utilização das runas elementais.
Deixem seu comentário para amp

3 months ago 371 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Sylar(3 months ago)
Get the most Diamonds for your $$$$$
I would like to share post here about recharging and events. Let's come together and help player's get the most for their $$$$.

1. Recharge when Diamond Event is active. 
    This event gives you extra diamonds for recharging.
    So it is the best time to recharge you

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New Player Guide (Good for non-cashers)

Leveling up quickly

  • Inferno space gives you easy 800k, 1200k, 1600k and with 100% XP pets (devkong)

  • 1600k, 2400k, and 3200k respectively.

  • Daily Quests are a good way to increase your

1 months ago 96 Views / 0 Replies
eu ganhei rank 1 e outra que pego caixa 1 eu nao porque ? 3 months ago 143 Views / 0 Replies
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LordsRoad Vets Recruitment Dear Lords,

Welcome to the Vet Program! Do you have a desire to improve the AMZ community by helping other players, providing useful answers, and working as a team? This program is designed to give players the opportunity to make a difference in the community they are playing in.

Vets are in-
1 year ago 770 Views / 33 Last Post by Sylar(2 days ago)
Players using VET in their names. We have recently had reports of players using VET in their name. This is strictly against the rules and will result in a immediate ban

NO VET or GM will request your login information on servers and we have absolutely no reason to request your password or login details on the servers.

Vets and
1 year ago 156 Views / 3 Last Post by TroyeMartin(2 weeks ago)
new player guide This games guide does a decent job of letting one know the basic so if one is new just go to the game guide its basic but it does give you a lot of instead of a guide I will give tips and tricks that I have learned over time and from others. This is only my humble views it can differ ... 1 year ago 304 Views / 1 Last Post by Anonymous27334790(1 months ago)
Pets Guide



You'll unlock pet fuction after you reach Level.27

In this game, are some creatures which can give you differente benefits like: Make you stronger giving you their stats, they give you bonus for more EXP, Gold and Crystal, also can make your MANA Regen faster, but one
1 year ago 304 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous27334790(1 months ago)
Medals Guide Medals unlock at level 55 together with main quest. First you need to finish main quest or medals will be unavailable for you. To find Medals open your "HERO" window and on left side look for Medals window.

Activation requirement

Each Medal pieces can be found in different places...
1 year ago 406 Views / 4 Last Post by Pafuncio(1 months ago)
Lord's Road Wiki Started a wiki for game. Always a work in progress

Some example content:
1 year ago 251 Views / 2 Last Post by King 12345(3 months ago)
Team Dungeon


Team dungeon unlock at level 32

Team dungeon made of Team Challenge and Team Defense .

Do Team Dungeon runs in Groups of 3 people to collect full rewards .

Each dungeon have a maximum of 3 free attempts/runs with r

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Guild Guide

Guild Guide

You can join guild at level 25 (hotkey G)

1) You can check all the guilds and their details in here.


You can only apply to a guild that has a space for you, if it's full y

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For diamond and improvement

hi GM, i think in discount u guys should have Pegasus unicorn and some rare mount, elf wing and some rare wing also infinity Edge ad so rare fashion like that if u guys can do it so player ca buy with diamond that will make them buy more diamond for that stuff  and the game will get good mon

4 days ago 111 Views / 4 Last Post by anonymous10623600(3 days ago)
i think we need a merge on s59 hi too games masters I think s59 need a merge reson got 5 guilds in game but only about 2 turn up to battle stuff plus about 40 players some days at most less on other days plz can u let me no would u think on this thank you 10 months ago 61 Views / 1 Last Post by Chris(5 days ago)
Player Guild Chest/Bank Hello all, and to AMZ Games.  if yould be nice if in Lords Road you add a chest in Guild where member can exhange or deposit items they dont need for other that maybe they need. or an option to trade items in exchange for a fee of some amount of gold.    1 weeks ago 82 Views / 2 Last Post by anonymous11420343(1 weeks ago)
Overriding Auto-Battle in Arena

Hi ,i would to suggest about Overriding the Auto Battle in Arena ,just like the other event we played and used auto battle like Chaos VS and Demmon Invasion ,we can play chaos in Auto-Battle mode but we can still press the skill we want to cast,

Can you please make it happen to Arena too ?

1 weeks ago 69 Views / 1 Last Post by Sylar(1 weeks ago)
Not Paysafecard ? Hello,
I would like to charge diamonds!
Unfortunately, I had to realize that there is no Paysafecard to recharge diamonds. Because I pay with Paysafecard it would be nice of them if they would introduce the Paysafecard again so that all members can recharge diamonds!
Sorry for my english
1 months ago 149 Views / 6 Last Post by Van(1 months ago)
Lords and ladies, we need your feedback! Attachment 236
What do you think of the oufits of the Goddess in Lords Road?
Is the Goddess dress too minimal?
Please enjoy to express your thoughts and opinions. Thank you very much !
1 year ago 387 Views / 5 Last Post by Sylar(1 months ago)
A few suggestions :) Hi [picture]
I have a few suggestions:

1) It would be great, if you could finally expand our bag. There are so many things, but not enough storage room. So please, make a bigger inventory.
2) You removed the mount skill books. Please make it possible to get them somewhere, in guild, honor shop or f...
8 months ago 125 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous27070088(1 months ago)
Stop Chaos being more like crazy chaos It needs splitting up in to level tiers, such as 50-59, 60-69, 70-79 etc how are we supposed to compete against level 80+ players with level 180+ goddess's when your only level 50+, i just want a fighting chance to work my way up the ranks, join the next tier and be chicken feed till i grow stronger 7 months ago 172 Views / 2 Last Post by Ryntow(1 months ago)
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[checking] Lucky Day

I had 920 Diamonds in Lucky Day it showed I could guy 60 feathers for 20, after clicking it though I had 870 instead of 900


2 days ago 47 Views / 4 Last Post by Kitwritten(7 hours ago)
How to add a screenshot to forums The screenshot will need to be added to a image or file hosting site then a link to the screenshot will need to be added to the forum.

A screenshot needs to be clear enough for the staff to check and read.

How to ad...
1 year ago 172 Views / 2 Last Post by Chris(2 days ago)
[solved]my wings title problem

i S68 falcon

my wings ranking problem. First I made it full  8 stage 10 star and Then i had title after ladygodiva passed me total wings br 

2-3 months my score high winngs br  but i have not title 

Please correct the error


6 days ago 137 Views / 9 Last Post by FALCON(2 days ago)
[solved]No enter to game I cant enter, S68 EU Kongregate server, say unknown error in game screen and no enter...
3 days ago 35 Views / 1 Last Post by anonymous10502711(3 days ago)
[checking]Still can't log in

Well, I created a thread few days ago complaining I was have troubles logging in but, since I thought it was solved, the thread got closed.

Since yesterday it started again (actually it only worked well this last sunday).

I tried reseting my router and running configurations CD, resta

1 months ago 539 Views / 40 Last Post by Andree(6 days ago)
[solved] Never Received Diamonds

Hello, I purchased diamonds on 1/6/17 I waited almost two days but never received them. Pictures provided below. Server is 33 Bull's Empire, name: MeiMei. Thanks



1 weeks ago 83 Views / 2 Last Post by Chris(1 weeks ago)
LR loading issues, 26th of dec 98% issu


We only want posts and information relating to this issue.

If you are going to post and say fix it or its a game issue, do not use this thread, only use one of the other threads about the same issue.....

This is a dev information thread and only the infor

3 weeks ago 175 Views / 8 Last Post by Anonymous26984994(2 weeks ago)
Logging problem


I have again logging problem,,

i updated my flash and cleaning my browser,, nothing help.

I play Lordsroad,, my server is s56 Royal Myst (Europa)

toon name is Reiska.

Can u guys help me again?

4 weeks ago 169 Views / 11 Last Post by Anonymous20866724(3 weeks ago)
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