Boss Rush - prohibited for other players


02:27 02/12/2018


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I did try for 1 week to play and enjoy the LR game but all the time i try to get to the Boss Rush a hand of players dose not let anyone else to have a boss.

I think that is an game abuse and they should be banned for 1 month maybe that way the will consider to let others to get the stuffs drop by the bosses.

1.Skill books that needed for low and new players .

2.Jewel chests also needed.

3.Weapon and armor - Last whisper and Warmongs armour .

Boss rush is a part of the game an should not be only for 3-4 players that already are maximized.



PS. I do hope that will be taken an action against : Auror, Ryudez,Lunaxia and Jennifer from Elite guild that also did not let me one day to do the daily quest killing me all the time in Cursed Place and calling  me a Romanian gypsy .




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Players are allowed to kill eachother in the boss rush room AND in the Cursed palace.

The players are well within their rights to do that.

Banning people for playing the game as intented is ridiculous, if this game isn't for you, don't play it.

You can't force fake rules on others players.




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Ok... your concerns are valid, I get what you are saying and yes I do agree that its a form of player bullying, power mongering and game controlling and yes it costs us players...

We did ask the developers to make boss rush non PVP, they refused......PVP can be a big money spinner and it can generate a lot of money as players will pay a lot to be on top....and nor would they consider other options for the book drops and so on.... as that would limit pvp.....

while I do have the power and ability to ban players, it would be a breach of privilege as a head game manager and boss, to act in a unethical manner by banning players for playing within the rules and guidelines for the game.

I can not create a rule that penalizes players for PVP where PVP is allowed.....

What I can suggest is you look at yes the server is in chinese but its a test server and I have put in English guides in the forum..... its a open world game where you play on your terms, with a wider range of options and more content coming.....

Yes there is PVP in the game but we are working with the developers on that, based on player feedback and suggestions, so there is the chance to be involved in building the game up as a player and gamer

  • anonymous10373983 well said, especially the part about people wanting to ban other players for just playing the game.

    02/13/2018 03:21




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Thx for answering Kit  and to bad that S2 servers ... are owned by 1 or 2 players ... all will be gone and none will invest any money in those servers . As far i can see not eaven the so called owners invest in it . Good luck with that .




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Many games do not make the 2 year golden mark in gaming because they do not cover yes the developers move on to other games..... LR has not covered costs for months, so the developers moved on.....

In order to keep the game updated, patched and maintained, it would have to make close to 10k a month and we already have to recover the 100k we invested in getting the game ready for launch.....

  • anonymous10373983 We are grateful that you still support this game, it's understandable that some players get frustrated when simple dev fixes could clear alot of issues but the devs have moved on. Still the idea of banning people for being too good at pvp is a bit much, move on to another game, AMZ has plenty of them.

    02/14/2018 01:28




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Having a few strong players killing everyone else in Boss Rush is well within the rules of the game, I agree, you can't ban people for that.

But I disagree that this is how the game was meant to be played.  The intention was to keep opening new servers so that new players could have fun competing against other new players.

It is too bad that there can't be any more new servers, because Lords Road is too slow now and apparently doesn't cover its own operating costs.  But the good news is, with no updates in nearly 3 years, everyone will eventually have the same Battle Rating. We will not be killed by the same people forever.

  • Anonymous27820112 This is just how it goes for most browser games, LR hung in there for a good time though. Another big update could have done wonders I think.

    02/15/2018 16:35




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