Team Defense Tips for WARRIOR

Hi everyone, I'm s79.Niko coming here to give you guys the tips for warrior in team defense (beat alone or with friends). I'll hand you the most info as I can - base on my understandings. If I have any mistake in showing the ways, please forgive me, I'm just a normal person who might be wrong...s

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Mount Skills Is it better to have a variety of mount skills or from one specific genre? Seeing as the mount skills are not stackable (i.e., Master Strength * 5 = 150000 HP, but rather the trigger amount for it is higher with all 5 Master strength), or is better to have multiple skills of different genres like "M... 6 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31947451(2 months ago)
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Get the most Diamonds for your $$$$$ I would like to share post here about recharging and events. Let's come together and help player's get the most for their $$$$.

1. Recharge when Diamond Event is active. 
    This event gives you extra diamonds for recharging.
    So it is the best time to recharge you

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New Player Guide (Good for non-cashers)

Leveling up quickly

  • Inferno space gives you easy 800k, 1200k, 1600k and with 100% XP pets (devkong)

  • 1600k, 2400k, and 3200k respectively.

  • Daily Quests are a good way to increase your

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Buying From The Guild/Honor Shops.

What would you guys recommend to buy in the guild/honor shops?

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How to use the elemental runes - Lords Road?

Guys, we share here our experience and knowledge on the use of elemental runes.
Leave your comment for expanding our gameplay.

(Em portugues)

Pessoal, vamos compartilhar aqui nossa experiência e conhecimento sobre a utilização das runas elementais.
Deixem seu comentário para amp

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