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Hi everyone, I'm s79.Niko coming here to give you guys the tips for warrior in team defense (beat alone or with friends). I'll hand you the most info as I can - base on my understandings. If I have any mistake in showing the ways, please forgive me, I'm just a normal person who might be wrong...sometimes.

1. So we will now meet the requirements (beating ALONE):

BR: 550k-570k for Athena 

BR: 500k for Minerva

BR: 450k for Chione

BR: 400k or lower for Victoria

BR: 350k or lower for Nemesis

BR: <250k for Maria, Venus, Fortuna (these goddess rooms are easy so I don't give much info for you)

CLASS: warrior

MEMBERSHIP: must be a VIP (to have Venus and wings that will boost your BR) 

PETS: must have wabbits, enough to give you unless or nearly unless MP.

GODDESS: deploy Venus, Max 7 stage 5 stars with level 100 (for Athena), other rooms maybe lower - upgrade your Venus high enough to heal you minimum 40k HP per 5 seconds.

MOUNT: strength, guard and savage are ones could help you the most.

SKILLS: all the runes from skill #1 to skill #4 must be unlocked.

LAG PROBLEMS: remember to clear history/caches and hide effects/players/name/titles. Maybe you will get an undesirable bug when doing team defense so just done all that.

***FOR NON-VIP MEMBERS: the BR must be alot higher than that, maybe around 100k higher. Deploy Chione, Annie or Fortuna to beat the rooms.

2. If you are ready to protect your goddess, next I will show you the way (beating ALONE):

- I will now show you as an example with team defense for Athena pieces, with screenshots:

- First we will create cross server, the reason is to speed up your hero - if you hero is not speeded up, the chance of being losed will be pretty high.

- Second, activate #4 skill and clear the upper line. Follow the skill steps: #2 -> #1 -> #3 then repeat. Reactivate your #4 skill asap after it ends.

- The next step is stand in the middle in front of the goddess and wait for enemies to get close to you enough

- Then use #1 to cash skill in circle to attack all the enemies, next use #2 skill and #3, repeat the steps until all is clear. *Enemies will attack you first when they got the first hit from you, so dont worry about the goddess's HP.


- Repeat the steps to clear from wave 1 to 11. Remember to cash heaven fury at wave 4 and wave 11 (or any wave that you think might need a super boost)

- Sometimes your HP will be low. If it is, after clear the upper line and cash #1 in the middle in front of the goddess, try to leave a few of monsters (maybe 3 monsters), don't attack, just let your goddess hit them until they die and she will heal your HP a little bit. <--- this is a technique to keep your hero alive.

- Repeat the steps until you finish the wave 11. At wave 12, the first thing you do is stand and wait for the monster from upper line to reach:


- After that, use #3 skill on him and run asap to the middle in front of the goddess:

- Later on activate #1 skill in order to hit the last 2 monsters:

- The final step is turn on your afk mode and enjoy the fun. Easy, isnt it?

3. The third part is to beat with friends, this is much more easy (beat with FRIENDS):

- With my look on full team to go in team defense, I cannot give you guys the exact BR to win the rooms. So just try few times with your friends. A team with two mages who are 300k and a warrior who is 400k are enough to win Athena room.

- Always clear the upper line first because this line reaches your goddess faster.

- Use 1 mage and 1 warrior to clear the upper line, the other one stand in the middle in front of goddess to wait and keep goddess alive. When 2 friends have done the upper line, join with the other one to clear the wave.

4. Notes:

- Sometimes you might die because of insane attack of enemies, don't worry, your goddess HP is 200 and your revive is 9 seconds. Or just use the technique I give you above to lengthen your HP.

- In the case you deploy the wrong goddess and want to switch: undeploy your current goddess first then deploy the other one.

- If you are doubt on your BR, use 3 attempts in the rooms you can beat and after that try on the room you are still doubting on. All you do is just try!!

- Always ask for help, especially your guild members who are stronger, they will help you to get the pieces you want.


So, that's all done. I hope you enjoy the game with my tips, if it's not working then it's your problem and business  ............... just kidding. 

Best wishes from Niko.

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