Buying From The Guild/Honor Shops.


14:14 10/19/2016


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What would you guys recommend to buy in the guild/honor shops?




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when it comes to buying in the shops. I start with the things that can be maxed out first. With the exception of Annie pieces. I get those everyday. 




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buy the rare things first. So Annie pieces(need a ton of these), then medal pieces, then mount or wing souls, and then go for the other common items. 

for guild shop, i reccomend going after the medal pieces first (more helpful in battle), then mount pieces, and then go for the other random stuff. 




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For me, i need the Old Mounts will be available in the Guild Shop,

like Broom Stick, Wild Turkey, Vanguard and Pyrenees and others Old Mounts.

Lord and Valor Medal will be available at Honor Shop and Diana.


There should be a special treatment for the loyal players of LR who more than a year playing for this Game.




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Maybe some sort of incremental special treatment would be nice. 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months etc.




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Post By SomeDudeOnTheInternet
Maybe some sort of incremental special treatment would be nice. 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months etc.

 haha 16 months over here :D




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I say max the simplest things first, wings and mounts. Especially if you cannot make it to Boss Rush very often. Medals will take a long time anyway, so you will have room to grow while others plateau after they max their medals. Not to mention this game is intended to be played for a long period of time. Really it all depends of personal preference, I am a camper and prefer to be ready when I level up instead of levelling up so fast but being so damn squishy. 

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My is one of the best because in Honor shop i will get feather first  then enchant and annie 

In Guild i get the medal first then like 10 goddess tear i need so bad then mount card if possible i need Class upgrade potion then i get it before goddess tear and mount card.

The reason you notice i don't get mount and wing soul in honor is because i get this thing everyday before anything else and i think of something spending 1000 for each of them to get 1 of them  or 2 of them it a waste  to me i think i can get it when mount, medal and wing get max then i can get them if not i won't get them. because you can get them in boss if lucky.

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Feather and Enchant Jewels




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