Chaos VS Players Fleeing Some people are using the logout to flee from the Chaos VS combats so they wont lose. Is that fair? Can something be done about it, like keeping the charachter online AFK mode during the battle if the player leaves?

Thank you already. :)
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Anonymous27805034 1 137 Kitwritten 11/17/2017 02:56
maintenance I think it is time for some maintenance in the game.. getting real slow....  I was at the library playing, so I know it is not my computer ..    4 months ago Last Post by Anonymous27512268(4 months ago)
anonymous10790406 1 223 Anonymous27512268 07/21/2017 19:11
We need something new in the events


I'm s79.Niko

I have some suggestions about the events in LR, I feel like AMZ doesnt make any change, we get the same week special mount and discount shop every week.

Week special: need to add magic jewel as an item to buy as well, and sometimes we got items max and still

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Niko 6 391 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:44
Levels is there any plans to raise the levels in Lords Road after you reach Level 100 your pretty much done makes a very good game kinda boaring 6 months ago Last Post by Anonymous31230084(4 weeks ago)
Hard To Handle 4 282 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:44
I'm unssatidfied with the distribution of Mounts

Hey Team hey LR Players,

I'm Olyxus from s60 Kings Cross and I have a question about the Distribution of Mounts...

It's like the 3rd time in a row I could get Goblin Aircraft for weak special... Same for permanent recharge was Wovlerine for several times in a row... I wa

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Anonymous25789060 5 287 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:44
Falcon Say something to Falk character has sat in the palace and does not leave to do the missions... 8 months ago Last Post by Anonymous31230084(4 weeks ago)
mike13 7 301 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:44
Suggestions for treasure hunt Hey, i just think about treasure hunt,, is there any possible that who is VIP,, get better rewards. It is not nice to get any good rewards, just spend time run around and looking chest and then get just crap stuff. So can u guys put something good stuff for VIP player? Is this good idea or not?
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Anonymous20866724 2 252 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:44
New goddess It is well known that we have 8 Classic Goddess. and only 2 Legendary why not 8 legendary? there is room for 6 more. might be goddess male like Zeus , Dionis, Poseidon few ex. 10 months ago Last Post by Anonymous31230084(4 weeks ago)
anonymous11050163 1 99 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:44
development is needed :) hi guys :) Lords Road seems to be a nice game, but.... there are limits with some upgrades (wings max level, enchanting max level, mount max level e.t.c.) should be better to make it infinite, because after you get 1 mil BR, you get bored to develop your character and its not so funny as at starting 10 months ago Last Post by Anonymous31230084(4 weeks ago)
megobari33 6 281 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:45
Distinguishing Features

It would be nice to have more distinguishing features for upgrades, especially pets. I personally would love to see my SS Wabbit get a little robe, staff, AT LEAST a little crown to distinguish him from the other non-SS Wabbits. I know for me, it is mostly about graphics and how cute something lo

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s58.ROSALINE 1 173 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:45
Drop Booster / Boss / Event

Hello, it would be a good ideea to make available to buy from shop or bd shop  an item called Drop booster, that increases the chance to get a better drop from Boss, that chance might be in % , maybe you can make drop boosters with 20% more chance, 50%, 100%'s up to  devs how it

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anonymous11420343 3 275 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:45
For diamond and improvement

hi GM, i think in discount u guys should have Pegasus unicorn and some rare mount, elf wing and some rare wing also infinity Edge ad so rare fashion like that if u guys can do it so player ca buy with diamond that will make them buy more diamond for that stuff  and the game will get good mon

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Chris 6 493 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:45
Overriding Auto-Battle in Arena

Hi ,i would to suggest about Overriding the Auto Battle in Arena ,just like the other event we played and used auto battle like Chaos VS and Demmon Invasion ,we can play chaos in Auto-Battle mode but we can still press the skill we want to cast,

Can you please make it happen to Arena too ?

11 months ago Last Post by Sylar(11 months ago)
Hi!,im``Rio 1 259 Sylar 01/09/2017 03:40
Boss Card An ideea, add in shop for bound diamonds a card or item that can spwn your own Boss 11 months ago
anonymous11420343 0 122
Player Guild Chest/Bank Hello all, and to AMZ Games.  if yould be nice if in Lords Road you add a chest in Guild where member can exhange or deposit items they dont need for other that maybe they need. or an option to trade items in exchange for a fee of some amount of gold.    11 months ago Last Post by anonymous11420343(11 months ago)
anonymous11420343 2 272 anonymous11420343 01/09/2017 14:53
Not Paysafecard ? Hello,
I would like to charge diamonds!
Unfortunately, I had to realize that there is no Paysafecard to recharge diamonds. Because I pay with Paysafecard it would be nice of them if they would introduce the Paysafecard again so that all members can recharge diamonds!
Sorry for my english
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anonymous10567891 6 352 Van 12/06/2016 10:31