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Event Time:

At 21:00-21:30 the fourth day and the sixth day after new server launched.

After 1 week the Siege settles on a permanent / regular schedule and will run every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Event Rules:

•  All member of Top 4 guild's can participate in event.

 •  Siege map will be open 5 minutes before event begins. so it is a good idea to skip the Boss Rush and go gather at the statue and/or flag.

•  Guild which captured statue will receive 270 points every 1 minutes.

•  You will receive 1 point for killing enemy guild players. With maximum amount of 300 points for the guild.

•  The first guild to accumulate 4500 points will be proclaimed the winner and siege will end.

•  If no guild reaches 4500 points, it will continue to 21:30 and guild with the most points will win.

•  To end the siege before 21:30 a leader must hold statue for 17 mins even when there is no opposition .

•  If no leader from your guild entered in siege and no opposition guild come and you wait until end of time limit , then that guild will still win the siege  even with no points . as they are the only guild in attendance .

•  If you hold the flag, you will have a 20% attack buff.

•  The leader is the only one who can claim the statue, they lose it if they die.

•  The master of the first guild will get the title: Master of City of Light. Members will get City of Light next to their name

•  All 4 guilds will receive very nice rewards, but the winning guild will get the most reward


1st - 5M EXP, 800 contribution + 5 Goddess Chest (5 pieces of Goddess per chest), along with Sword of God for the Guild Leader + Title that gives bonus attributes ‘The Might Of The Master’ Attribute as follows HP+2000, Atk+200, Def+100 Crit+50 Dodge+50  

2nd - 3M EXP, 200 contribution + 3 Goddess Chest
3rd - 2M EXP, 100 contribution + 2 Goddess Chest
4th - 1M EXP,  50 contribution + 1 Goddess Chest

Additional Rewards:

all members in the guild that won siege will also be able to collect additional rewards after Siege:

• 5 Mount Jewel 

• 100 Guild Contribution

10 Virtuous Jewels

Before Siege runs on your server the Siege screen will be empty like shown below:Screenshot_11.png

But once there is a victor then you will see the Master of City of Light and his or her Deputies:


The Master will get the Sword of God, but remember that anyone can attack him or her (for example in the Cursed Palace or boss rush room) and take away the weapon.

for mage

for warrior

Note: Siege weapon can be stolen by other player in PVP zones.

No Rewards for less than 5 minutes :

It is important to keep in mind that you don’t get Siege rewards if you participate less than 5 minutes! This is also stated on the “no-rewards” line in the popup. Sometimes people forget it, sometimes they are just late or too busy doing the Boss Rush or something else and usually there is always someone who misses the very nice rewards from the Siege. So be careful about this rule so that you make sure to get your rewards!

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